What is the biggest flaw of the MacBook Pro M1?


I don’t have one, but one of my programmers does, and he’s still in awe of just how much faster it is than his previous MacBook Pro…

… as long as he’s running purely AppleSphere stuff.

At the moment, the weak underbelly, at least for someone like me, is software availability compared to Intel Macs.

In my case, that’s Docker and MySQL.

I sometimes need to run MySQL on Docker. I really mean MySQL. Not MariaDB.

This is because I have a consultancy client who has a very, very, odd setup, and really needs regression run in a particular version of MySQL to the extent than if I ran MariaDB instead, I couldn’t sign-off the work we’re doing for them.

You may say that this isn’t Apple’s fault – that it’s the fault of either Oracle (who run MySQL) or Docker Inc.

But I don’t care about “fault” – I don’t want to buy a machine and play a “who shall I blame game.” I want to buy a machine, particular if it’s an Apple, and find it runs all the software I want it to.

The good news, of course, is that this is entirely a software issue – it’s already rather better (in Mid-Feb 2021) than it was in December 2020.

I’m surprisingly unworried about the 16Gb memory limit… and not that bothered by the fact it isn’t upgradable…

… for me, the show-stopper is that it’s missing just one critical piece of software.