What is the easiest JavaScript framework to learn?


JavaScript is the foundation of web development, while JS developers are always in high demand. JS frameworks are sets of pre-written JavaScript code that are used to simplify and increase the efficiency of the development process.

There are no straightforward frameworks, but if you wonder which one will be easier to learn, I recommend Vue. js. Many JavaScript professionals consider Vue as a reliable option, ideal for new JavaScript developers.

Vue has very detailed documentation which:

– speeds up the learning process for developers;

– saves time on application development.

You can integrate Vue into any JS project to develop an interface. Besides, you can use different JS infrastructure simultaneously to create complex front-end solutions.

You also have to learn how to use React.js. React is technically a JavaScript library. It has, for many years, been the top popular JavaScript framework.

The React ecosystem allows you to adapt the application for many devices and experiment with the interface. Also, this framework supports mobile development.

On top of that, if you know React, you can quickly learn the infrastructure for hybrid mobile development. Versatility and flexibility are the most significant advantages of this framework.