Where can I buy traffic to an affiliate link from ClickBank?


I would feel remiss if I didn’t answer this question because it shows a HUGE flaw in this question of eleven words.

You DO NOT under any circumstance send paid traffic directly to a Clickbank affiliate link, YOU WILL lose your money. There are no if, and, or buts about it.

If you’re talking about building some sort of funnel and then sending traffic to that, then go right ahead- it’s a good ideal. But sending paid traffic to a Clickbank affiliate link is a huge mistake.

Here, let me walk you through a scenario:

You’re promoting a Clickbank offer that will earn you a 100% commission of $50. You go and buy $300 worth of clicks from a solo ad dealer. Let’s even put each click at $0.40, the lowest I’ve seen. That’s 120 clicks.

Out of those clicks, you get a 50% opt-ins, that’s 60 people entering their name and email. Out of that 60, you get two sales. Congratulations, you just made $100.

So, you decide to try again, with a different vendor (or the same). You pay the same amount, but this time no one opt-in. Well, now you just lost $100…

So, you buy more ads, but this time you filter for prime traffic, that’s a minimum of $0.10 per click and that’s being generous, most charge up to $0.30 extra. That’s $112 in solo ads.

This time, you get 100 people to enter their name and email address and you make, once again being generous, 5 sales. That’s $250. Basically, you’ve made back the $100 you spent before and the $112 you just spent to have $38 in profits.

Guess what, you still lost a combined at least of $800. Where did I get that number from?

Simple, by using a funnel and an email address, you can retarget the, what 160 people who opted in and make additional sales over time. And I’m low-balling this giving you 16 sales total when it’s possible you could make much more through automated email sequences or chatbots.