Which CMS is fastest – Drupal, WordPress or Joomla?


Speed is not matter on the CMS you are using, it matter how you are doing your website configuration.

When you approach the best website design services the first two options that you will always get for your content management system is whether to go for WordPress or Joomla. Now, you may have heard about WordPress due to its overwhelming popularity, but true experts will never keep Joomla very far behind. Both platforms can very well meet every need of yours and their similarities (and benefits) will naturally drive you to confusion.

But the ultimate choice has to be yours. You need to take the call that will change your website’s life. And to help you in the process (and relieve you from the technical jargons) here is a short comparative study between the two. Find out which variables suit your taste and instruct your developers accordingly.

Ease of use – WordPress always wins here

Starting from installing it on your web server to managing content in the back-end, it is actually the user-friendliness of WordPress that has gained it the worldwide fame. You can get this CMS ready with a click, design complex websites with easy customizations and manage content on your own with zero technical help. So, if you are looking to take complete control, WordPress is the way to go.

Plugins and Extensions – both have good options

The top web design and development services in London will never differentiate between WordPress and Joomla when it comes to plugin/extension options. Both have similar selections, there are plugins/extensions for all your needs and all are fairly easy to use and integrate. On this ground, your choice between the two CMS-s really doesn’t impact your site.

Safety and Security – Joomla is way more secure

WordPress came out as a blogging platform initially while Joomla was meant for portal-based websites. Naturally, the latter drew more security layers towards it and comes with SSL and 2FA as a package. With WordPress, you will have to alter its core files to provide these security features and many of its plugins do not follow the right protocols. Joomla has no such issues.

Themes and Templates – WordPress has the edge

You will have more and better choices for your website themes if you stick with WordPress. Its popularity combined with a massive community allows a lot of work done with WordPress. If you are looking for a quick website with low development time, request your web design and development services in London to build your website on WordPress.

Although Joomla accounts for a mere 6% of all the online CMS-s as compared to WordPress’s 60%, you shouldn’t really make a choice based on popularity. Go for the best website design services in India, judge your service’s needs and select a platform accordingly.

Either way, your web site requires a high quality web hosting service.