Which SEO tools do you suggest using daily?


Top 4 SEO Tools Every Marketer Should Use in 2021

Modern Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices dictate that a combination of tools must be used to ensure agency clients perform strongly across search engines. In Australia, the market is dominated by Google meaning the majority of efforts are around optimising for Google search. At Sharp Instincts the opening questions we often get asked when meeting new clients is “How important is rankings in driving business performance?” and “Do you really need SEO tools to measure performance?” The answer to the first question is that rankings are exceptionally important when looking at overall business performance. As a result of this, the need to use a variety of tools to measure performance is critical. Whether you are analysing traffic, searching for the optimal keywords, trying to curate excellent content, creating client reports, tracking keywords rankings or determining your website traffic funnels there are a variety of tools to help your SEO optimization effective, accurate & make us do it quickly. In this blog, we provide an overview of the 4 best SEO tools we recommend to use in your daily SEO practices:

1. MOZ:

2. Ahrefs:

3. SEMRush:

4. Ubersuggest: