Why is Email Marketing Important?


Email marketing is the most cost-effective and straightforward digital marketing channel and here’s why:

An effective communication channel is fundamental for a profitable business. A direct communication link between you and the customer creates various income opportunities while expanding the customer base with continuous purchases.

Despite the effectiveness of traditional digital marketing channels like ads on social media, SEO, and SEM – The email marketing channel stands out for the cost-effectiveness and quick results. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42. It’s genuine data and here’s more.

Regardless of the cost-effectiveness of email marketing in general, it can get even more cost-efficient without sacrificing or losing any features nor experience. Otherwise, picking the right provider will improve your overall experience and cost-efficiency.

Picking the most suitable email marketing platform looks simple and straightforward at first, yet it gets tricky. The objective research is complicated due to common biases, affiliate contracts on popular round-up lists, and massive marketing campaigns by industry giants.

That’s why you always see the same companies in hundreds of different articles and sites

If you’re looking for a truly hassle-free and incredibly intuitive email marketing platform that happens to have all necessary and top-tier equipment while costing only a fraction – look no further.

Sender.net is managed to hit all the right points and be the most desirable email marketing platform for the majority of users for all the following reasons.

Let’s start with pricing – Sender is up to x5 more affordable than MailChimp while offering top-tier features. For example, a subscription for 5000 subscribers costs $11 vs. $53.

All premium features are included, with no restrictions.

  • Super clean and simple interface. Easy to get used to.
  • Advanced yet easy-to-use subscriber’s management system.
  • Powerful segmentation based on recipients action history
  • Subscribers profile with historical information
  • Simple to create beautiful emails with a highly adjustable drag & drop design editor.