Why is Russia able to produce such advanced military technology, but can’t produce cars, iPhones, processors, and other advanced consumer technology?


Because for some reason every technology Russia has produced is associated with Putin or military.

If say this image is about to be shown in CNN, who do you think is going to be get the front row, Putin or the Russian-made Robot? Of course it’s going to be the former.

The thing in the media gaining attention is that somehow Russia revolves around the President while the rest of what’s happening in the Russia barely got attention even though it’s also as important to the country.

And what about Russian product that has nothing to do with Putin? Well, it’s still Putin’s doing.

I know it’s not consumer product, but take a look at this icebreaker which is non-military.

Russia made icebreaker not because the President is Putin, but because large part of Russia is in the Arctic. They will still have icebreaker whoever the President is, but take a look what the headline have to say :

As for consumer product, well there are quite a few. One of them is the Promobot from the first image

Just like what the question suggest, the function of this AI is literally customer service. You can found them in Moscow Business Center and large museum in Russia as far as i know.

Another interesting fact is Russian firm who made military equipment usually made civilian counterpart as well

What you want electric bus? All there on the streets of Moscow made by KAMAZ

Trucks? Also present made by the company Ural

See this electric motorcycle? It was made by Kalashnikov. Yes, the same company who made AK

I think every country has its own ups and down regarding their products. If Russia doesn’t made smartphone yet then it quite suckz but not necessarily bad since there are always room for improvement in the future.

Left smartphone out for China and Japan. Russia can always improve on its automotics, Nuclear Reactor, Submarine, and Rocket tech