Why Should I Invest in a Premium Domain Name?


Some of the benefits you’ll see in a premium domain name

  • Type-in traffic. People still will type-in domain names such as http://Cars.com when searching. Owning a domain like this allows you to benefit from that traffic.
  • Search ranking. This one is debatable but an improvement in search ranking can be a very valuable way to increase traffic for your business.
  • Memorability. If I tell you my domain in conversation, pay millions to advertise, etc I want you to hear that name and remember it. Anything that eases the way that you find my company and cuts through the noise is an important benefit to a company marketing their goods/services. Shorter names are easier to remember and quicker to type on a mobile device. Common phrases and common words are also more memorable
  • Trust. Consider if your making a choice to work with a company or buy something online. Which conveys a level of expertise and trust ? DavesLogoDesign.com or Logo.com

I’ll leave you with one warning on the word PREMIUM when it’s applied to domain names in the aftermarket. Many companies label any domain name that has a price higher than $10 a premium domain.

Godaddy for example describes premium domains on their site as such : “Premium Domain Names are more valuable than other domains because they are based on common words or phrases people often use in their online searches.” They further define a “premium domain” when the domain name is in high demand.