You Can’t Succeed Without Great Content Writing!



A lot of affiliate marketers think that the bulk of their work comes right in the beginning – and that, as long as they find a great product, it will “sell itself.” If only that were true – we’d all be living on tropical islands, while our products sold like hotcakes!

While product selection is a crucial part of affiliate marketing, what you do after you select your product will ultimately determine whether you succeed or fail. If your work doesn’t include a great content writing strategy, you’re doomed to fail.

But what kind of content do you need? And, where does it need to go?

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you need content in these 5 areas:

1. SEO Articles

Remember, the products that you’re selling are the same products that thousands of other affiliates are selling. Plus, you’ve got millions of other people who are selling similar, competing products.

You have to make yourself stand out, and the right SEO articles can help you do just that!

High-quality SEO articles establish you as an expert – as someone that other people will want to do business with. By publishing well-researched and engaging SEO articles, you’re showing your target audience that you have the answers and solutions that they need.

Just make sure your SEO articles aren’t sales pitches designed to look “informative.” You’ll get the most results from articles that act as a “pre-sale.” When you “pre-sell,” you show off your expertise and build a relationship with readers. In turn, they decide to trust you – and to trust the product recommendations that you make to them later.

As an added benefit, crafting SEO articles with the right keywords can help you rank higher in the search engines – meaning you’ll get more exposure and, hopefully, more sales!

2. Newsletters

To an affiliate marketer, an email subscriber list is like oxygen; you can’t hope to survive long without it! Most of the rich affiliate marketers you see out there (you know, the ones who really CAN afford to live on an island, if they want to!) got that way through repeat business. And, in affiliate marketing, the best way to drum up repeat business is through your newsletters.

Newsletters are ideal for affiliate marketers who sell a variety of related products – like an entire skin care line, instead of just wrinkle cream. That way, when people buy your wrinkle cream and sign up for your email list, you can let them know about the special firming lotion you also sell, or the pore-minimizer that can make them look younger.

When written correctly, newsletters allow you to build a relationship with your subscribers – much more so, than you can with traditional articles.

So, what do I mean by “written correctly”?

Good newsletters aren’t all sales pitches. Of course, you’ll need to email out a hard-sell from time to time, but good newsletters also address plenty of “freebies” – like new developments in your niche, or new information that your subscribers need to know. By sending out these interesting and informative developments, people will learn to trust you. Then, when you do send out a hard-sell for something, they’ll be much more likely to buy the product – in many cases, just because you say it’s A-OK!

You don’t even need a massive list of subscribers to take advantage of this phenomenon. As long as you build a steady relationship with your list, the sales will come. And, over time, you’ll add more subscribers – and increase your profits!

3. Your Own Blog

So many affiliate marketers out there are trying to snag customers with nothing more than a bare-bones landing page. Why not set yourself miles ahead of them by building a genuine authority site? It’s not as tough to do as you think. In fact, the right blog writing can do it for you!

Blog writing offers you a great way to share valuable information. That bare-bones landing page doesn’t prove that you’re an expert in anything. Instead, by having a blog that people can check out no-questions-asked, you increase the odds of them thinking you’re an expert and signing up for your list.

Blog writing is also a great way to let your personality shine through. Since blogs are more casual than traditional SEO articles, they’re a great way for people to think of you as a “real person” – instead of a robotic marketer that only shoots out sales pitches.

As an added benefit, every time you update your blog, it counts as an update to your entire website – something that the search engines love!

4. An Ebook

Even a short ebook (think 10 or 15 pages) can be a great incentive for people to sign up for your email list. It’s something that you only have to write (or have written for you) once – but if it’s good, your ebook will generate results for you forever!

As an added benefit, giving out a free ebook that’s chock full of solid information shows that you’re a real expert – and sets you apart from everyone else!

5. Videos

Anytime people can see and hear you for themselves, it proves that you’re not a scumbag. Because, let’s face it, plenty of affiliate marketers are sleazy, get-rich-quick-types who only care about money – and couldn’t care less about their customers.

The right online video marketing techniques can be a great way to build your credibility AND share important information with your target audience. The key, though, is to make sure that your videos present you in the right light. That means looking credible, having a compelling and well-researched video script, and speaking with confidence. Take a few minutes to find a free online teleprompter website, so that you can look directly into the camera (instead of reading off a piece of paper). By making eye contact with your audience, you’ll automatically be seen as more credible!