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Choosing between MySQL vs PostgreSQL vs SQL Server

The choice between SQL and non-SQL databases usually boils down to differences in the structure. However, when we are looking into several SQL solutions, the criteria are a lot more distorted. Now will consider the aspects more precisely and analyze the underlying functionality. We’ll be taking a look at the three most popular relational databases: MySQL vs Postgresql vs SQL server.

To help you, we have collected advice from our database developers, re-went through manuals, and even looked up official in-depth guides. We do tend to have our personal preferences, but in this guide, we will put them aside in favor of objective comparison.

stackoverflow questions


MySQL happens to be one of the most popular databases, according to DB Engines Ranking. It’s a definite leader among SQL solutions, used by Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, and others. MySQL popularity has been growing a lot because teams increasingly prefer open-source solutions instead of commercial ones.

Price: th... read more

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Cloud VPS

AccuWebHosting Cloud VPS
  • Engineered Full-Redundant Cloud Platform
  • Self-Healing Redundant Servers Control Panel Ready
  • Fault-Tolerant Advanced Storage System
  • Fully Redundant State-Of-The-Art Network Infrastructure
  • Innovative Simplistic Cloud Management Control Panel
  • Capable to Host WordPress & Magento in Cloud

We provide Cloud VPS in below global locations.

  • Denver & Vint Hill (USA)Denver & Vint Hill (USA)
  • IndiaIndia
  • SingaporeSingapore
  • AustraliaAustralia
  • South KoreaSouth Korea
  • JapanJapan
  • CanadaCanada
  • GermanyGermany
  • IrelandIreland
  • UKUK
  • PolandFrance
  • South AfricaSouth Africa

Prepare Your Website for the
Google Page Experience Update

Google Page Experience Update

Google has a hot and happening history of algorithm updates focused on the page loading experience improvement for users. Operation “speed up the internet” slogan has been underway since 2010, and in that year, Google first announced consideration of site speed as a new ranking factor in ESRP.

Conversations for Change: Addressing the Need for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Affiliate

Feb 24, 2021
Written by CJ Affiliate Credits

How can affiliate marketing make better progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion? This engaging discussion from the CJU20 Digital Series brought together leaders from across the digital ad industry to shed light on how they’re navigating today’s heightened discussions on systemic racism, how to lead teams to do the same, and ways we can all drive meaningful and lasting change. This conversation will inspire you to initiate change within your own spheres of influence, whether in your organization, team, or personal life.

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Spotify
CJ Affiliate · Conversations for Change: Addressing the Need for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Affiliate

This podcast is a recording from the panel discussion, "Conversations for Change: Addressing the Need for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Affiliate" from the CJU20 Digital Series which was held virtually on September 23th, 2020. We also have a video recording from this sess... read more

Moving to PHP 7.4 and Discontinuing Some Old Versions

A large part of our service involves keeping server-side and client-side software up to date, secure and fast. One of the key elements of our server stack that requires expert maintenance is the PHP programming language, which is a prerequisite for the functioning of the majority of the websites. PHP is an extremely popular and well-supported language and, as any software, its development involves the continuous release of new versions. New versions introduce new features and important performance and security enhancements. As a managed hosting service provider we keep track of how each PHP version evolves, especially how fast it is adopted by the leading application developers, and we make proactive efforts to make sure our customers get all the benefits of the newer versions as soon as possible. Here is our latest PHP maintenance update.

Moving to PHP 7.4 as the server default

As of June 2021, we will be switching the default version on our servers to PHP 7.4. This mea... read more

How Website Speed Affects Your SEO Rankings?

Even though website speed itself has not been an official ranking factor in Google’s SEO algorithm until now, experts have largely proclaimed its importance for good SEO. With the upcoming Core Web Vitals update planned by Google for May 2021, which adds 3 new metrics to the Page Experience signal, website speed officially becomes a ranking factor. So now many webmasters wonder what the immediate impact of that change will be on the SEO searches. Looking for an answer to this question, we turned to top SEO experts and organized a #SiteSpeedForSEO Twitter chat where Aleyda Solis (@aleyda), AJ Ghergich (@SEO), Craig Campbell (@craigcampbell03), and Hristo Pandjarov (@pandjarov) shared their insights with us. Here’s what we learnt from them.

Website speed effect on organic searches after the Core Web Vitals update

According to Aleyda Solis (@aleyda), an expert in international SEO, speaker and author,Speed is already a ranking factor along many others, as the page experience... read more