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What is the best SEO technique so far to get the quality backlink?

Our team has been working hard on outreach emails, backlink exchanges, and writing articles. In less than a year, our search traffic tripled, Nightwatch has been listed as one of the best SEO tools available on the market, and our users’ base has been steadily growing ever since.

Let’s explore some of our favorite and most successful link building strategies:

1. Link reclamation — unlinked mentions

Link reclamation does not have to be limited to fixing the broken links (which you can identify using Nightwatch for example). It relates to any opportunity where your brand or resource is mentioned and could be linked to, but is not.

Missing out on the opportunity to get a backlink for your brand where your business is already mentioned is like passing on the 5000 sales just because you forgot to include the “buy” button.

To understand and master how you can use link reclamation to your technique, you need the right tools. Our recent discovery — Brand24 has been a massive help in discovering new... read more

The Best Practices for Using Citations in Your Content

In a recent article, we identified citations as one of the next big things in SEO content. Citations are nothing new in the world of copy. Any copywriter worth his or her salt will know exactly how to go about building a basic citation into online content. As for the rest of us…well, if it’s been a while since we were in school, tackling citations may pose a bit of a challenge. Since these handy little credibility builders are the next big thing in SEO content, we think it’s high time for a crash course in citations that includes some best practices to put to use.

What Is A Citation?

According to Forbes, a citation boils down your company (and hopefully your website) being mentioned on someone else’s website. The sentence you just read is a citation. It’s one of the simplest things to build into content. It doesn’t take a lot of technical understanding or fancy formatting. Overall, citations are easy to create. The true footwork is in ensuring your citations are the bes... read more

SVG Tutorial

What is SVG?

  • SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics is an XML based language to define vector based graphics.

  • SVG is intended to display images over the web.

  • Being vector images, SVG image never loses quality no matter how they are zoomed out or resized.

  • SVG images supports interactivity and animation.

  • SVG is a W3C standard.

  • Others image formats like raster images can also be clubbed with SVG images.

  • SVG integrates well with XSLT and DOM of HTML.


  • Use any text editor to create and edit SVG images.

  • Being XML based, SVG images are searchable, indexable and can be scripted and compressed.

  • SVG images are highly scalable as they never loses quality no matter how they are zoomed out or resized

  • Good printing quality at any resolution

  • SVG is an Open Standard


  • Being text format size is larger then compared to binary formatted raster images.

  • Size can be big even for small image.


Following ... read more

Four Types of Remarketing


Marketers know the majority of site visitors leave without taking any action. These people can be encouraged to return to the site with the help of traditional or dynamic remarketing.

Nowadays, however, the Internet is full of advertising, so it’s vital for each campaign to stand out from the crowd by using the most relevant and useful content. To achieve this, you can use the incredible potential of special types of remarketing.

The aim of this article is to expand your knowledge of remarketing possibilities and explain new ways to use remarketing to reach your goals.

Multi-level remarketing
Thanks to this function, you can show users different adverts promoting new offers, and even change the frequency of ad impressions, depending on the number of days since their last visit to your site. Such tactics are suitable for products or services that have a long sales cycle or trial period.

For example, we have a list of people who have bought a printer in our store. Our ... read more

script.aculo.us Tutorial

What is script.aculo.us?

script.aculo.us is a JavaScript library built on top of the Prototype JavaScript Framework, enhancing the GUI and giving Web 2.0 experience to the web users.

script.aculo.us was developed by Thomas Fuchs and it was first released to the public in June 2005.

script.aculo.us provides dynamic visual effects and user interface elements via the Document Object Model (DOM).

The Prototype JavaScript Framework is a JavaScript framework created by Sam Stephenson that provides an Ajax framework and other utilities.

How to Install script.aculo.us?

It is quite simple to install the script.aculo.us library. It can be set up in three simple steps −

  • Go to the download page to download the latest version in a convenient package.

  • Unpack the downloaded package and you will find the following folders −

    • lib − contains prototype.js file.

    • src − contains the following 8 files −

      • builder.js
      • controls.js
      • dragdrop.js
      • effects.js
      • scriptaculous.js
      • slider.js... read more