Host Color

Host Color

Address: 746 S Arnold St, IN 46619
South Bend DE 19801
United States

Phone:1-888-222-1495 Fax:N/A

Host Color LLC (DBA: Host Color,, Host Color Europe, HCE) is quality web hosting provider since 2000. The brand was originally established in Europe. In August 2003 was incorporated as Host Color LLC in the United States. Since then Host Color LLC is a Wilmington, Delaware incorporated, profitable private company which now owns a number of successful web hosting and website service brands.

Host Color’s core infrastructure is hosted in a high-class data based out of South Bend, IN (90 miles from Chicago). It is strategically located in the Midwestern United States to ensure lowest possible latency to any point in North America. In this site the company operates a fully-redundant and concurrently maintainable IT infrastructure (including all capacity components) which theoretically guarantees 99.995% availability. Host Color uses multiple, independent distribution paths to its IT infrastructure. All equipment – Juniper routers, EX switches, Shared Hosting servers, VPS systems and all Dedicated servers are dual-powered. operates an Autonomy System (ASN 46873) and own Internet Protocol (IP) based fully-redundant, high quality network through Level 3, Cogent and Internap (through Colostore), providing 100% network uptime SLA guarantee. It is load-balanced with no single point of failure, powered by Juniper routers and switches.

Host Color provides 24/7 non-outsourced support at 1-888-222-1495, support tickets (15 minutes response time).

Host Color


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