Hover is a worldwide company founded in 2009. This represents a branch of Tucows Inc. (one of the biggest ICAAN name domain registrars). Hover is mainly specialized in providing their customers with domains that work properly (their motto is We stick to what we know best – domains). Besides domains, they also offer email hosting. The team at Hover is involved in various projects with people and organizations such as She++, Ladies Learning Code or XOXO.

Hover comes with a list of numerous top-level domains. Some of the trending domains you could find at Hover are, as follows: .news; .online; .us; .xyz; .co; .info; .me; .mobi; .co.uk; design; .io; .ca. The company provides a great number of TLD options (more than just the generic ones) and these are assigned to various categories which customers can select when looking for an extension. They offer international domains and domains specific for a particular country or region. This is probably a great advantage because filtering them can help customers get what they want in an easier and quicker way. At the same time, there are domains divided according to a specific country/region.

The company offers three Email plans for individuals and businesses. Together with the purchased domain, customers get free WHOIS privacy (this is available only for supported domains).

Price & Cost

Hover mainly has a transparent pricing system. One possibility (and advantage) customers have with Hover is that if they have purchased more domains they have to pay less for the renewals of domains. Customers get a discount after getting ten domains. However, if they only have one domain, for example, renewal rates can get expensive. One disadvantage to this company is that, when compared to other domain registrars, Hover can have higher prices than other companies.

Customers can pay for their purchase with various payment methods:
– Visa / MasterCard / American Express / Discover
– PayPal;

Data Center
Hover is a domain registrar with offices in Toronto, Canada.

Customer Support

Customers can contact the tech support at Hover by phone, chat, email or social media (Twitter). Hover is recognized as a company with great service provided for customers who need help. If navigating on their page, customers can notice a green tab saying Need Help? This actually helps people access frequently asked questions that could help people understand the way Hover works.
Hover is a great domain registrar for customers who want to get their domain through a very simple procedure, get quality support in case they need it and need no additional products. Nevertheless, customers who have more experience with domain registrars might have more requirements when it comes to buying domains. Some would also look for an SSL certificate but because this is not provided at Hover, the company could lose meaningful customers. The fact that Hover is only a domain registrar could be regarded as both an advantage and disadvantage. Some customers could be interested only in domain registration (in this case, Hover is a perfect choice) but others might look for hosting options as well (except for Email plans, Hover does not provide other hosting solutions). Overall, in terms of pricing, support and available domain extensions, Hover remains a good choice.

– Great customer support;
– Transparent prices;
– Simple and easy-to-use domain registrar;
– Domains can be more expensive than those provided by other domain registrars;
– Hover only provides domains and Email hosting;

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