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LFC Hosting

Address: #31125 RPO Normanview
Regina S4R8R6

Phone:1-866-LFC-HOST Fax:1-306-584-3965

Celebrating 20 Years of Award Winning Web Hosting.

We’re proud of our history, and what it means for you. We’ve been doing this since 1996 (we know, we’re old!).

At LFC Hosting, we specialize in the technical support of online business activities – powered by our team of experts based in North America. We’re not about provisioning bulk cookie cutter web hosting that you can find anywhere. We’re about top of the line tech. Speed and reliability. All the features you need. Awesome pricing. And a support team that can’t be beat.

At LFC, we’ve made a promise to all of our customers, partners and stakeholders: value and quality is top of mind, all the time.

We have packages to suit every requirement and every budget. Check us out

“I love how your company has taken advantage of today’s technology. The creation of LFC could possibly be the best thing to happen to the Internet.”

LFC Hosting


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