No-IP was founded in 1999 by Dan Durrer and Joel Rasmus. Our original solution provided our users with dynamic DNS and web-redirection using domains provided by us free of charge. Today, our suite of services has grown to include a wide array of email solutions, domain registration as well as the best dynamic and static DNS services around. With data-centers in four different world class facilities in geographically redundant locations and using the best load balancers, firewalls and servers money can buy we are able to offer you the highest quality service available for DNS and email. Our business focuses on providing cost effective, high quality services for our users. Whether you are a savvy home user setting up your family website or a business looking for reliable, easy to use DNS and email solutions – has you covered.

DNS Provider with globally distributed name servers and a 100% uptime guarantee. They run a BIND resolver code and offer dynamic DNS services as well. They give you an easy to use interface for complete control over your DNS. They have industry leading support which includes 24×7 online ticketing system and complete phone support for higher paying customers.

Additional Services:
Domain Registration
Primary DNS
Dynamic DNS
Email Hosting
SSL Certificates
IP Monitoring and Failover
Reverse DNS
URL and Port 80 redirects

No-IP Free – looks like they give you 1 domain for their dynamic DNS service
No-IP Enhanced – $9.95/year – Multiple accounts, bigger quantity and more types of records, up to 20 domains, and phone support.
No-IP Squared (secondary dns) – $14.95/year – Everything previously plus phone and email support, no query limits, 5 name servers globally.
No-IP Plus – $24.95/year – All of their DNS services including interface for managing domains, up to 50 domains allowed, reverse DNS, etc…

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