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NR Hosting Ltd

Address: 69/D/1, Road 6/A, Dhanmondi
Dhaka 1205

Phone:+8801709-252095 Fax:N/A

NR Hosting Limited was founded in the year 2013 with a clear objective to
provide the best hosting experience for the end users. We use both
custom and open source technology and always stay updated which
acounts for the reason for emerging as the leading Web and App
Hosting company in Bangladesh.
Founded on 2013 Web:
Phone: +8801709252095 Email:
Address: 69/D/1 Dhanmondi 6-A, Dhaka 1219. Bangladesh
Our Vision is to help the offline business to go online with their independent
Our mission is simply to help our esteemed customers to kick ass
their online presence. We do that by providing them the right tools,
insights and people to transform their thougths in to practical implementation.
We are like trusted friends to our customers.
Attractive customer support and pricing.
A good understand on Indian and Bangladeshi Market.
Local BDIX and NIX Bandwith.
DIgital Service Marketplace.

Developing smart in-house solutions and adopting innovative technology
is our passion and our craft. We were pioneers in secure account
isolation and among the first to use Linux containers. We
heavily customized this new lightweight virtualization method to
ensure it matches our security and reliability standards.

An excellent support can boost a cmpany’s growth and success rate
and we firmly believe in this. We are never tired providing round the
clock support from Bangladesh as well as India. 

NR Hosting


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