Online Tech

Online Tech

Address: 305 E. Eisenhower Suite 300
Ann Arbor MI 48108
United States

Phone:(734) 213-2020 Fax:(734) 527-6081

Online Tech offers a full spectrum of hosting solutions including basic colocation, managed colocation and managed dedicated servers in our Michigan data centers. We can deliver our data center solutions more cost effectively, with lower overhead, less risk and better support than most IT departments can do themselves.

Whether your company needs a data center partner for production applications or as a disaster recovery service, Online Tech offers the ideal solution. Our two Michigan data centers are uniquely situated 53 miles apart, directly connected with Gigabit fiber, and located on two separate power grids.

These characteristics create an ideal solution for both production and disaster recovery applications. Your production application can be located in one of our data centers with your data protected offsite through our remote backup services. And as your business demands faster recovery time, your disaster recovery solution can grow with Online Tech, by adding warm site or hot site disaster recovery to our second data center and replicating your data across our dedicated fiber network. These arrangements provide a future-proof solution for managing your entire IT infrastructure.

Online Tech




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