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About Spearware NetworksAfter its formation in 2018, Spearware Networks opened its doors for business. Ever since, we’ve been working tirelessly to provide the best hosting experience possible for our clients. We’re an honest business that doesn’t continuously provide upsells or lies like “unlimited disk space”. That’s just not who we are.

We keep system administrators available 24/7/365, and we have a growing support team. Through our small team, we’re able to keep our support replies fast, your sites online, and our services reasonably priced.
Why Spearware Networks

At Spearware Networks, we pride ourselves on providing top quality service that is so rare in the web hosting industry. Our team is talented, and we’re always looking for a new challenge. With tasks like assembling a DNS cluster and fixing kernels being a walk in the park, we welcome a challenge. Put simply, “no” isn’t a word in our vocabulary.

Support is a crucial part of the web hosting experience. If your site isn’t working properly, the first people you should be able to go to is your web host. Due to this, we’ve carefully selected our international team of all-star support representatives and server administrators.Spearware Networks

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