Address: Kanfei Nesharim St 15, Jerusalem
Jerusalem 9103401

Phone:+972 4-690-7400 Fax:N/A

SvServers is providing 100% Fully DMCA Ignored Hosting. Most Affordable and secure offshore hosting with cPanel and other features. Lightening fast technical support is always available to solve your problems.Our company is EXTREMELY focused on providing custom, individualized, personal support to each and every one of our clientele also best price for Offshore Hosting, Offshore VPS. We would rather service less clientele, and maintain long term relationships with existing client base, rather than operate as a mass-market provider with zero personality or client touch. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for those times when you require assistance, or just want to chat and discuss our offerings and/or a possible business relationship.SvServers

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