Covering the eastern seaboard

Reasons to buy
+Large number of data centers+Good network reach+Optimized for Europe
Reasons to avoid
Possible latency issues with Asia

Tierpoint is another major provider, with over 40 data centers across the US. The central point to bear in mind here is that these tend to be in eastern states, which means in terms of connectivity they are ideally optimized for US and European operations, but latency issues may be a concern if connecting to Asia. 

There are plenty of options for colocating available, as might be expected. One particularly nice feature is a business continuity workspace, so that if you face a major task or recovery process, you can plug yourself into a private area while you try to get everything sorted out. Tierpoint also advertises migration services, to make any move to Tierpoint from another provider as seamless as possible.

Tierpoint offers a standard range of options that mean it should be easy to accommodate and support you. This company is one of the major players so should be able to deliver, just keep an eye on a location that works best for you.

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