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At Vega Hosting, we are dedicated to the provision of top-class, human-centric hosting solutions. Our mission is to make the web hosting service as user-friendly as possible.
Web Hosting Services :
Our hosting portfolio includes an enormous array of web hosting plans, which offer abundant storage space and data traffic allocations, domain name registration/transfer options, avant-garde Domain and Email Managers, multiple domain name hosting possibilities, as well as free-of-cost extras, such as a single-click PHP script installer and a website building tool. All hosting accounts can be easily administered through our multi-language web hosting Control Panel. A 24/7/365 customer care service is offered too.
Hosting Platform :
One thing that sets us apart from other web hosting service providers is the circumstance that we use an entirely different web hosting platform and hosting Control Panel. The main contrast between our Hepsia hosting Control Panel and the famous cPanel is that our web hosting Control Panel offers billing, domain name and web site management options, which saves you the effort of remembering several usernames and passwords for different web hosting Control Panels.Vegahosts Optimized Hosting Plans

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