How It All Started

The parent company of XLHost – eNET Inc. – was one of the very first companies devoted to server and web hosting. Involved in providing quality Internet access and hosting services since 1993, eNET steadily grew from a local provider into a regional Internet leader with a presence in several major cities. Once the Internet became more common, the demand for servers and hosts expanded substantially.

The XLHost network is comprised of more than 300Gbps of Internet and peering connectivity spread across 3 states. In addition to the direct connectivity into our state-of-the-art hosting campus in Columbus, we operate network points of presence in Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Washington, D.C. Our network consists of thousands of miles of fiber optic cabling and next-generation equipment.

    All systems are monitored 24x7x365 by the XLHost NOC
    99.999% network availability service level agreement
    Capacity is always 200% of peak utilization + 100G (N+2)
    15 year track record of performance and reliability
    Network capacity is scalable to virtually limitless levels


    All Internet connections are at least 40Gbps
    More than 300Gbps of redundant Internet and peering connectivity
    Internet access is provided by four global providers
    Redundant transport connectivity between datacenter(s) and POPs
    IPv6 end-to-end since 2009


    Next generation routers and switches from Cisco, Juniper, and Arista
    Anomaly detection from Arbor Networks
    Stateful firewalls from WatchGuard


    Open peering policy
    Peering with hundreds of global network providers

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