Deploy OpenAPI enabled Azure Functions with .NET in Visual Studio | Azure Friday

posted on November 13, 2021


Justin Yoo joins Scott Hanselman to demonstrate an extension he developed for adding OpenAPI capabilities to Azure Functions apps. See how easy it is to get HTTP-triggered .NET functions with OpenAPI support and deploy an Azure Functions app with Azure API Management from Visual Studio. ═══════════════ Watch the episode to the end and then submit […]

Introduction to Apigee Edge

posted on April 13, 2021


Read more here→ Learn about the central role that APIs play in innovation, and how Apigee Edge enables you to manage APIs to power that innovation. There are three basic categories of capability in the API Management Platform: – Support for your Developer ecosystems, to let people discover and understand your APIs and rapidly […]

Diagnose and solve problems with Azure API Management | Azure Friday

posted on April 9, 2021


Khaled Zayed joins Scott Hanselman to show how to troubleshoot availability, performance, and policy issues in your API Management service using API Management Diagnostics. 0:00 – Introduction 3:43 – Demo: Troubleshooting Availability and Performance 7:49 – Demo: Troubleshooting Gateway Performance 11:59 – Demo: Troubleshooting API Policies 13:54 – Wrap-up â—‰ Azure API Management Diagnostics overview […]