How to build reliable systems (with unreliable components)

posted on January 24, 2022


In this episode of VM End-to-End, Developer Advocates Carter Morgan and Brian Dorsey are joined by Reliability Advocate Steve McGhee to discuss why we have many smaller VMs instead of one large machine, as well as the benefits of scaling horizontally. Watch as they talk about the layers of abstraction, the rule of 9s, live […]

Technology Decisions to Build Your Modern Applications

posted on January 23, 2022


How to choose the right tech stack? What are some best practices in architecting your modern applications? Is hiring for technical talent a challenge? In this panel discussion, listen to founders and tech leaders on how they make such decisions at their companies. To learn more about DigitalOcean: Follow us on Twitter: Like […]

Build a Website Within an Hour with InMotion Hosting’s WordPress Website Builder

posted on June 16, 2021


Build a website in under an hour without code! Our WordPress Website Builder makes it easy to launch your website to the world with ease. Best of all, our Website Builder is free with the purchase any WordPress Hosting Plan. Choose from hundreds of themes to get started, then use our intuitive drag and drop […]

Build voice bots for mobile with Dialogflow and Flutter | Workshop

posted on May 26, 2021


Learn how to build a mobile FAQ bot which can answer most common questions about the tool Dialogflow. End users can interact with the text interface or stream a voice interaction via the built-in microphone of a mobile device. Resources: Build Voice Bots for Android with Dialogflow Essentials & Flutter → Speaker: Lee Boonstra […]