Skip Architecting, Start Using Horizon with Expedient Enterprise Workspace

posted on October 31, 2021


VDI is a wonderfully difficult problem to solve. You have backend infrastructure, front end brokers, load balancers, file servers, and more just to get to the starting line. What if you could skip all of that? Instead of spending all your time building and architecting, what if you could jump directly to deploying desktops immediately? […]

Introducing Expedient Micro Segmentation with ColorTokens

posted on October 24, 2021


Protecting your network is a top security priority, usually focused on the perimeter of the network. But that can’t be our only focus. What happens if something gets through the perimeter? How do we protect our workloads and users from threats moving around inside our network? With Expedient Micro-Segmentation, powered by ColorTokens, you can easily […]

Live! Survive the Disaster, Manage the Crisis Expedient Cloud Luminary Series with Oliver Schmi…

posted on September 25, 2021


If your organization is hit by a ransomware attack, how will you regain the trust of your customers? Technology and recovery capabilities get you back online but the fallout goes beyond that. Public relations, lost productivity, and business continuity plans are all a part of a full crisis management plan. Duration: 00:38:47 Publisher: Expedient You […]

Detect: How to Figure Out What Happened

posted on September 19, 2021


The first sign of a ransomware attack will probably be a helpdesk ticket that says something like, “there’s a red screen on my computer and it wants money. Also, what’s a Bitcoin?” Once you process that information, how do you figure out where the ransomware got in? How do you know what’s safe and what’s […]

How Do I Make Sense Of The Cloud?

posted on June 19, 2021


Public cloud, private cloud, hyperscale cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud… The only thing that’s consistent is that the definition of “cloud” changes depending on who you’re talking to. And when it’s so tough to pin down the generalities, how are you ever supposed to understand the specifics? We’ve got you covered. In this webinar, we’ll show […]

Positioning Your Organization for a Multi-Cloud World

posted on June 12, 2021


“Don’t mistake ‘cloud’ for ‘magic wand.'” -Bob Evans, Cloud Wars Embracing a cloud operating model is not just about adopting cloud technology but adopting a new way of working with other areas of the business as well. Positioning your organization for a multi-cloud world means thinking beyond IT: Align IT goals to the customer: how […]

A Blueprint for Getting Cloud Migrations Right! Expedient Cloud Luminary Series with 451 Research

posted on May 21, 2021


With more than 40 combined years of experience in research and consulting, Melanie Posey and Liam Eagle of 451 Research have seen it all. As directors for 451 Research, they are on the front lines and understand first-hand the challenges, pitfalls and value of getting cloud migrations right. Watch this webinar replay that looks into […]

Meet Expedient Cost CTRL

posted on May 13, 2021


One of the worst feelings in IT today is getting your hyperscale cloud bill and seeing a total that’s 50-75% higher than what you were expecting. It doesn’t have to be this way. Watch this webinar replay as AJ Kuftic, Digital Product Strategist, shows you Expedient’s Cost CTRL platform and how you can control your […]

Expedient: Webinar Replay: How to Optimize Costs Across Clouds

posted on May 7, 2021


In this webinar, we learned that trying to wrangle costs across clouds can be a massive challenge. And, if you have multiple teams and organizations with different accounts and budgets utilizing cloud resources, you know it’s difficult to see your true overall spend. Watch this replay and hear AJ Kuftic, digital product strategist at Expedient, […]

Meet Expedient’s Next Generation File Storage

posted on April 29, 2021


Managing data at scale is difficult and adding multiple clouds to the mix can be a massive challenge. Watch this webinar replay as Expedient unveils its new file storage platform and show how we can help you deliver file services across all of your workload locations with less effort. Duration: 00:30:33 Publisher: Expedient You can […]

Expedient: Today and Tomorrow, Together: Expedient’s Enterprise Cloud Native

posted on April 14, 2021


As developers want to make their applications more cloud native, balancing the new with the legacy becomes a challenge. How do you handle your current operations while beginning to move your applications forward? In this VMUG webcast replay, AJ Kuftic, Principal Technologist talks about how Expedient’s Cloud Native Platform is built on its Enterprise Cloud, […]