How to Blacklist or Whitelist IP Addresses in Linux using SSH

posted on February 20, 2022


In this video, we’ll review how to blacklist or whitelist IP addresses in Linux using SSH. cPanel uses the cPHulk security software, making it easy to manage visitor IP addresses using SSH or WebHost Manager (WHM). 00:00 Intro 00:43 Prerequisites: Root User and cPHulk 01:29 Blacklist IP Address 02:10 Whitelist IP address 02:57 Closing Remarks […]

What is The Test Web Host to Use?

posted on May 1, 2021


The ‘Best’ hosting services are the ones that lie in the narrow intersection of ‘Best’ and ‘Affordable’ hosting. If you’re looking for the best hosting service, you have to ask yourself: what does that mean?

Whatever is ‘Best’ will largely depend on your taste. I would argue that the ‘best’ hosting packages are the ones that offer the most features for little extra cost.

Some hosting companies include a bunch of different features, but charge so much for their hosting. Other companies do not charge very much, but do not include as many features and/or they must be purchased separately.

There are very few hosting companies that will provide many (good quality) services for comparatively less money. You must assess what value these features have for your website:

  • Hosting packages that advertise “Unlimited” bandwidth and disk space, for example, are a con; there’s no such thing as ‘unlimited’ anything in hosting and this is a false-benefit.
  • ‘Unlimited’ bandwidth actually means an ‘unspecified’ bandwidth limit; when your hosting provider thinks you’ve had enough, then that’s it for you.
  • Other services, such as security protection, emails, SSL Certificates, migration, or multiple websites, will benefit different people to varying degrees. The more the merrier, but know what ones are actually useful; some companies offer multiple services that actually serve the same purpose.
  • Customer support should always be a key factor in choosing your host. If they are locally-sourced, that is a huge plus and the more methods you have for getting in touch with them, the better.
  • Always weigh up the number of features that a hosting company provides versus the cost. For an example of over-priced hosting, look no farther than WP Engine, Liquid Web, and Bluehost. These three of far too expensive for what they offer.
  • Conversely, the likes of GoDaddy, HostGator, and Pagely offer lower-cost hosting but their services are poor and their features are lacking. Even basic services like security must be purchased separately and customer support is notoriously bad.

The ‘best’ hosting packages I have found, based on what I’ve discussed above, would be from places like WPX Hosting, Siteground, Temok, and WordPress(dot)com. SiteGround Hosting in particular has the highest ratio of hosting features to (low) price around and are a reliable service.

Always double-check with customer reviews too because they will let you know of any persistent issues within a company.

What is Linux Web Hosting?

posted on April 30, 2021


Linux hosting is an alternative to using Microsoft Windows-based technology for operating a website. Linux is an open-source operating system, which means the code that makes it run is publicly available. This means computer experts all over the world can share ways of improving how the system works. Although it is more complicated to understand than Windows, most computer experts say Linux is much more reliable and less likely to ‘crash’. This makes it particularly useful for running websites.

Linux hosting makes use of several technologies:

* PHP is a programming language which produces dynamic web pages. These are pages which can change in appearance and content in response to something the person viewing it does (such as filling in a form). PHP is a server-side language, meaning the program runs on the server (the computer that physically stores the website) rather than the computer being used to view the page.

* MySQL is a database system used for websites. It can be used for features such as a real estate company letting site visitors search for properties of a certain size and cost. It is used by popular sites such as Craigslist and LiveJournal.

* Python is a programming language which is well-regarded among many programmers. It is relatively sophisticated, but is easier to understand than many programming languages. Python often uses common English words where other languages simply use symbols. Python also gives programmers the ability to make a draft alteration to a program and check the effects immediately without having to make the change permanent.

* XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a more flexible method of organizing the information that makes up a website. With the old HTML system, each piece of information is labeled only for appearance (for example ‘bold’ or ‘italic’). With XML, any type of label can be used. For example, in a page containing a recipe, a piece of text could be labeled as ‘ingredient’ or ‘safety warning’. XML means that a website owner has much more control over the information on their site.


Linux hosting is an alternative to using Microsoft Windows-based technology for operating a website. Linux is an open-source operating system, which means the code that makes it run is publicly available. This means computer experts all over the world can share ways of improving how the system works. Although it is more complicated to understand than Windows, most computer experts say Linux is much more reliable and less likely to ‘crash’.

How to enable consistent Azure Kubernetes operations everywhere

posted on April 15, 2021


Is your organization preparing to use Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service to run apps on-prem and in the cloud? In this video, come explore how Rancher can enable a consistent operational experience across clusters everywhere. We will show how to leverage Rancher’s cluster provisioning capabilities to operate on-premise and cloud-based clusters. Last, we will discuss how […]

What To Consider When Purchasing Linux VPS Hosting

posted on April 14, 2021


Many of the online business owners who strive for uninterrupted service and matchless server performance, choose to go with Linux VPS hosting. Since a fraction of interruption costs them huge, they consider Linux VPS to ensure non-stop performance curve of their online business / application. But, what are the factors that one should consider while purchasing that Linux server.

A cheap hosting plan isn't always good, so don't waste time and energy over discovering one. There are n number of hosting companies claiming to offer the cheapest and effective Linux hosting plans for the businesses. Before preaching a suitable plan, you need to study your requirements in detail.

Keep a note with you covering the technical specifications you need. Following are the key factors you must evaluate:

Key Components Of A Linux VPS Hosting Plan:

For most of the dedicated server owners, the CPU execution load is a serious concern. You can prefer having a Linux VPS server as it's less heavy than a regular computer. VPS one servers are made to run on virtual CPUs. CPU execution load differs from the process.Web servers likely to consume more CPU space while online game servers and chat box servers exert a heavy load on a server’s CPU. So, it’s important to select the proper CPU for a faster response if your business demands it.

RAM is another important technical element that you should consider. Its type and volume is significant to the server. A RAM of 1GB capacity with a single core CPU handles efficiently a website with 2000 visitors per day. A 512 RAM also performs well and runs flawlessly. But in case of heavy sites like gaming or live chat, it starts slowing down the whole process. In the future, website page speed will matter and it needs to be faster. So, being the owner of an onlinebusiness, you have to be really precise about your requirements.

Disk Space:
Disk space is again a significant choice and depends entirely upon the amount of data you want to have on the server. Again, the amount data stored depends upon the type of website you're hosting. A personal blog consumes lesser disk space than a social community website like Facebook and Twitter that captures huge chunk of the disk space. Strategically, a 200 GB hard disk is capable enough to run your personal blog, but for running a games website with a large number of users even hard 20GB will not deliver you the proper space. So, while buying Linux VPS, check out your hard disk space requirements.

Bandwidth is another important factor that should be considered while buying the Linux server. It strategically depends upon the number of active users or visitors to your website and the nature of their communication. A small website requires minimum 300GB of bandwidth however the volume of bandwidth starts with 1000GB for larger websites having a media-heavy pages.

Overall Performance:
Beyond the list of the components said over, a few performance parameters are also important. Notably, the overall performance of a web hosting service is measured by following parameters as a whole. They are:

    Server uptime
    Page loading speed
    Website monitoring systems
    Security protocols

Growth is the key derivative every business looks at. When it comes to website hosting, scalability is evident to handle sudden waves of traffic. A service should be scalable and must contain layers of backup hardware resources to handle the increased traffic loads on the server. Ask your service provider if the plans and services offered are scalable and will be able to match the future resource requirements.