The Power of Service | Customer Service Week 2021

posted on October 6, 2021


#CustomerServiceWeek is the perfect time to recommit to excellence and strive for innovation. It is also an opportunity to acknowledge every person’s hard work, each team’s contribution, and continue to strengthen relationships with our customers and stakeholders. We appreciate your continued loyalty over the years, and we are excited to maintain a successful partnership. Thank […]

How do I make Route 53 the DNS service for a domain that’s in use?

posted on June 21, 2021


Skip directly to the demo: 0:26 For more details see the Knowledge Center article with this video: Mayuri shows you how to make Route 53 the DNS service for a domain that’s in use. Duration: 00:03:11 Publisher: Amazon Web Services You can watch this video also at the source.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Overiew and Demo | Hosted Data Centers Worldwide

posted on May 14, 2021


In this webinar, our Cloud Solutions Specialist, Mark Gierke will be giving you a holistic overview of dinCloud’s Enterprise Class Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Solution. You will also be able to take a peek into our other cloud-powered enterprise-class solutions. This webinar will also cover the complete suite of Managed Services that dinCloud has […]

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Service?

posted on April 21, 2021


When it comes to webhosting, it can be pretty confusing if you’re new to websites. Not only do you need to procure the website itself, but then comes the hosting, the domain name, the server and so on. If you’re looking to just set up and go, stumbling across too much choice can definitely feel daunting.

So, having once been in those exact shoes, it felt more than right to talk through some of those hard parts for you. But first things first, there’s only one place to start.

What Do You Need?

That’s right, with you and what you really need. You might not think you know, but you do. What are you planning to use the website for? Do you want it to be basic or a little more complex with even a little ecommerce functionality? These are some of the most important questions to ask yourself before you get started.

Once you’re a little more sure with what you’re looking for, it’s easy to understand what’s on offer. Take servers for example. All hosting comes with access to a server, as this is where your website will live per se, but you need to make sure you find the right home for it!

Depending on what sort of traffic you are expecting to start with, you might want to consider shared hosting. But even then, perhaps you’ll want to make sure you have room to grow when you need it. And of course you’ll want to make sure the company provides a 24 hour service too! Downtime is not what we need, now is it?

And What About the Domain?

You might plan to open just one site, but do you know what you want to call it? Will you own a .com site or any other version? It’s so common to own more than one domain, whether it’s to protect your site or give you the option to branch out, so looking to see if a webhosting site allows you access to more than one. Choose a Premium Domain name!

Do You Think You Might Need Support?

If you’re starting out with little knowledge in websites, support could be your best friend. It’s definitely important for you to check out what help and guidance different companies offer, as well as their response time.

Do they let you call them right away? How long do they take to reply to messages? Maybe they have a live chat? Making sure you hunt down the answers to all of these questions in advance as it could save you time in the long run. There’s nothing like a little reassurance that the right level of help is available when you need it.

Get a Little Something Back

And then of course we have the cost! What are you looking to pay? How does it compare to competition? Maybe you want to consider what the renewal prices could be too, because you’ll definitely want to keep your site up and running for the entirety of your venture and not at a crazy cost.

So now that you know exactly what you’re looking for, it should be all the most easier to compare web hosting offerings! Start Here!