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Great Content Is Expensive. Here’s Why

posted on July 7, 2022

Have you ever stumbled upon a website with mediocre content and said “well, this article looks perfectly average; I’ll give it a thorough read.”?

I didn’t think so.

Every day, over 5 million blog posts are published on WordPress alone. Add to that the other platforms, the news articles, and social media content. Your content has serious competition.

This is why no one wants to read mediocre content. There’s plenty of excellent content out there, so the bad articles sieve themselves out naturally.

But what does it take to produce excellent content, the kind that gets read and, more importantly, helps you meet your business goals (read: ROI)?

I run two digital marketing agencies that mainly offer content writing and copywriting services. There are two main ingredients that go into producing a piece of content that’s above the fold.

1. Great Content Takes TIME

As the demand for great content increased, so did the time to produce it:

Image courtesy of Orbit Media

Within seven years, the time allotted to a single blog post almost doubled. Why?

As someone who had a front-row seat to the evolution of content marketing, I can shed some light on this:

  • It’s hard to reinvent the wheel: 99% of what you want to say has already been said. The writer needs to come up with a brand-new angle that’s also in tune with your brand voice and aligned with your business goals. This takes a lot of research, which, in turn, takes time.
  • Research itself has become more demanding. You can’t just cite any source, it needs to be an authoritative website. What do you do when you find two research reports that contradict each other? You take more time to decide which of them is the one you should cite.
  • When you write a blog post, for instance, you’re not just thinking about how it will look on the client’s website. You also need to think about its potential to go viral on social network, its SEO value, and more depending on the company’s goals with it.

Writing got more complex. You can’t churn out thousands of words per day, stuff them full of keywords and send them on their merry way. They won’t rank and they won’t be read. It will be wasted money.

Which takes us to the next point:

2. Great Content Takes Multidisciplinary Expertise

At the dawn of SEO, keyword stuffing worked. Everyone could write. You didn’t need to know anything about the topic you were writing about; you could simply spin existing content and add a ton of keywords to it.

Heck, you didn’t even need grammar skills. Search engines didn’t care about that too much, as long as you had your precious keywords everywhere.

This is why you could churn out 10 articles per day and charge $10 a piece.

Today, you can’t do that anymore.

Case in point: one of the agencies I run, Copywritech, serves clients in the tech space. We handle complicated topics like networking, cyber security, or software QA. This is why we have engineers on staff. Someone with an English or a marketing major can’t even begin to understand those topics.

It’s incredibly hard to find engineers who know how to write well AND are willing to do it. Of course, their fees are as steep as you’d expect.

But wait – there’s more! Understanding the technology is not enough. The blog posts need to rank and to convert.

So on top of engineering and writing chops, you also need marketing and SEO chops.

Granted, some industries are far easier to tackle. My other agency, Idunn, rarely hires experts with real-life experience in the fields they write about. Still, all the writers we hire have marketing and SEO knowledge.

The writers who can produce content worth reading today have a multidisciplinary approach. They know something about the industry they write about or they are willing to take a crash course in it.

Remember how it takes 4+ hours to write a blog post? The same research report by Orbit Media found another impressive nugget of knowledge:

Image courtesy of Orbit Media

“Bloggers who invest more time get better results”. Who would have thought?

To sum up, it takes time and expertise to create ROI-producing content. But since I sense an objection coming, let me address it before we wrap this up:

What Can I Do When the Budget Is Tight But I Still Want Great Content?

The quick answer: produce less content. If you have to choose, always (ALWAYS!) go with quality instead of quantity. One excellent blog post per month is far better than four mediocre pieces.

Work with writers you can trust and who have proven results. Explain your budget concerns to them and come with a calendar that meets your goals and your budget.

Looking for content writers who can create excellent content that gets read and gets results? Check out our case studies and let’s talk!

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What Are The Recommended Settings For Wi-Fi Routers and Access Points?

posted on July 7, 2022

Just having a good internet service provider is not enough to have a reliable internet connection. A good wi-fi router is another essential which cannot be ignored. Another important thing is the wi-fi setup and its strategic placement. Thus, a perfect router and its correct placement are essential for smooth internet performance.

Therefore, you must know how to choose the best wi-fi router which supplies enough wi-fi signals so that you won’t be troubled due to network issues. Once you purchase the right router, it should be placed where it won’t impede wi-fi signals, unlike on walls and floors. In short, the more signal barriers you will have between the network and the devices, the lower will be the wi-fi signals.

Once you are done with router selection and its setup, you have to do some settings. Make sure you do all the settings recommended below so that you experience only the best performance and secured network.

Update Username and Password

The first layer of security to your internet connection can be given by running the network with a username and strong password. You must set a password that should only make sense to you. That means it should not be easy to predict or detect by password detecting software.

Router Configuration

Configuration settings may differ as every router has its own set of settings. Thus, either you take help from the user manual or call your local wi-fi support team. They will assist you with all router and access point settings.

Again, if doing it on your own, the shortest way to get it done will be to follow the user manual.

Select Frequency

The frequency selection is one of the settings done to improve internet speed. If you have a wi-fi 5 0r wi-fi 6 router, you get the option to choose between the 2.4GHz band or the 5GHz band. In case using a tri-band router, you may get an extra 5GHz band which you can dedicate to video streaming and gaming.

Please note, 5GHz will offer better performance at short ranges. However, 2.4GHz will travel further but you may get fewer channel options and a congested connection.

Hence, you must select the best frequency as per your needs.

Configure Quality of Service (QoS)

This one is exclusively for video streamers or gamers who need a dedicated network for it. By configuring quality of service settings, you define your streaming priorities to the network. You can define upstream and downstream traffic on your network which provides a performance boost to your favorite streaming channel.

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic monitoring can be helpful if you want to know what traffic goes through your network. Also, you can restrict the said network through a traffic monitoring feature. All you need is to enable the feature from your router’s advanced settings.

Filter MAC Address

Media Access Control is a unique universal name for any network device. You can remove/add MAC addresses of your devices so that no other device will be able to connect with your network. All you have to do is go to the router’s settings and add the MAC addresses of your devices. You can also add your phones and tablets to the network by performing the same process. Consequently, you will experience the fastest network ever.

The Bottom Line

If you are not a pro in getting these things done on your own, you must call the professionals for your home wi-fi setup. Along with wi-fi installation, they will help you with all other settings that are required for a good network.

The post What Are The Recommended Settings For Wi-Fi Routers and Access Points? appeared first on SiteProNews.

How To Master On Page and Off Page SEO Skills

posted on July 7, 2022

Google holds about 91.56% of the search engine market share as of March 2022. And more than 75% of organic web traffic comes from search engines. This is why marketers look to optimize their websites for search engines to get high ranking and traffic to their websites.

Although SEO is a long process. By any means, if you are looking forward to ranking your site within a couple of months, you will need to understand the basics of SEO. Optimizing your site for search engines and letting search engines realize it for higher ranking takes time.

You will need to master some on-page and off-page strategies so that you will be able to optimize your website for better rankings in the search engine.
Without further ado, let’s move towards some on-page SEO techniques and see how you can master them with the help of amazing tools.

On-Page SEO Strategies

On-page SEO focuses on your website content and how it will look and perform. Optimizing the content of your website to be search engine friendly and user friendly is known as on-page SEO.

1. Intent Analyzation

The first step should be to analyze the intent of your visitors and identify your goal. You can divide visitors based on their intent.

Image supplied by Author

Now, the question is, why is it important to divide visitors based on their intention?

The answer is simple. You will be focusing on keywords that suit the best intentions of your visitor according to the objective of your website.

2. Keyword Research

When it comes to keyword research, you should keep a few points in mind. Choose long-tail keywords with high search volume and lower keyword difficulty.

Image courtesy of SEMRush

Long-tail keywords have a high conversion rate, and you can get better leads with such keywords.

3. On-Page Planning

You will need to be very accurate with your on-page planning. Consider a few points, and you can easily manage your on-page plan.

  • Search different keywords for different pages. Make sure keywords targeted on one page are not conflicting in any way with the keywords on another page.
  • All the pages are interlinked with suitable internal linking.
  • Pages have a clear hierarchy and are categorized properly.

Along with these, have a space for suitable images with alt tags on all the pages. Embedding images and videos are an important part of your on-page plan.

4. Leveraging LSI Keywords

It is essential that you should add some keywords in your content related to your focused keyword. Those words and phrases that Google considers related are called LSI Keywords. Make sure to add them once or twice in a 1000-word content. Moreover, add LSI keywords in your subheadings as well.

5. Content Optimization

The content on your web page should be highly optimized against the focused keyword. For instance, if your page content is 1000 words, then you will need to add focused keywords about 8 to 10 times in your content.

Add the focused keyword in the introductory paragraph, last paragraph, two times in subheadings, H1, and remaining in your SEO content.

Along with this, you will need to care about keyword density. Make sure the focused keyword density is no more than 2 percent of the page content.

Density = (Nkr / (Tkn – (Nkr x (Nwp-1)))) x 100

Here is the interpretation:

  • Density is for Keyword Density
  • Nkr is for key-phrase number in the content
  • Nwp is for a number of of words in a key-phrase
  • Tkn is for a total number of words in the content

6. Page Optimization

In order to optimize your page for search engines, it is necessary to take care of the points mentioned below.

  • Give a suitable title to your page. The title should be from 50 to 55 characters, and it should contain the focus keyword in the beginning.
  • Add an intuitive meta description from 150 to 155 characters long. Add your focus keyword and one LSI keyword if possible. Meta titles should be engaging, so you can add questions to strive your reader to click.

7. Mobile-First Design

Google values websites that are focused on mobile. Most of the users are using mobile phones to search for their queries. So it is important that your website design is mobile-friendly.

8. Page Loading Speed

If your website is appropriately created but not optimized for performance and speed, Google will not value it. Low-speed increases bounce rate, and you need to be very careful about the speed of your website.

As summarized in a paper by personal statement help, use lazy loading, compressed images, low-size scripts, and proper coding to increase your website’s loading speed.

Best Tools For On-Page SEO Analysis

Here are some tools that can help you with the on-page SEO of your website.

  1. Google Keyword Planner is the best for performing keyword research and searching for LSI keywords.
Screen capture of Google Keyword Planner provided by Author
  1. Ahrefs can help you with analyzing the keyword difficulty and search volume of the searched keywords.
Screen capture of Ahrefs supplied by Author
  1. Yoast SEO is best for page optimization, providing meta title, description, slug, and checking if your content is optimized against your focused keyword. It can also help you with increasing the readability of the content.
Screen capture of Yoast provided by Author
  1. Google PageSpeed Insights & Google LightHouse are one of the best tools to check for your website performance issues and have suggestions about fixing them.
Screen capture of Google Page Speed tool provided by Author
  1. Copyscape, Grammarly & WordCounter will help you with checking the originality of your content, making corrections for grammar and punctuation, and analyzing the keyword density, respectively.

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Off-page strategies are basically off-site techniques that are performed outside of your website to improve the ranking of your website in SERPs. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most important off-page SEO strategies.

1. Shareable Content

It is essential that you should always create shareable content on your webpage. Shareable content should have social media icons so that the content can be easily shared throughout the internet. Google values a web page that is more shared on different digital media platforms.

2. Guest Article Submission

Guest posting is a way to create a contextual backlink for your web page. While submitting a guest article, make sure that the target website is of your niche. Create niche-based content and insert your link into it naturally.

Request a website to publish your content, and you will get a backlink from another website to your page. It is among the most authentic link-building techniques that experts suggest. Dissertation editing services adopted the same strategy, and they ranked for a very long period of time.

3. Other Link Building Techniques

There are several more link-building techniques, including blog commenting, web 2.0, forum submission, document submission, directory listing, etc. However, you need to be very careful about using these strategies.

Analyze the website you are creating a backlink on and check for its domain value by looking for DR or DA. Check how many external links the website is providing daily. And is the site open for publication or not? Websites open for public posting have more chances of getting spammy links, and you will not get great value from there.

Check for all these factors while guest post submissions as well.

4. Social Media Platforms

You should leverage the power of social media to market your content on various platforms. Depending on your target audience, select suitable channels, continuously market your web pages, and ask your readers to visit your website.

You can use video content, images, live streaming, and so many features available on social media platforms to market your content.

  1. Influencer Outreach

Another way to market your content and increase its reach is by contacting some influencers and requesting them to share your content. Show them how it will value their readers, and they will do it for you.

Some Tools To Help With Off-Page SEO

There are some tools that can help you with your off-page strategies.

  1. Ahrefs can help you analyze your competitor’s website and look for where you should create your backlinks.
Screen capture of ahrefs provided by Author
  1. Moz is another excellent tool that provides a complete report about your backlinks.
  2. SEMRush is an amazing tool where you can create a campaign and add your competitors to it along with your website. It will analyze your competitors and suggest off-page and on-page changes.
Screen capture of SEMRUSH provided by Author
  1. You should utilize various social media tools to market your content on social media. These tools are BuzzSumo, BufferPublish, SproutSocial, Hootsuite, Canva, etc.

While Summing Up…

If you want to be an expert SEO and rank your website, you need to be patient. Apply the above-mentioned techniques and learn about these tools to increase your SEO knowledge and master on-page and off-page SEO skills.

Along with these tips, it is essential to have basic development knowledge to understand some on-page techniques. I hope you have enjoyed this post.

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10 Easy TikTok Strategies for 2022

posted on July 7, 2022

TikTok is no doubt the fastest growing social media platform. It has been downloaded over 2.5 billion times and has more than 1 billion active users.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media app where users can share short videos of themselves. The app is extremely popular with teenagers and young adults.

TikTok’s popularity, especially among young people, has a lot to do with the presence of common celebrities, the super-smart algorithm, and the emphasis on local material like state competitions.

If you are not on TikTok, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach a new audience. TikTok has a lot of features focusing on video. Many other platforms are copying from TikTok to engage their users.

Many companies want to kick start their journey on social media, while traditional platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, are overly crowded. TikTok is an attractive choice if you want to target a younger audience, i.e. Gen Z.

Here are 10 east strategies for marketing your business on TikTok in 2022:

1. Create Engaging Content

This looks like a cliche but this is true. TikTok has the highest social media engagement rates per post, leading others like Instagram and Facebook.

The key to success on any social media platform is creating engaging content. On TikTok, this means creating short videos that are creative and entertaining. Think outside the box and be creative with your content. This is what will capture people’s attention and get them to follow you.

On the other hand, you need to also understand your audience and community before you can create content for them. Despite the fact that you want to market your product, how the content can be relevant to your potential customers is the key consideration in this era.

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are important on social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, because they help people find your content. When you use relevant hashtags, your videos are more likely to be seen by people who are interested in what you have to say.

It’s now more important than ever to utilize hashtags as your main keywords when targeting TikTok content videos since Google has indexed them. So the hashtags are not only for users within TikTok to discover your content, it is also serving the purpose of SEO on Google.

When it comes to SEO, we all know how crucial keywords are despite those many SEO tools that can help you rank on Google. If you include relevant keywords in your content, it will make your brand more discoverable.

It’s critical to experiment if you want to boost your TikTok followers. Keep trying different hashtags until you discover the best ones for your brand.

3. Use TikTok Ads

TikTok offers a variety of ad formats that can help you reach your target audience. You can use video ads, brand takeovers, and hashtag challenges to promote your business on TikTok. However, TikTok ads is certainly not a low-cost option.

You can start by creating a TikTok Ads account. After that, you will need to create your ad campaign and select your target audience.

TikTok offers a variety of targeting options, including location, interests, and behaviors.

Once you have created your ad campaign, you will need to create your ad. TikTok offers several ad formats, including video ads, brand takeovers, and hashtag challenges. Choose the format that best fits your goals and budget.

4. Collaborate With Other Users

TikTok is all about collaboration. You can collaborate with other users to create viral videos. This is a great way to reach a new audience and get more people interested in your brand.

Also, collaboration is a good way to get your brand associated with some brands or KOL’s with a value that your brand also shares.

When you collaborate with other users, make sure that you choose people who have a similar target audience as you. This will help ensure that your video is seen by people who are interested in what you have to say.

5. Use Analytics

TikTok offers a variety of analytical tools that can help you track your progress and see how your videos are performing. These tools can help you optimize your content strategy and ensure that your videos are reaching the right people.

Make sure to check your TikTok analytics regularly so that you can see how your videos are performing and make changes if necessary.

One of the important sections is called “follower insights”. It gives you information about the people who follow you, including their age, gender, location, and interests. This information can be very valuable in helping you create content that appeals to your target audience.

Another section is “follower activity” where you are able to see your followers’ activities by the hour and by day. This information can help you determine the best time to post your videos.

6. Redirect Your Audience to Your Website

Your website is still one of the best assets for your brand on the internet. You should still try to use your TikTok profile to drive traffic to your website.

Make sure to include a link to your website in your bio and in the description of your videos. You can also include links to specific pages on your website in the comments section of your videos.

A company’s website gives clients confidence. Not only that, but when you create a website funnel for your target audience, you establish your authority. Analyze how your consumers engage with your brand using the data from your website funnel.

7. Experiment With Different Content Formats

TikTok offers a variety of content formats that you can use to promote your brand.

Some of the most popular content formats include challenges, lip syncs, and comedy sketches. Challenging other users to do something is a great way to get people interested in your brand.

You can also try lip syncing to popular songs or doing comedy sketches. Be creative and experiment. Many influencers have tried various content formats before they have a viral video,

8. Cross-promote Your Video Contents

It’s critical to cross-promote your video material in your TikTok SEO plan. Don’t squander the number of followers you have on other social media platforms.

Post your TikTok stuff on platforms where you’ve established a following audience. Post your TikTok material on Twitter and Facebook if you have one. Encourage your followers to go to your video by inviting them to do so.

Include a link to your TikTok profile in your email signature. If you have a blog, make sure to include a link to your TikTok profile in your author bio. All these will have a multiplier effect.

9. Add Subtitles to Your Videos

Subtitles are an essential part of any video content, especially if you’re targeting a global audience.

TikTok offers automatic subtitles for all videos in English, but you can also add subtitles in other languages.

This is a great way to reach a wider audience and get more people interested in your brand.

10. Post Regularly

TikTok tends to reward those who post regularly on the platform.

If you want to grow your following and get more views, make sure to post videos on a regular basis.

It’s a good idea to post at least one video per day, but you can also post multiple videos in a day if you have the time and resources.

Wrap Up

These are just some of the things you can do to improve your TikTok marketing strategy for 2022. If you follow these tips, you should see a significant increase in your TikTok following and engagement.

It’s only a matter of time until your business has an online presence. As more brick-and-mortar companies put resources online, consumers’ purchasing habits will change.

To stay on top of the game, you need to increase your online visibility. Other than pushing hard on a budding social media like TikTok, you will need an optimized website and an SEO strategy in place. You can even follow a SEO audit checklist to see how well your website is performing.

It is easy to kick start your TikTok journey. What don’t you just get started now? Leave a comment and tell us how it goes!

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Pros and Cons of Developing E-Commerce Stores With Magento

posted on July 7, 2022

The corporate world has been transformed by e-commerce. The use of software like Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, has made it simple and accessible for anybody to establish a business and operate it efficiently. This post will concentrate on eCommerce development using Magento, which is a popular e-commerce platform. It has achieved this status as a result of the features it provides, although it is not without flaws. We’ve compiled a summary of Magento’s benefits and drawbacks to assist you to determine whether Magento is right for your e-commerce firm.

Advantages of Developing E-Commerce Stores with Magento

  • Search engine optimization friendly.
  • Magento provides a lot of options
  • Characteristics that are unique
  • User community with a large number of members
  • Magento is a mobile-friendly platform
  • Scalability

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

An ecommerce business’s development and success are dependent on effective SEO. It’s critical for your company’s growth to have a top ranking in search engines like Google and Bing. It is responsible for driving organic traffic to Amazon, Walmart, and other well-known marketplaces. Magento excels in this area, both in terms of its website and its customizable portions. It allows you to customise specific SEO for distinct pages, such as URLs, meta descriptions, sitemaps, and other factors.

Magento Provides a Lot of Options

What does it mean that Magento is an open-source platform? It means you may change the source codes to suit your needs, adjust themes, and add the functionality you want to your website. Magento is adaptable when it comes to third-party connections, allowing you to do things like integrating items and more. This guarantees that the web site’s performance is regularly assessed and that real-time data is available.

Characteristics That are Unique

Magento has a number of unique features that distinguish it from other e-commerce systems. Management of many stores, support for several languages, multiple currencies, and pricing are just a few of the features available.

Magento allows you to set different pricing for items based on the consumer group. You might charge a separate rate for your employees and a higher rate for VIPs.

User Community With a Large Number of Members

All of the above capabilities combine to make Magento the most popular e-commerce platform, with a vast user base. This allows for simple and speedy assistance. You may ask a question in the user group and get a speedy response. Many Magento 2 extensions and plugins have been developed as a result of the vast community. With these options at your disposal, you’ll be able to seek aid from the community quickly.

Magento is a Mobile-friendly Platform

Given that the majority of consumers visit websites via mobile devices, a mobile-friendly setup is critical to an e-commerce store’s success. Nearly one-fourth of online customers voted in favour of having mobile-friendly e-commerce platforms, according to one of the studies. The fact that the majority of people choose to obtain information via mobile devices is something that business owners must consider.

Magento allows you to have a mobile site without any hassle and provides the greatest possible user experience for your clients, resulting in increased sales and fewer bounce rates.


Small enterprises should begin with the intention of expanding in the future. E-commerce websites should be able to manage a surge in sales and merchandise. Some E-commerce development platforms struggle under strain and might stifle growth, whereas Magento handles scalability with ease. Magento can process up to 500k goods and tens of thousands of transactions per hour. This gives you the freedom to modify Magento.

Using Magento For E-Commerce Web Development Has Its Drawbacks

  • Developers are few
  • Time-consuming
  • While looking for product help, you may be flooded with spam

Magento’s ecommerce development is more costly than those of other e-commerce platforms. There are several variants of it. The community edition is free, but the enterprise version will set you back roughly $15,000 dollars. Furthermore, the premium enterprise version, which is only available to large firms, costs more than $15,000 each year. Furthermore, if you are unable to install an extension yourself, you will be responsible for third-party payments. This is a deterrent for many people who want to establish an ecommerce business using Magento, which is otherwise a fantastic platform.

Developers Are Few

Magento has a vast user base, which might lead to a developer shortage at times. Finding genuine developers is challenging due to the intricate understanding and extensive expertise necessary with the main program. Even more so because Magento is a huge system with over 20,000 files and 200 database tables. Developers gain experience and so charge a premium for their Magento ecommerce development services.


When compared to other e-commerce development platforms, Magento takes a long time to load. In comparison to other e-commerce platforms, this makes personalization difficult. Magento imports data from other e-commerce systems slowly, discouraging users from migrating. Setting up the flexible architecture takes time and adds to the loading time. However, this isn’t true for all versions; just the community version is sluggish. Premium and enterprise, on the other hand, are fairly quick.

While Looking for Product Help, You May be Flooded With Spam

Magento product support is more expensive than WordPress since consultants and developers charge a premium. Because of the absence of monitoring, the official support forum hosts spam. If you have an issue with Magento, you may not receive proper help and instead become a victim of spam. This has a detrimental impact on Magento, which is generally well-liked in the market.

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How Google Came to Be

posted on July 7, 2022

Google is one of the original tech behemoths of our time, here’s a quick timeline of the last thirty years.

Infographic courtesy of VizionOnline

Infographic courtesy of VizionOnline

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Online Social Media Training

posted on July 7, 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work, rest and play. It has also sped up changes in the way our media operates by increasing the digitisation process.

Meetings via Zoom and Teams make the working day go round as we use hybrid working practices away from offices.

The way the media operates has also undergone a dramatic transformation since Covid-19 first emerged. It’s important to keep up to speed and embrace the spirit of change so that you can find new opportunities.

It’s certainly worth the investment of resource in terms of time and effort and funding expert help because there are so many online opportunities to amplify the positive things that are going on within your organisation.

And now it’s easier than ever for people to take part in television and radio interviews. You can be quizzed by journalists from the comfort of your own home or from the security of your office.

Print Media is Changing Tactics

The print media has also got in on the act. Newspaper reporters and trade specialists will often use Teams because it’s an efficient way to generate video content.

There’s also a chance that they supplement their content for their website. Video content produced via smartphones is a familiar sight on news and content outlets, especially in regional media, such as the Bristol Live website.

If the content is strong there’s every chance it will go straight to Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and more. It’s vital that you know what you’re doing when you’re in the thick of it and treat everything in your stride.

Media Training for Social Media Appearances

It’s important not to be taken off guard by the sight of a smartphone. Smartphones mean that anyone can, in effect, be a citizen journalist, as many public figures have found to their cost, as per this Bournemouth University study.

Social media can be a really positive force but it’s important that it’s treated seriously. That means making sure that companies, public sector organisations and charities go about their business in a professional manner.

The key to success is preparation and effective training will ensure that you have all the basics to provide the foundation for success on the social media front.

That training should examine ways to get the best out of your social media activity by looking at:

  • The different ways that platforms can be used – thanks to their instant nature and user-friendly flexibility, platforms like Facebook Live are a great way to share on-the-move action, behind-the-scenes activity and live events as they unfold.
  • How best to present yourself – While you don’t need to be suited and booted, as they say, like you would when visiting a TV studio, if you’re representing a company, a public sector organisation or a charity, the casual look is fine but you do need to look professional.
  • Where social media interviews appear – From TikTok to Facebook Live and from Twitter to Instagram, and lest we forget LinkedIn – interviews pop up here there and everywhere on the social media airwaves. Interviews could be conducted by bona fide journalists, influencers or in-house colleagues.
  • What organisations can be found on social media – We’re living in a digital-first era and the fact that John Lewis released their Christmas advert via their social media channels shows that it’s open to everyone from household names to up-and-coming small businesses.
  • Your audience – It’s worth taking time to study who is watching, reading and listening to your content whether they’re videos or podcasts to make sure that you pitch things perfectly.
  • What is the value of being on social media? It’s like the Wild West out there in the world of social media and sadly it’s not all positive because you’re wide open to public scrutiny. That’s why it’s worth establishing how best to monitor your social media activity to make sure that your output is targeting the appropriate platforms and paying dividends.
  • The new normal – Whether you like it or not, there’s no getting away from the need for an online presence. So while you can’t control everything, it’s best to establish how you can embrace the ways to maximise your control.
  • How can you use your own channels to boost your profile – The Peso Model, which stands for Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned, is the best model for spreading the word when you’ve got something to shout. It could be re-purposing content that you might have worked hard to achieve in a national newspaper or sharing it on your social media channels.

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

The digital age is an exciting time for all things media and there are lots of brilliant opportunities which can be used to enhance the profile of your organisation.

Right from DIY broadcasting via a Twitter account to coping with the unexpected, there are lots of ways to enhance reputations.

Some people make it to look easy but that’s only because social media training has become an important part of personal development plans and overarching strategies.

An investment in training makes sure that people are ready for the all the different challenges that social media poses.

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