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Top Services Businesses Outsource in Modern Times

posted on September 18, 2022

In order to save time and money, organizations are increasingly outsourcing work to outside vendors in today’s digital age. It is preferable to outsource specific services to other businesses that specialize in particular duties because no organization can be good at everything. This not only helps businesses save time but also thousands of dollars over time. When a job needs to be outsourced, it is far preferable to recruit staff and pay them monthly salaries even when they aren’t needed.

In this blog, we’ll list down some of the top services that both big and small organizations and businesses outsource these days.

Human Resources (HR) Services

The various components of human resource services include hiring, training, and payroll administration. These are crucial areas for your company to concentrate on if you have a sizable or expanding workforce. When needed, outsourcing these services is an efficient approach to save time and money.

Tech/IT Support

IT services come in a variety of forms that organizations can choose from. These kinds of businesses frequently have knowledgeable experts on staff who can assist with anything from creating custom software for your company to providing both on-site and remote technical support. By doing this, you are able to drastically cut down on the time and effort you would otherwise have to put into these issues.

Accounting/Bookkeeping Services

Although there are many various kinds of accounting services, accounting software and accounting books are the most common in the business world. Businesses can manage assets, track cash flow, generate financial reports, and track inventories using accounting software. There are numerous advantages to outsourcing these services to accounting firms for both small and large businesses. In addition to having skilled workers, they also have access to a variety of tools to provide you with the greatest services.

Bookkeeping companies’ main services include financial statement preparation, payroll and tax management, and general financial advising. You will have more time if you hire seasoned businesses to handle these tasks, which you can utilize to concentrate on other business-related tasks.

Image courtesy of Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Tax Preparation Services

These services enable you to obtain the most recent information from the government and make sure that your company complies with all regulations. This is particularly crucial if you have a sizable staff or are the boss of a multinational business. You may spend thousands less annually by outsourcing these services.

Business Information Modeling (BIM) Services

Organizing all of the information you have about a certain subject into an informational model will help it be more useful to your company. This can include anything from financial information to details about clients or workers. By giving you access to more precise data, creating this kind of model helps your business make better decisions. There is a wide range of BIM services available to firms in every sector. It can be applied to construction, security, and traffic control. Along with making it simpler for your staff to execute projects, it enables you to simply organize all of your resources.

Graphic Design Services

A company’s overall success is greatly influenced by design. Thus, graphic design services can help you project a professional image to the public. The ideal end product may be found with the assistance of graphic design companies, which can also guarantee that it precisely reflects your brand.

Visualization Services

Use data visualization services if you want to display your customers the data you have on a particular subject. These experts might be sent by your company to your office to assist in creating the greatest visuals for your projects. Due to their access to a wide range of software programs, knowledgeable CAD services can also assist you in achieving the best design.

Database Management Services

Database management services are frequently used by smaller organizations to manage inventory or customer data. These databases can also be used for data collection relating to various elements of your organization or for marketing initiatives. This is a quick and efficient technique to collect the data while also relieving your team of the burden.

Data Mining and Processing Services

You will undoubtedly need to hire a professional in the area to handle this duty if your company collects and analyses data. This can involve anything from extracting financial data to producing thorough reports. This kind of service is perfect for companies that require personalized data solutions based on their unique requirements.

3Alpha LLC offers low-cost business solutions by offering BPO, ESO, and FPO services to businesses in order to reduce their burden. Some of their services include accounting and bookkeeping, engineering, data digitization services, and more. Get in touch with them to know more.

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How To Promote Your Brand New Site – The Ultimate Guide

posted on September 18, 2022

You’ve ironed out the design kinks, added all the relevant links to the sidebar, and tested out the user experience on your coworkers (or even your friends and family) — so, now that your brand new website is fully up and running, you want to know how to effectively promote it. 

Many might directly go down the paid digital campaign route; however, if your paid advertisement choices are limited, or you simply wish to expand your promotional outreach in every way that you can, then this ultimate guide on how to promote your brand new site is definitely for you.

Produce Quality Blog Posts

Adding a blog section to your website in order to boost your SEO and raise your site’s ranking on search engines is always an excellent idea. To begin with, producing relevant blog content does not just make it easier for potential users to locate your website, it also greatly contributes to elevating your credibility and reputation as a brand — but only when you strive to maintain a high level of content quality. When done right, blog posts can help your brand position itself as an authority in your field, which may in turn significantly increase your conversion rates.

In order to write great blog posts, you will need to conduct a certain amount of market research, which would have the added benefit of broadening your knowledge and establishing your website as a relevant and accurate source of up-to-date information. 

Guest Blogging

Another way to capitalize on blogging is to collaborate with a guest writer who is an established expert in your field. This will help increase your exposure to their readership, which would subsequently yield some fantastic leads. Connecting with writers who are already established in their profession also helps you expand your own network, which can additionally result in increased visibility and more social media shares.

Moreover, guest blogging can be done the other way around, i.e. you may advertise your website by writing quality content for sites other than your own. You do not even need to wait for someone to notice your work in order to be invited to write for their website — in fact, approaching others with a good pitch is quite common, so do not be afraid to take the first step if you believe you have something valuable to offer which would ultimately benefit both sides.

Make Smart Use of Social Media

Social media platforms, especially those that foster the creation and maintenance of online communities, are more than likely to contain your target demographic. You only need to figure out where and how you can supply them with distinct value, and you can rest assured that you will have plenty of opportunities to promote your website if you have something of significance to say or provide to your target audience. 

Depending on the types of audiences you want your website to appeal to, you should be able to choose where to focus most of your social media marketing efforts. If your brand is looking to cater to gen Z and young millennials, for instance, you will have more luck reaching them on places like Instagram and Tik Tok than on platforms like Facebook or Linkedin. Finding out where best to reach your desired audiences might take some market research as well. 

Nevertheless, it is always advisable to have multiple official social media accounts up and running, and then use those accounts for cross-promotion. For example, you may tweet your Instagram video or publish your most recent blog article on your Facebook page. Both the Instagram video and the Facebook post should contain a link to your website that drives more traffic where you want it. 

Importantly, producing great material enhances the likelihood of your audience sharing it further, which results in free organic marketing for your website. The more individuals that click on your material, the more likely it is that you will improve your overall conversion rates.

Image courtesy of Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Email Marketing Through Newsletters

Although you may be surprised to hear this, newsletters are an incredibly efficient form of email marketing. When written and designed well, they allow you to communicate with your potential customer base in a way that is more direct, convincing, and — let’s not forget — affordable. They may also contribute to an increase in subscribers and boost traffic to your website. As a result, newsletters could be an essential component of your marketing strategy. 

There are various creative ways for driving traffic from email newsletters to your website. Some examples include:

  • Linking your website content. By including banner pictures, text, and photos in the email, you can easily generate targeted traffic. However, keep in mind that your newsletter should not be a catalog for your entire website. Instead, include direct links to your best-selling goods or a link to a tutorial or demo video that will teach your visitor how to utilize a product.
  • Promoting your blog. Many people like to add an extract from their most recent blog entries in their email. This motivates readers to visit the website, and while there, they are also more likely to visit other portions of your website and maybe even make a purchase.
  • Including a story that is short and sweet. Save your website’s backstory for a dedicated page on the site and insert a little paragraph in your email to create a non-product related talking point. This will immediately make you appear more approachable and human, as opposed to just being perceived as a wall of text on a screen.

Remember, if your email content is snappy and direct, with strong calls-to-action that urge readers to click, your material will stand out in a sea of numerous other newsletters that your readers may receive.

Get Your SEO Down Pat

Search engine optimization (SEO) is probably one of the most popular methods of website promotion (and, certainly, among the most effective) for the simple reason that it improves a site’s rating on Google and other search engines. And, unlike paid search advertisements, SEO is completely free, meaning that the competition is open to everyone and is based on the quality of the information you publish, the ease of navigation on your website, and the amount of links you get from other sources.

Thousands of guides have been written on how best to harness the power of strong SEO, so this is evidently a topic worth spending more time, effort, and research on. However, generally speaking, impactful search engine optimization can be achieved by including keywords and phrases all over your website, providing alt text to pictures, and optimizing your headers so that search engines can locate your website more easily.

How do you know which keywords to use? Check out your competitors and make use of tools and software that can do the job for you. By entering a few topics that your website is concerned with, a good SEO tool will be able to do the necessary market analysis to find keywords that rank high on search engines.

However, keep in mind that search engines have become much smarter over the past few years, and that they now prefer good quality content over websites that are nonsensically stuffed with keywords. Utilize your keywords of choice in a way that is organic and sensible to the topic at hand. Even a non-discerning reader will click out of your blog post or web page if the text looks way too much like a commercial.


The above strategies are not the only ones you can implement in order to successfully market your new website. If you’re committed to it, it is best to use a range of methods by trying new things and building on what works. However, make sure to carefully track the outcomes of any new strategy you end up utilizing, so you’d know whether to keep at it or stop wasting your time on it.

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How To Build Trust With Social Media Marketing

posted on September 18, 2022

35% of respondents said ‘trust in brand’ was among the top three reasons influencing their decision to shop at a particular retailer. 14% said that brand trust was their main influence after price.

Infographic courtesy of M2OnHold
Infographic courtesy of M2OnHold

Infographic courtesy of M2OnHold

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Top 10 Powerful WordPress Tips and Tricks for Better Performance

posted on September 18, 2022

To no one’s surprise, WordPress powers more than 43% of the internet. The platform’s community support, flexible & adaptable nature, and choice of multiple themes & plugins make it one of the leading choices for business owners & bloggers across the world. 

Have you been using WordPress too, or looking forward to using WordPress development services to build a website? If yes, this write-up is just for you! We’ve highlighted some of the best tips & tricks that can help you make the most out of WordPress development and enhance your website performance. 

Let’s dive in straight to the top 10 WordPress tips to take your site to the next level. 

1. Go With a Fast WordPress Web Hosting

Web hosting plays a critical role in ensuring your success. Before selecting your hosting provider, make sure that it provides you with a good number of resources to handle your site traffic and avoid website crashes and downtime. And most importantly- it should give you fast site speeds. 

Ideally, your website should load within two-to-three seconds. Anything beyond that could lead to soaring bounce rates. If your website does not have the capacity to load quickly, it can lose out on valuable customers. In a nutshell, the faster your website, the better your conversions. Some of the fastest and most powerful WordPress hosting providers are SiteGround, Bluehost, and DreamHost, among others. 

2. Use/Install an SEO Plugin

WordPress is known for its SEO-friendly nature. So, it’s possible to think that you don’t need an add-on to improve SEO anymore. However, installing an SEO plugin is an added advantage to your website, plus a great option to optimize your website for SEO and make it rank higher on search engine SERPs. 

When it comes to SEO plugins, there are plenty of options to choose from. Using them can help you analyze your content and keywords, and suggest improvements & manage all the technical aspects like sitemaps and robots.txt for better SEO performance. You can go to find your ideal SEO plugin in WordPress Plugin Directory. 

Some of the most widely used SEO plugins include HubSpot, Yoast SEO, and All in One SEO. 

3. Measure Your Site’s Success With Google Analytics

While running a WordPress website, installing Google Analytics is an effective way to track your performance, document data, and provide rich insights into how users communicate with your site. And do you know what the best part is? That it is absolutely free to use!  

You can directly add Google analytics code to your site by simply going to the ‘Admin panel,’ choosing the ‘settings’ option, and selecting ‘Google Analytics’. Here, you can paste the code. Note that you may need to verify ownership of your site to get this working. Alternatively, you can also use plugins & widgets to use the tool.

By having Google Analytics installed on your site, you can better understand your traffic & users’ behavior & have all the important information at your fingertips. Additionally, you will be in a better position to make data-driven decisions to improve your website’s performance.

4. Make the Best Use of Customizations

With millions of websites out there, the best way to stand out is to customize your website. The good part is- WordPress gives you multiple plugins and other customization options. 
However, developing a customized theme can be difficult unless you’re skilled in coding. The best option is to hire WordPress developer from a reputable WordPress development company, discuss your custom requirements and customize your website to deliver an excellent customer experience. All you need to do is convey your unique business requirements, and they’ll create a customized WordPress website that matches your brand’s persona. Right from customizing your WordPress theme to headers, sidebars, checkout pages, etc., you can have endless customization possibilities.

5. Be Careful While Picking Up Your WordPress Theme

With so many free and premium themes available out there, don’t rush to choose your perfect theme. Since every business is different, so should be its theme. You must pick a theme that matches your business needs and have the following features- 

  • SEO-friendly 
  • Responsive theme 
  • Secure  
  • Fast & lightweight 
  • Support for plugins & extensions 
  • Attractive look 

You may find some themes that are loaded with features & functionalities and are attractive. But remember, these themes can slow down your website speed. Rather, you must test the theme, make a list of features you want ahead of time, and consider buying a premium theme. 

6. Optimize Your Website Images

To speed up your website and ensure better performance, don’t forget to compress your images & videos. Compressing your images & reducing their size will further help you save storage space.  To do so, you have plenty of tools available that allow you to compress your images for free, like Kraken.io, ImageResize, and Optimizilla.

Other tips to optimize your images on WordPress are: 

  • Use common image formats, i.e., jpg, png, or gif. 
  • Resize your images following your layout 
  • Use optimization plugins. E.g., EWWW Image Optimizer, WP Smush, ShortPixel Image Optimizer, etc. 
  • Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Insert title tags & alt tags to your images 

7. Outsource WordPress Maintenance Services

WordPress is highly user-friendly and easy to use. However, some issues cannot be solved or taken care of by site owners themselves. These issues can be related to website updates, maintenance, hosting issues, coding failures, downtime, etc. This is where professional WordPress maintenance services help. 

Outsourcing WordPress services to countries like India can help you save time, cost, and effort and further ensure that your WordPress-based website runs smoothly at all times. 

Here’s what to expect from your WordPress maintenance service provider: 

  • Website protection from bugs, malware, and hacking 
  • Managing & moderating spam 
  • Maintain backups 
  • Updating plugins 
  • Ensure maximum website speed 
  • Update WordPress Core 
  • Address downtime issues

8. Obtain an SSL Certificate

Getting an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a great way to improve your site’s trustworthiness and instill trust among site visitors.  SSL is a kind of 

encryption that protects users by encrypting the connection between browsers and web pages. If you use an SSL certificate, your URL will change from HTTP to HTTPS. 

This certificate indicates to the visitors that their connection to your site is safe, strengthening your brand trust, increasing page views, and lowering your site’s bounce rates.

Besides this, even Google has prioritized site security for consumers and has adjusted its algorithm accordingly. The search engine gives preference to sites that have a HTTPS URL over those that do not. Additionally, it may display a red warning sign for websites that do not have an SSL certificate, informing customers that they are using an unsafe website.

9. Set Up an Easy Site Navigation

Your users can easily get frustrated with complex site navigation and can exit your website immediately if they struggle to find what they are looking for. Hence, ensuring seamless site navigation is critical for an excellent user experience. Especially if your website has too much content, having simple navigation becomes even more important. Site navigation directly impacts your bounce rate, time on site, SEO, and user engagement. 

Wondering how you can improve your overall site navigation? Here’s how: 

  • List your categories & subcategories clearly 
  • Add a sitemap 
  • Optimize your site for mobile 
  • Use breadcrumbs 
  • Optimize your website Navbar 
  • Fix your broken links 
  • Create a footer menu & carefully choose widgets 
  • Use consistent design 
  • Give striking & actionable buttons 

Does it look overwhelming? Yes, it can be. Well, to get easy navigation & consistent design, the best solution lies in leveraging professional WordPress design & development services & getting professionals who can best design your site’s structure & follow best practices to ensure seamless navigation. 

10. Devise a Comprehensive Linking Strategy

Internal website linking helps search engines to understand & analyze your website better, add more authority to web pages, and help them rank higher. However, when linking your web pages, you must ensure that other pages or blogs must fit naturally within the content. Furthermore, your internal links should lead the site visitor to the next logical piece of content, like a glossary of terms or pages that describe a process. 

Other than building an internal linking strategy, you must also focus on developing a solid strategy for earning backlinks. Having a good number of quality backlinks play an important role in boosting online search rankings. To earn quality backlinks, you must focus on adding citable content to your website, add resource pages, and publish updated guides. 


Besides following the tips mentioned above, don’t forget to frequently add fresh content to your site. As Google favors the most active sites, keep a note to add three to four blog content weekly. 

Following these tips & tricks can definitely pave your way to greater success & bring your higher conversions. If you already have a WordPress website running, you can implement these changes for better performance, while if you are looking forward to developing a website, make sure to discuss all these points with your WordPress development company. 
Executing these practices can help you reach your goals, make higher conversions, and enable you to make the best out of ‘WordPress Development’.

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5 Key eCommerce Predictions: How Technology Will Change Everything

posted on September 18, 2022

The E-commerce industry is constantly evolving, with emerging trends in e-business and consumer behavior impacting the industry greatly. Technology has played and still plays a huge role in how the industry has adapted to these changes in consumer behavior and trend. Many businesses have embraced various emerging e-commerce technology trends to give their customers a seamless shopping experience while boosting business management strategies and processes and staying competitive amidst the stiff competition in the industry.

Some technological advancements include options such as order status, shipment tracking, access to secure payment, customization/personalization, mobile and web platforms, etc. In addition to these, new technologies keep emerging and thus, continue to shape the face of the e-commerce industry, making the future of e-commerce technology very bright. The role of technology in e-commerce growth is immense. However, I have selected five major ones for discussion in this article. So, let’s dive in.

E-commerce Personalization

Online shoppers prefer a more personalized interaction with online platforms to enable them to make decisions faster and easier. AI-powered product recommendations and customer services such as chatbots and online assistants serve as a guide or store assistant, assisting them through your website and deciding what to buy. In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) has made it possible to collect various customer information upon visiting your website or online store and using the information to create a more personalized online experience for the customer.

With AI technology, you can now keep track of customer preferences and use this data to design your website or online stores to suit these preferences and keep them more interested in your brand. Also, statistics have shown that online personalization yields more revenue for businesses that embrace it, with an increase in revenue of 10% and more for businesses that use basic personalization tools.

Thus, with this technological advancement, the e-commerce sector is set to face even more growth and evolution in the coming years, and consumers can have the same shopping experience electronically as they would in physical stores.

Use of Mobile Platforms

The invention of smartphones is one of the greatest technological advancements of the 20th century and has made life easier for humans in various ways, including in the e-commerce industry. Smartphones have enabled customers to have easy access to the internet, giving them access to a wide variety of products, services, and information across various platforms and online stores. For instance, shipping from China to UAE cost can easily be gotten by simply opening the businesses’ mobile app.

Thus, e-commerce businesses must have a mobile platform where customers can access various information, products, and services on the go, at any time of the day, eliminating the boundaries of geographical location and time. Also, mobile platforms increase brand awareness. By having the apps on the screens of their smartphones or tablets, customers are always reminded of the brand.

In addition, mobile platforms keep the customer up to date with the latest offers, promos, and products available, making this tool a mobile shop in the customer’s pocket. Therefore, e-commerce businesses that seek to stand out and remain competitive in their various industries must possess a user-friendly e-commerce platform to foster relationships between the user and the brand and enhance user experience.

This technology is set to boost e-commerce activities even further in the coming years, with many businesses now possessing a mobile platform where they explore the diverse benefits of the technology.

Product Visualization

Technology has enhanced digital product perception over the years, thus improving the way customers view products on various platforms. With various visualization technology like Augmented reality (AR), 3D, and Virtual reality (VR), customers can now have an enhanced view of products from different perspectives, enabling them to know what the products will look like in the real world.

Augmented reality allows users to view digital images of products superimposed on the real-world view using their phones. Thus, enabling them to know what the products will look like in the real world. This is especially useful in industries such as fashion and decoration because it allows the customer to feel the product better before purchase.

Also, VR allows users to experience a product virtually before making a purchase. With these technological advancements, customers can now have a near real-world experience during their online shopping, helping them make more informed decisions on what to buy and creating a better shopping experience for them.

One of the effects of this is a greater willingness to shop online due to the same experience as with physical shopping. With various product visualization technology, the e-commerce industry is set to even break more grounds, as the line between e-commerce and physical stores gets thinner.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Being a technology that allows machines to think like humans, AI creates a unique shopping experience for the customer by providing automated services and personalized content. With AI technology, e-commerce businesses can collect customer information such as how they shop, what they shop for, their preferences, etc., and use this to create a personalized customer experience.

Also, AI makes it possible for customers to get recommendations on what to buy based on data collected from previous visits. Furthermore, this technology enables customers to get various support services and solutions to their issues and simplifies various employee tasks by automating them.

Other benefits of this technology include more efficient decision-making for e-commerce businesses and a more targeted customer search. AI tools provide businesses with valuable insights into various aspects of the business. These insights can then be used for various operations such as product pricing and customer assortment management. There are a whole lot of possibilities to explore with the integration of AI into e-commerce that will further enhance the growth and expansion of this industry in the coming years.

Secured Payment Services

A fast, convenient, and secure payment method is essential to e-commerce business success, with customers more likely to shop with brands that provide them with these requirements and demands. Modern technological advancement has made available various payment methods, ranging from credit cards to debit cards and other digital forms of payment.

The variety of payment options has made it easier for customers to make online payments from their smartphones or any other device. Also, payment options such as Apple Pay and Google wallet have increased the security levels for customer payment. This further increase customer confidence in e-commerce transactions, boosting electronic payments and contributing to more e-commerce growth rates.

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Branding Done Perfectly

posted on September 18, 2022

Here we have a handy infographic that we have designed which shows thirteen of the most powerful uses of branding, letting you take a look at some of the most influential and iconic brands of recent years. Check out this design to learn about popular brands including Headspace, Airbnb, Dropbox, Apple and lots more.

Infographic courtesy of VizionOnline

Infographic courtesy of VizionOnline

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Google AI can tell what things smell like by the molecular structure

posted on September 17, 2022
An artificial intelligence model that maps the structure of molecules to their smell could help create specific food tastes or find compounds to better repel disease-carrying organisms like mosquitoes

Why do AIs keep creating nightmarish images of strange characters?

posted on September 17, 2022
Image-generating AIs seem to produce mythical characters that look consistently recognisable – but their appearance has a rational explanation

Ethereum Merge: What will the radical update mean for cryptocurrency?

posted on September 17, 2022
The electricity consumption of the Ethereum cryptocurrency rivals that of some countries, but a controversial update to how it works will slash this by 99 per cent – here's the low-down on what's going on

Like, Comment, Subscribe review: Inside track on YouTube’s success

posted on September 17, 2022
Over 17 years, YouTube has transformed from a place to share home videos to a cultural juggernaut that helps elect presidents. A new book from Mark Bergen gives unparalleled insights into the platform's rise