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Linux 101: Learn how to use stopped jobs

posted on Oct 17, 2021
Find out what to do you do when you see the "There are stopped jobs" warning in the Linux terminal.... read more

11 tips for personalizing Windows 11

posted on Oct 17, 2021
You can tweak many of the features in Windows 11 to make the new OS look and work the way you prefer.... read more

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How to Start a Successful Podcast: An Easy Guide for Beginners

Starting a podcast may seem like the easiest thing in the world. All you’ll need at first in setting up your own podcast could be as basic as having your own smartphone and having access to the Internet and a podcast app of any kind. 

At first, it might seem like that’s all you need to get going, but in the long run you’re going to need a little bit more to not only start a professional podcast but to also ensure that it becomes a success. 

In order to start a podcast, you’re going to first of all source out an idea for your podcast; let’s call this, idea conceptualization. This is the first stage you need to go through when starting your podcast. 

You will need an interesting idea or topic that your podcast will be centered around. This idea or topic could revolve around a lot of lifestyle conversations or a podcast about health, movie reviews, conversations surrounding politics and a whole lot more.

To start the podcast, you can begin by using the most basic podcasting e... read more