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7 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting

LinkedIn has shifted from a networking platform to a site where one can do sales prospecting. Why? The rationale is that it has social media features and business ideas in one place. That way, people can cooperate and discuss business-related issues. 

Imagine that 40% of marketers underline this media is the most effective social media for lead generation. For b2b companies, LinkedIn becomes a perfect environment for selling products and communicating with prospects. 

This post is to show how to get customers on LinkedIn with the help of some prospecting tips.

How to Prospect on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn for sales, prospecting in particular, can mean many things. Before all, they refer to searching for, connecting and engaging with leads. Moreover, the significant part of it is the assessment of your audience. Thus, prospecting for leads on LinkedIn means appealing to needs, soft-selling or cold emailing. Each of these actions can bring conversions if it fits the strategy th... read more

Understanding BLDC Motor Control Algorithms

posted on Jul 24, 2021
tags: computing computing hardware sponsored

Read this ebook, featuring animated examples, to learn about the control algorithms to drive a brushless DC (BLDC) motor.

... read more

Windows 11 Insider preview adds Microsoft Teams chat feature

posted on Jul 24, 2021
The latest insider build for the upcoming new version of Windows lets you chat with other people even if they don't have Teams.... read more

Is Print Media Relevant for Your Retail Business in 2021?

With “digital” being the biggest buzzword of the 21st century, not paying attention to print media is only normal, especially for new retail stores. Many businesses tend to rule out print advertising because it’s expensive and difficult to track. 

However, promoting your business in reputed newspapers and magazines can be highly effective in tapping into new audiences and driving engagement. 

Let’s discuss why print media is relevant for retail businesses in 2021 and how you can use it to achieve business growth. 

Should Retail Businesses Use Print Media in 2021?

Coming straight to the question, “Is print media relevant for retail stores in 2021?” The answer is a big YES, and it will likely never become obsolete. Print media will be relevant and valuable where there is a physical customer experience. 

Ask yourself this. Have people stopped reading newspapers and magazines? Have brochures become obsolete? While people tend to consume the majority of information online, p... read more

U.S. Tech Salaries Climb, Says 2021 Report

posted on Jul 24, 2021
tags: at-work at-work tech-careers

The average increase in U.S. tech salari... read more