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7 New Strategies for Promoting Your Blog

Even though blogging is not a new trend, its popularity is rapidly growing. It is almost a requirement to have a blog on your website. It is a free source of information, and people love it. However, since the number of blogs reached 570 million, it is getting more difficult to advertise and stay ahead of the competition. With that in mind, it is essential to look at new strategies for promoting your blog. Here are our top 7 suggestions!

1. Use the Power of Videos

Reading a wall of text can sometimes be boring, especially if it’s not the first article the customer reads that day. Longer pieces can take a lot of time to process, especially if they are filled with important information. One of the strategies that will substantially improve your blog is turning content into videos and posting them on a YouTube account.

New businesses need blogs with videos because they save time for your readers. Instead of reading for 10-15 minutes, they can put on their earphones and listen to... read more

Do Textbooks Shape Attitudes Toward War? Narrative 'Images' and Implicit Social Cognition

posted on Jan 20, 2022
By Noemi Andrusello - To explore the relationship between history education and attitudes to war, narrative primes about World War II were read by 20 undergraduate students at California State University, Fresno. Afterwards, in the course of experimental interviews, participants responded to news of a hypothetical terrorist attack and shared policy solutions and opinions about war. Analysis revealed that interview responses were patterned by narrative. While readers of an ‘enemy’ narrative conveyed feelings of loss, aggressive policies, and war support, readers of ‘ally’ and ‘imperialist...... read more

A Transistor for Sound Points Toward Whole New Electronics

posted on Jan 20, 2022
tags: topological materials acoustics transistors

Setapp's Mac software service confirms app subscriptions are here to stay

posted on Jan 19, 2022
Similar to other software subscriptions, Setapp offers a variety of applications. But a few features set Setapp apart. Is this subscription service right for your business?... read more

UK companies could face fines for failing to patch Log4j vulnerability

posted on Jan 19, 2022
A security flaw discovered in December 2021 makes private data vulnerable to hackers – and the UK government could take action against firms that fail to fix it... read more

6 Reasons Why an E-commerce Website Is Important for Your Business

posted on Jan 19, 2022
tags: ecommerce web development ecommerce website

The world has gone online. Gone are the days when we used to visit malls and shop at retail stores for our everyday wants and needs. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever before to order a product you like while sitting on your living room couch or browse through different brands on your desktop or mobile device, with the goods arriving at your doorstep only a few days later. Shopping online offers convenience, better deals and a whole new shopping experience.

It is time for you to hop on this bandwagon as well! Starting an e-commerce website for your business ensures that no market remains unexplored by you – after all, over 50% of consumers worldwide have made purchases online. It might be hard to get going at first, but if you do things right from the start, your business surely will profit in the long run.

Why Do You Need an E-commerce Website?

If you have a business, an e-commerce website can be a great way to increase your revenue. Online retail sales have been growing stead... read more

New Prezi features make it easy to build a brand template for video conferences

posted on Jan 19, 2022
Brand Kit works with all video templates to tailor presentations with watermarks, custom design and name and title display.... read more

AI learns to create images from text descriptions by destroying data

posted on Jan 19, 2022
A fresh approach to generating images based on text descriptions with AI, called a diffusion model, effectively un-destroys new images into existence... read more

How to Choose a Color for Your Website

posted on Jan 19, 2022
tags: infographics website colors website design

Colors trigger certain feelings on sight. There’s a lot behind color psychology – we look at the main colors and the feelings they inspire, as well as the brands that use them.

Infographic courtesy of WebsiteBuilderExpert

Infographic courtesy of WebsiteBuilderExpert

The post How to Choose a Color for Your Website appeared first on SiteProNews.

... read more

How to use the spill range in Excel

posted on Jan 19, 2022
Excel's spill range is a product of using dynamic array functions. Learn how the spill range fulfills these functions.... read more