Ryzen 7 laptops put most desktop PCs to shame


The main issue I see would be cooling. Left to their own devices even the efficient 5800H laptops are going to be hot and loud without some creativity on your part. There are excellent active cooling pads out there that when used along with a well ventilated laptop chassis like the new Lenovo Legion 5 Pro should d a great job of keeping thermals is check.

Coming in at up to 3Kg, plus a whopping 300W power brick, the Legion 5 Pro can be a handful, and thus tends to be more of a desktop replacement than something you’d want to lug around a college campus for six hours a day.

The 5800H outperforms the i5–10600K desktop CPU in creativity and also does a great job in gaming, along with a RTX 3070 or 3080.

This in an excellent opportunity for an external monitor to shine, with the GPU easily being able to handle the extra real-estate even in demanding tasks like real-time 4K scrubbing. Storage is no issue since NVMe drives tend to be the one component that is exactly the same on desktops and laptops. Maybe you waste one USB-C connection on an external storage drive. But, oh-well.

Is a desktop PC probably a better overall format? Sure, it is (mainly for the ability to use unlimited drives and beefy coolers) but the new gen laptops are giving the best of them a run for their money.