Iron Mountain

The backbone of America


Reasons to buy
+Backbone of connectivity+Presence in Europe and Asia
Reasons to avoid
Fewer data centers

Iron Mountain is one of the mid-range providers, having a string of 15 data centers across the backbone of America, running from coast-to-coast, along with a handful more in Europe and Asia. This presents a strong level of global connectivity alongside its network providers, even though it has fewer data centers than those providers we have covered above.

However, Iron Mountain is an experienced and established company, and claims to host a large number of Fortune 1000 organizations. It puts a particular emphasis on compliance and reliability. 

Where Iron Mountain particularly distinguishes itself is in its colocation options: the company doesn’t simply talk about cabinets, cages, or suites, but of building custom modular solutions across the floorspace of its data centers. 

Overall, while Iron Mountain may seem to offer less geographic options than the companies above, that doesn’t mean it won’t deliver the highest standards.

Organizations across the globe trust us to store and protect information and assets. Thousands of local enterprises work with us, as does almost all of the FORTUNE 1000. From critical business information to geological samples, works of fine art to original recordings of treasured artists, our customers can rely on us to protect what they value and help unlock its potential.

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