Why Alt-Data Is the Only Data for Cryptocurrency Traders


The number of cryptocurrencies in the world is proliferating, and there is a lot of hype surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is becoming hard for traders to keep up with the latest trends in the market. In addition, not all traders have the technical skills needed to analyze the charts and crunch data to find a trading opportunity. The most successful traders in the market have a deep-seated knowledge of the trade and the market. They use a diverse set of data sources to create a trading strategy. A lot of traders have been using Alt-Data sources to analyze the cryptocurrency markets. Alternative data is a hot topic in cryptocurrency trading, and traders have been using several data sources to do a thorough vetting of the market and Alt-Data is very popular in terms of better understanding of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by providing a variety of highs and lows, a line graph, and a live ticker. Alt-Data is a quick and easy place to access information that is not readily available from other sites on the net.

Alternative data for cryptocurrency traders has signified a buzzword for the past several years. Even Bloomberg, arguably the best source for information globally, has been expanding their data, introducing a new “Crypto Tool” that offers market data and sentiment analysis enabling funds to harness the bull for explosive growth in the crypto bull market. The importance of social media is an additional piece of data that is a valuable resource for traders because it provides a different form of sentiment to crypto traders. Social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter are often filled with the latest news, opinions, and sometimes misinformation. Taking this into account, one should take extreme caution when considering the validity of these sources as an alternative data source.

The Importance of Alt-Data in Cryptocurrency

Many different data types are relevant to cryptocurrency traders. These are proprietary data feeds, alt-data, technical, fundamental, sentiment, and international data. A new type of data, alt-data, is the latest form of data relevant to cryptocurrency. Traders will need a proxy service to gather this data from many alternative sources. Further, when a massive volume of data is required in a shorter time frame to fetch faster than a dedicated proxy network should be considered. This type of data is compiled by combining knowledge from all of the various types of data. A new company has emerged with the sole purpose of collecting all of these types of data into one set of advanced reports that are updated daily. Alt-data is important to cryptocurrency traders for several reasons. Although some traders believe that alt-data information is junk, alt-data offers a unique perspective.

Alt-Data Accuracy

Alt-Data accuracy is something that many traders are beginning to see as a benefit. There are several types of data that are functionally useless to cryptocurrency traders. Whether it is data related to economic data, macro data, or the central bank, the relevance to crypto traders is pretty much nonexistent. Traders should focus on alt-data to optimize their performance. Here are the top three reasons why alt-data is the only data for cryptocurrency traders. First, alt data is more predictive than macro data. Macro data is often wrong about what will happen in the markets because it takes time to create and then distribute the data. The same is true for economic data alt-data predicts far better than most forms of data sources available on the net today.

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