9 Factors That Affect SEO Quality

posted on November 8, 2021


How long does SEO take? How can I measure my website’s performance? The answers to these and other questions will depend on certain factors that can impact a site’s SEO. As a webmaster or digital marketing specialist, you need to learn as much as you can about these metrics. That way, you can create a decent metric-tracking system that will help your site (and your clients) enjoy higher rankings on Google and other engines.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic represents the number of people your website attracts based on organic search. It’s more important than overall traffic since it shows you how well or poorly your SEO strategy is performing whenever someone types in any keywords related to your business and industry. This allows you to improve or replace your strategy to ensure your website’s success. To check your site’s organic traffic, simply use Google Analytics.

Keyword Rankings

You also need to monitor the rankings for the keywords you use, as it can affect your website’s SEO as well. For best results, you must do this manually for your most important keywords. That way, you’ll know their standing on Google and other search engines. But if you want a more comprehensive overview of our keywords’ rankings, try using SEMrush. Using this tool will help you track any ranking changes over time, and it will enable you to gauge how much your website is improving as a whole.


By applying great SEO practices (or outsourcing it), you’ll gradually boost your rankings. However, the more competition your website has, the more challenging it will be for it to climb higher on search engines. And more likely than not, some of your rivals will also have a nice SEO strategy in place. So aside from your own website, you need to monitor your competitions’ pages using Google Analytics as well.

Inbound Links

Inbound links can either come from other people’s websites or from a sister website (provided it has a different domain name). It can affect the length of your site’s SEO process, and it can offer some of the greatest SEO benefits your site will ever have. That being said, it’s quite challenging to obtain one. So once your website earns an inbound link or two, do everything in your power to maintain it.


Crafting quality content is still a surefire way to gain organic traffic, improve search visibility, and boost your rankings. And like inbound links and competition, it can also have an impact on how long you’ll have to wait before you see results. So best make sure to optimize your website’s content, past, present, and future. That means checking if the keywords are inserted properly and strategically, ensuring there are no grammatical errors or plagiarized phrases, and more.


In this day and age, more and more people are making search queries using their phones rather than their laptops. In response to this, Google has adjusted its algorithm so it’s geared towards indexing mobile-optimized websites first. And that’s another reason why you should make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Check if your pages have a responsive design (and revamp it if it doesn’t). Make your menus more accessible so Google can navigate through them more smoothly. And use large fonts so that your site’s content is readable even on smaller screens.

Social Signals

Social signals are the number of views, likes, and shares obtained by your blog or social media posts. Search engines like Google use it to check if your content has good quality or relevance, as well as gauge how much traffic it’s receiving. Additionally, it can impact your site’s Domain Authority, as Moz factors it in when calculating DA scores. So aside from improving your social media presence, you must find ways to track it. One tool to use is Smash Balloon, which lets you display your social media handles’ feeds on your website.

Page Speed

Page speed affects user experience quality, which in turn impacts your website’s potential to have high rankings on search engines. So better keep an eye on your web pages’ loading time. Luckily, you can easily accomplish this thanks to Google’s Page Speed Insights. Through this tool, you can include any metrics you like to track in a single report. This allows you to gauge the user experience your website provides, as well as spot any issues that can ruin it.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rates refer to the percentage of people visiting your website and then immediately leaving. The larger your site’s bounce rate is the more likely search engines will assume your pages don’t have relevant content. This will hurt your site’s rankings if you leave it unaddressed. So better use Google Analytics to monitor your bounce rates as well.

Wrapping Up

Regularly monitoring these factors will help you ensure the quality of your website’s SEO. This will eventually lead to your site ranking high on search engines, boosting your reputation and increasing your sales in the process. So if you haven’t done it yet, make it a habit to check these metrics as often as you can.

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Detection of Secrets in Source Code

posted on November 8, 2021


As developers, one understands that secret detection can be very difficult as true secrets cannot be easily recognized. Mostly because these secrets do not share common features and have random high entropy strings. Even then, 99% of the time these random high entropy strings are a variety of false positives or example database IDs. Even if these secrets have fixed patterns, they are hard to detect.

This is the reason why detecting secrets can be such a huge issue. In this article, however, we will learn more about secret detection and how to avoid secret sprawl with the help of GitGuardian. If you are ready, let us take a look.

Can Code Reviews Help Detect Secrets?

While code reviews are perfect for overall checking and reviewing, they might not be the best solution for detecting secrets in the repository to prevent any data leak. Here is why:

  • The main focus of reviews is usually on the errors that otherwise cannot be detected automatically.
  • Reviews focus more on the differences between the proposed and the current states instead of looking into the whole history of changes. With that, the risk of leaking data prevails.

This is why code reviews might not be the best solution for detecting secrets in source code. 

How to Detect Secrets in the Source Code?

This particular job can prove to be a difficult task because, essentially, you don’t even know what you are looking for. There are very few factors that can help you recognize a secret, and those too are not completely reliable.

Yet, it is not an impossible task. GitGuardian’s secret detection algorithms have the following characteristics which make it ideal for secret detection with accuracy and prevent any leakage of data:

  • High recall: It barely misses any secret. Many organizations triage false alerts as one missed secret has the potential to cause great harm. But even then, the algorithm does not miss a secret.
  • High precision: The algorithm raises a very low number of false alerts. Otherwise, the team would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of false alerts without detecting a true secret.

What GitGuardian does is work towards an algorithm that can bring a perfect balance between the above factors. The results are — you detect all the secrets without raising an overwhelming number of false alerts.

That is how GitGuardian helps a company detect secrets in their source code and ensures no sensitive information is exposed to the risk of leakage.


GitGuardian takes the security and protection of your company’s data very seriously. This is the reason why they put in a lot of effort to bring forth algorithms that can successfully detect secrets without raising too many false alerts.

If you are interested in trying out their services and taking a look at what they have to offer, do follow their website. They cover a wide range of secrets, so you never have to worry about missing a single one of them. Alongside, they can easily integrate with your system and workflow.

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DJ Gear Really Is Becoming More Expensive

posted on November 5, 2021


Setting yourself up with all the latest DJ equipment and gear can be seriously inspiring. Both for new and established DJs alike, nothing will get your creative juices flowing like a new gadget.

You may have noticed as of late that DJ gear, in general, is getting more expensive; some retailers are still selling things for way less than others, but hardware on the whole is going up in price.

Why Are Prices Increasing Now?

Logically, you would think that post-pandemic prices would actually be lower.  People have not been spending a great deal over the past 18 months and retailers are desperate to move merchandise. In which case, this would seem to add up to a market where prices should be going down.

In reality, they are heading in the exact opposite direction. Far from a ploy on the part of retailers to make more money, it is actually down to supply chain complications and scarceness of materials.

Component Costs on the Up

For example, the costs of certain materials that form the core of electronic devices are skyrocketing. One of which is copper, which plays an essential role in practically every electronic product on the market. 

Copper prices have shot up around 100% over the past 12 months, making it more expensive to manufacture components for DJ devices.

Transportation Backlogs

Global shipping and land transportation also took a major knock over the course of the pandemic. The resulting bottleneck has created a backlog that is expected to continue for some time. In a nutshell, things have not been getting where they need to be in time. There are some factories in Europe that have temporarily laid off entire workforces due to shipments of microchips not having arrived from China on time.

When businesses face this kind of turbulence, the prices and whatever it is they sell inevitably increase.

Semiconductor Shortages

There are growing shortages in the availability of essential semiconductors compounding the issue. Semiconductor manufacturers will always favor the highest bidder when deciding who to sell their products to. Smartphones and consumer technology, in general, tend to be the priority for high-end semiconductor producers.

Where shortages occur, it is the more ‘niche’ sectors like DJ hardware that bear the brunt. Fewer devices are produced and availability scarce, ultimately driving prices higher.

Affordable DJ Finance

With all of the above set to continue for some time, affordable DJ finance is providing a welcome lifeline for many. With 0% deposit repayment plans available, spreading the costs of hardware purchases can be made affordable for most budgets.

For more information on DJ finance or to discuss your DJ hardware requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at DJkit today.

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How Package Shipping Companies Can Impact Your eCommerce Business

posted on November 5, 2021


The success of your eCommerce business depends on many factors. It includes your sales strategy, the website, the client’s audience, its location, the product, the buying processes, and more.

But the package shipping company you are working with is also very important for your business success. Actually, it is one of the most important elements of a prosperous business. Especially if your deliveries are long-distance. For example, if you’re shipping to Europe from the USA.

How package shipping company can make an impact on your business success? How to get the best out of your package shipping company? We’ve answered these and other questions for you in this article. Let’s dive in!

Reduce Shipping Costs

Saving on package shipping is great. And the package shipping company you’re working with can reduce the transportation costs dramatically. Your job here is to find the one with affordable shipping rates. 

The key to finding the lowest shipping rates is doing simple research. Don’t go with the first shipping company you find online. Instead, request an offer from a bunch of different shipping companies. This way you’ll be able to compare the costs and find the cheapest solution for your product deliveries.

Take Advantage of the Benefits

But it’s not just costs that need to be considered when choosing a package shipping company. Different package shipping companies offer different kinds of benefits to their clients. For example, some offer package shipping insurance or package pick-up options for free. Therefore, consider what benefits are beneficial to your business model and go with the shipping company which offers exactly what you need. Plus, you can always negotiate the conditions. 

Consider Destination Points

When working with a package shipping company, it matters where from and where to the packages need to be delivered. Maybe you’re shipping from the US to Romania or shipping to Poland as your buyers are from these countries? Doesn’t matter which destination country is your target, your chosen package shipping company must be an expert on your package’s route. Make sure they know how to handle the shipping to your specific locations without any difficulties to ensure the best user experience for your customers. 

Choose a Reliable Shipping Company

Finally, you should expect to feel completely calm in regard to the services you’re getting from your package shipping partner. The overall quality of service and trust matters. Not only will it make your job easier, but it will also form your image in front of your actual customers.

For example, if the products you need to be delivered are breakable, you have to be super careful. The best way to ship fragile items is to prepare goods for shipment properly and send them to a trustworthy carrier.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get the best out of a package shipping company, look for flexibility in your shipping partner. It has a strong influence on forming your business reputation and makes delivery procedures easier. Hopefully, the tips listed above will make working with a package shipping company easier and clear. 

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How Business Leaders Can Learn Digital Marketing in 2021

posted on November 4, 2021


No longer is “digital marketing†a befuddling new buzzword; these days, businesses need an intimate understanding of digital marketing to compete in their market, almost regardless of what that market is. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a successful digital marketing campaign. Business leaders everywhere should consider pursuing a digital marketing education in the following ways:

The Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing

Researchers have thoroughly debunked the idea of different types of learners  visual, aural, kinesthetic, etc. Study after study on the subject has found no evidence that different people learn better in different ways; more often, the preference for a particular learning style doesn’t relate to a student’s ability to learn faster or easier. Instead, it seems that there is always a “best†way to learn, regardless of the subject material or the student: from an experienced coach.

The fastest and most effective way for business leaders to improve their digital marketing skills is to invest in a high-quality education from someone who has knowledge and skill in the industry. It is possible to find all manner of online digital marketing courses, from those designed for digital marketing beginners to those for professional digital marketers continuing their education. Some of the best business schools around the world offer such online courses taught by professors who have devoted the majority of their careers to studying and working in digital marketing.

Another excellent way to learn digital marketing in 2021 is straight from a digital marketing guru  in person. Business leaders can hire digital marketing consultants to walk them through the critical processes of developing and managing a digital marketing strategy. Though this is an expensive way to learn, it will provide an organization with high-quality digital marketing services as business leaders hone their skills.

The Good Ways

Of course, not every business leader can afford to devote time to a comprehensive digital marketing course or hire a digital marketing guru. Fortunately, there are other good ways to learn digital marketing from experts, though they are not as direct and intensive as the best ways listed above.

For example, business leaders can follow several digital marketing experts online. Leading digital marketers typically have their websites where they post blogs containing invaluable information about the digital marketing industry today. Many digital marketers are also active on social media, using Facebook and Twitter to engage and educate their audience about digital marketing trends.

Podcasts are another useful tool in learning about digital marketing. Audio programs that can vary in length from a few minutes to a few hours, podcasts are usually released on a regular schedule, be that several times per week or a few times per year. Business leaders can find digital marketing podcasts that fit their schedule, interests and skill level  a perfect way to conveniently incorporate digital marketing education.

The Bad Ways

Unfortunately, not all methods of gaining a digital marketing education are worthwhile, especially for the busy business leader who needs accurate information to boost their business. Generally, books on digital marketing are not particularly helpful in providing business leaders with the knowledge and skill they need to develop successful digital marketing campaigns in 2021.

First, most books tend to be a bit out of date. Some of the most popular digital marketing books were published in the ‘00s or ‘10s when today’s pillars of digital marketing like social media, eCommerce, and mobile browsing were quite new. Even books published in 2020 or 2021 are not likely to have cutting-edge information, as the lead time in traditional publishing is several months if not a year or two. Considering that the pandemic has radically shifted business structure in a matter of months, changing the demands of digital marketing, one can see how even the latest book might not offer all that much value to business leaders.

Effective digital marketing is crucial for business success in 2021, which means business leaders looking to build a stronger organization need to understand digital marketing strategies. Undoubtedly, it is best to learn directly from those who boast a deep understanding of the industry, but indirect access to digital marketing experts can also be beneficial. As long as business leaders prioritize gaining the most accurate, most updated digital marketing information, they will get what they need to succeed.

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Why Alt-Data Is the Only Data for Cryptocurrency Traders

posted on October 27, 2021


The number of cryptocurrencies in the world is proliferating, and there is a lot of hype surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is becoming hard for traders to keep up with the latest trends in the market. In addition, not all traders have the technical skills needed to analyze the charts and crunch data to find a trading opportunity. The most successful traders in the market have a deep-seated knowledge of the trade and the market. They use a diverse set of data sources to create a trading strategy. A lot of traders have been using Alt-Data sources to analyze the cryptocurrency markets. Alternative data is a hot topic in cryptocurrency trading, and traders have been using several data sources to do a thorough vetting of the market and Alt-Data is very popular in terms of better understanding of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by providing a variety of highs and lows, a line graph, and a live ticker. Alt-Data is a quick and easy place to access information that is not readily available from other sites on the net.

Alternative data for cryptocurrency traders has signified a buzzword for the past several years. Even Bloomberg, arguably the best source for information globally, has been expanding their data, introducing a new “Crypto Tool” that offers market data and sentiment analysis enabling funds to harness the bull for explosive growth in the crypto bull market. The importance of social media is an additional piece of data that is a valuable resource for traders because it provides a different form of sentiment to crypto traders. Social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter are often filled with the latest news, opinions, and sometimes misinformation. Taking this into account, one should take extreme caution when considering the validity of these sources as an alternative data source.

The Importance of Alt-Data in Cryptocurrency

Many different data types are relevant to cryptocurrency traders. These are proprietary data feeds, alt-data, technical, fundamental, sentiment, and international data. A new type of data, alt-data, is the latest form of data relevant to cryptocurrency. Traders will need a proxy service to gather this data from many alternative sources. Further, when a massive volume of data is required in a shorter time frame to fetch faster than a dedicated proxy network should be considered. This type of data is compiled by combining knowledge from all of the various types of data. A new company has emerged with the sole purpose of collecting all of these types of data into one set of advanced reports that are updated daily. Alt-data is important to cryptocurrency traders for several reasons. Although some traders believe that alt-data information is junk, alt-data offers a unique perspective.

Alt-Data Accuracy

Alt-Data accuracy is something that many traders are beginning to see as a benefit. There are several types of data that are functionally useless to cryptocurrency traders. Whether it is data related to economic data, macro data, or the central bank, the relevance to crypto traders is pretty much nonexistent. Traders should focus on alt-data to optimize their performance. Here are the top three reasons why alt-data is the only data for cryptocurrency traders. First, alt data is more predictive than macro data. Macro data is often wrong about what will happen in the markets because it takes time to create and then distribute the data. The same is true for economic data alt-data predicts far better than most forms of data sources available on the net today.

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2D vs 3D Animation: Which Field Should I Focus On?

posted on October 26, 2021


It is impossible to imagine modern video content without animation. Short videos and sketches, short cartoons for 5-10 minutes and full-length films that win prestigious awards along with feature films. Modern technology allows artists to work in a wide variety of styles, from deliberately simple 2D pictures to highly complex 3D animation that looks as realistic as a real film.

Customers face a dilemma: order 2D or 3D Animation.

Features of 2D Animation

Many people believe that 2D animation is dead, giving way to trendy and beautiful 3D. This is not surprising, because even the Walt Disney studio, which gained popularity all over the world precisely on the classic “flat” cartoons, announced the closure of the 2D animation department. The very tapes on which the generation of the 90s grew up are actively re-filmed in three dimensions or even playfully, but is that so good?

A classic example: reworking the excellent The Lion King cartoon. The creators have kept the script, dialogues, visuals and music, changing only the picture. It has become almost a complete imitation of a real movie, expensive and beautiful. The film flopped because, according to most viewers, it lost the warmth and sincerity for which everyone loved it.

Two-dimensional animation has a number of features, thanks to which it will never lose its popularity:

  • Great opportunities for creating videos: the features of flat animation allow you to safely experiment with the proportions of characters, their facial expressions and gestures; for example, the eyes of the drawn hero that have expanded to huge sizes will look organic and cute.
  • An opportunity to give a reference to the childhood period of the target audience: videos drawn in the classic Soviet style or imitating Disney animations will evoke a feeling of nostalgia.
  • The admissibility of the most daring experiments with the style of drawing from the classics to the technique of strokes (as in the acclaimed film “The Old Man and the Sea”) or even sand animation; as a result, the roller can “hook” the consumer with its appearance.
  • The ability to revive obviously inanimate objects: food, interior items, etc.; such experiments look most organically on the plane.
  • Do not discount the purely technical advantages: flat rollers are made faster and are cheaper than three-dimensional ones.

Features of 3D Animation

Three-dimensional animation has long staked out the proud title of advanced and modern technology. Its various varieties are used to create commercials and educational videos, cartoons and even Hollywood blockbusters. It is unlikely that sensational hits that set box office records would have been possible without a spectacular mixture of game video and three-dimensional animation.

The transition from a planar image to a volumetric one opens up a lot of possibilities. It allows you to combine feature films and animation, creating fantastic special effects, as well as completely render the video on a computer. This is especially true for videos that are designed to tell about a large-scale and voluminous process in paints. Three-dimensional rendering allows you to visualize the action in all its depth, giving the viewer the opportunity to evaluate modern technologies with their own eyes. It is ideal for advertising construction and repair companies, landscaping and piping, prosthetics and cars. There are not just many use cases, but infinitely many.

The transition to 3D is also important when creating image videos. If you need to present a company or its specific product in all its glory, to impress a future partner or client – this will be the ideal solution.

How to Choose between 2D and 3D

When planning a new commercial, the client inevitably thinks: whether to do with the classic flat image, perhaps using a special style of animation, or use modern computer technologies “in full”, creating something beautiful and epic in the style of films about superheroes?

You need to understand that 2D not only has not gone anywhere but has not lost its popularity at all. Do not think that the modern generation prefers an exclusively three-dimensional style, and will not even look towards a relatively simple video. Take a look at the current trends in animation. And https://kevurugames.com/blog/how-to-estimate-costs-and-plan-a-2d-animation-budget-correctly/ will help you to decide exactly and help you with the project.

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What Is Cryptography and Why Does Your Business Need It?

posted on October 25, 2021


Cryptography is a technique that keeps data secure from the outside world. Cryptography comes from two Greek words: “Krypto,” meaning hidden, and “graphein,” meaning writing. In other words, cryptography is the process of hiding information so that it can’t be understood without some know-how, usually by converting it to something else or by using an algorithm. Cryptography has been used for centuries to send secret messages – even during wartime! To this day, cryptography remains a vital tool in protecting sensitive data and preventing espionage.

What Is Cryptography? Why Does It Matter for Your Business?

What is cryptography? Why does your business need it? It ensures that only authorized people can read what you send over the Internet – whether they’re using email software or visiting webpages on your website! It prevents hackers from stealing your customer’s credit card information or other sensitive data. It protects your customer’s data and ensures that only authorized people can access it. It allows you to send information securely, giving peace of mind to your customers who send personal or business information over the Internet.

The Importance of Encryption

Cryptography has been used for centuries to send secret messages – even during wartime! To this day, cryptography remains a vital tool in protecting sensitive data and preventing espionage. Cryptography makes sure that nobody can access important files without having permission first. Cryptography is the process of converting data into code that only authorized individuals can read. It ensures that nobody can access important files without having permission first, which is especially important for companies who need to keep their data secure from hackers.

Password protection is another key aspect of cryptography, which allows you to protect your business data from attackers. Using passwords in combination with encryption protects the information stored on a computer or network and makes hacking almost impossible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s personal or business-related – if someone wants to access encrypted files without permission, they will need time, resources, and specialists to get the job done.

How to Encrypt Data in the Cloud

Encryption is a method of protecting data, and it works by converting information into code that only authorized people can read. This technique ensures that nobody can access important files without having permission first. Encrypting your sensitive files allows you to protect them from prying eyes even when they’re on cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, where anyone with the login details would be able to get hold of them!

Businesses should make sure their website uses SSL certificates for encrypting communications between devices online; otherwise, visitors who don’t know how encryption works may not make purchases with their credit cards because of security measures taken by companies. What does cryptography do? Cryptography makes sure that nobody can access important files without having permission first, which is especially important for companies who need to keep their data secure from hackers.

Why You Need a Top-Level Security Certificate for Your Website

SSL certificates are used to protect user data by encrypting communication between their devices and the website. Data encryption is a method of protecting data, and it works by converting information into code that only authorized people can read. Without SSL security measures, your customers would be at risk from hackers who could access email addresses or passwords!

You should have a top-level security certificate on your website because it encrypts all communications between the user and your server. This way, you can keep data secure from hackers who want to steal passwords or other private information about users! Data encryption is also important for companies that need to protect their sensitive files.

How to Protect Yourself from Hackers with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security measure that requires multiple ways of identification to confirm your identity. It’s an excellent way of keeping hackers out because they would have to use more than one method to get inside!

Hackers are constantly finding new methods for attacking websites, so you must stay up-to-date with the latest security measures online. Two-factor authentication is an excellent way of confirming your identity and protecting yourself from hackers who could be trying their best to break into your email account or steal credit card information.

How to Use SSL Certificates Correctly on Your Site

SSL certificates are used to protect user data by encrypting communication between their devices and the website. Data encryption is a method of protecting data, and it works by converting information into code that only authorized people can read. Without SSL security measures, your customers would be at risk from hackers who could access email addresses or passwords!

As you can see, cryptography is a powerful tool that has many benefits for your business. Whether it’s to protect sensitive information or make sure the message gets through securely, cryptography provides an important service at a time when data breaches are all too common, and cybercrime is ever-present. You should know more about this technology with Keyfactor before cybersecurity becomes a major problem for your company.

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On- and Offline Ways to Optimize Your Winter Restaurant Operations in the Coming Year

posted on October 23, 2021


Winter is approaching and the one question every restaurant owner is thinking about is: “Is my restaurant winter ready?” Setting up a restaurant for winter requires a lot of changes and adaptations in its operations. If not planned properly, chances of an array of problems to come up might hike, and for a restaurant to thrive, adaptations must be done according to the upcoming season. Numerous cities, states, and other urban towns are reconsidering their winter cafe operations and broadening their dining arrangements by making space outside so they can keep on visitors securely even during the cold days. Sometimes people prefer ordering food online, so you need to be ready for fresh and timely deliveries as well! Giving discounts and offers to customers also helps you secure your customers.

Currently, doordash is offering a flat 30% off on a customer’s first order by using doordash coupons. Putting up offers like these on delivery platforms like doordash or UberEats lure in customers too! Making changes in your offer policy is also needed to get your restaurant ready.

If you’re wondering what needs to be done to get your restaurant ready for this winter season, we’ve got you covered.

Dining Arrangements

If you’ve got space outside, set up new dining arrangements which are suitable for the winters. New and pretty dining arrangements create a nice vibe and ambiance which is very satisfying for the customers. Keeping the customers warm by setting up heaters or bonfire arrangements outside can also give you an edge over other restaurants.  Even the roof and inside of your restaurant should be well adapted to winter seating.

Change Safety Protocols

Your staff is the foundation of your restaurant, so it’s necessary to ensure they are protected and safe so they can offer the most ideal services to the customers. Since the Covid19 pandemic is still not over, safety protocols are a must for both customers and the staff of your restaurant. Arrange seating in a way that the customers don’t barge in like a crowd and at the same time, don’t feel that the restaurant is empty or dull. Sanitization of the restaurant furniture, temperature checks of both customers and the staff (time to time) are also a must.

Analyze and Optimize the Crowd

Some customers come for dine-in, and some for takeaway or curbside pickup. Analyzing the type of customers and optimizing ways to divert the specific crowd is also a good way to get your restaurant ready for the upcoming season. You can arrange a sidewalk for the customers who are there for pickups and a separate way for people who want to dine in. In case four-wheeler vehicles are an essential method for transport in your space, saving parking spots especially for your curbside pickup customers gives you another way to avoid overcrowding in the restaurant.

Update Your Reservation Policy

A good booking framework is an incredible method to control your restaurant’s space. By setting clear reservation policies for how long customers can remain at a table, you can securely boost the limit and stay away from overbooking and huge crowds. Adopting or modifying pre-booking policies can also help you control the crowd because that way, you can simply make time between reservations to clean and disinfect tables.

Valet Parking

If your restaurant budget allows, offering valet parking is a great way to avoid jams outside the restaurant, resulting in an easy and hassle-free flow of customers in and out of the restaurant.

Communicate with Customers and Employees

Keeping everyone in the loop is what makes a restaurant thrive in a good competition. Customer feedback is the best option for openly communicating with your customers. Remember to speak with your employees and also encourage them by showing your appreciation. Also, since many customers prefer to explore a restaurant’s COVID-19 arrangements and policies before they go, be sure to refresh and update your site or online profile with all the new information and policies.

Prepare Early

Preparing for the season early is what will help you have a hassle-free experience while getting your restaurant ready. Begin anticipating changes needed for winter now. You must diagram precisely how your business will work when the weather in your area or city gets colder.


The above-mentioned ways to optimize your restaurant to avoid the problems caused by seasonal changes are the best ways you could find to get your restaurant ready for the winter season. Making changes and adapting by following up on such ways is what will make your restaurant run smoothly over the course of the upcoming season.

Adopting some great policies that other restaurants have taken up doesn’t necessarily have to be something to avoid because of the competition in the market. When it comes to the safety and security of the customers, it’s healthy to optimize ways of looking at other restaurants and stay up to date. So stop stressing over the problems coming up with season change, and get your eatery ready and running now!

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CRM Solution for Fintech Industry

posted on October 21, 2021


Fintech is one of today’s fastest-growing sectors. Finance and technology, two of its components, are at the core of the dynamic globe – leave alone the marketplace. Fintech’s importance penetrates many businesses and even our personal lives. Fintech has revolutionized the whole financial services sector, whether it’s traditional financial services like banking and insurance, or innovative ways of investing, paying, or budgeting.

In the meantime, new technologies have provided customers with a wide range of financial services to select from. Consumers in the financial sector, like those in any other business, are increasingly demanding better service from their service providers. In fact, polls show that customer experience is currently the most important factor in determining a brand’s success. This discovery, which sits at the center of all market transactions, applies to fintech just as much as it does to any other business.

CRM Solution

As a result, it is critical for fintech businesses to spend in developing strong customer connections. Companies may achieve this with the help of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Fintech firms should use a CRM system for a variety of reasons.

CRM Keeps Track of Consumer Behavior and Tailors Experiences for Them

Traditional banking and investment practices have outlived their usefulness. Customers want their service providers to offer quick service across a variety of communication channels, and they want their preferences to be remembered. They expect to be supplied with information, offers, and services that are compatible with their unique interests and requirements. A CRM system is in charge of delivering exactly the type of material that each client prefers. It does so not just by absorbing their opinions and concerns, but also by tracking their online behavior and performing complicated analyses on it.

CRM Combines All of Your Current Services into a Single Platform

Efficiency is something that no firm, regardless of industry, can work without. In the same way, in fintech, scalability is an unavoidable requirement for every firm that wants to survive. More labor and the demand for more staff result from a developing firm and a rising client base. When a new service is added to the mix, the company finds itself rushing to create new divisions, hire additional workers, and install new software. A CRM system, on the other hand, allows you to consolidate all of your company’s demands into a single platform. The CRM system may take over all of your departments’ duties and perform them flawlessly thanks to highly customizable automation features.

B2Core – A Sure Step Towards Success

The B2Core CRM solution is among the most eye-catching technologies on the market. Three packages are offered to help business owners select the one that offers the right features to suit them. Furthermore, the solution offers brokers a Forex CRM, trader’s room, and client’s portal.

With many years of experience, the CRM understands the needs of both traders and business owners. B2Core is a product that sits on the borderline between the constant needs of traders and innovations – brokerage businesses receive an even more convenient interface, an even more secure solution, and even more functional software.

Such a product ensures your business excels over its competitors!

CRM Is Safe

Banks, insurance companies, crowdfunding platforms, digital payments, and other financial services all have one thing in common: they all provide financial services. To avoid the loss of sensitive data and money, they all require the most advanced security features. We are all aware of the security threats we face if our data is not adequately safeguarded in 2020. Because of the nature of its services, the financial industry is particularly exposed. As a result, it’s critical that businesses only choose reliable, up-to-date, and thorough solutions. A strong CRM system will ensure that the integration of services, ease of use, speed of communication, and tailored service delivery do not jeopardize users’ sensitive data or safety.

The corporate world is changing at a rapid pace across the board. Only by evolving with it can you stay relevant. Fintech companies are increasingly required to deliver not just new solutions but also appealing platforms that can successfully cater to both the demands and tastes of consumers as more businesses and individual users migrate to non-traditional ways of financial transactions.

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5 Local SEO Tips for Your Business

posted on October 19, 2021


In this day and age, if you are a business trying to grow or operate better locally, having an official website is mandatory, and having your SEO done properly is a must. There are a lot of ways to boost your website on search engines, and here are 5 useful tips for you to improve your local SEO performance.

Add Location Pages to Your Website

If you service multiple locations, create location pages. Be careful when you have multiple locations because you need to create unique content for each location page. Having a page for each location you provide your service or products will increase your local SEO performance drastically. For instance, if you are an alcohol reseller in Los Angeles, having just one page under the name of Los Angeles alcohol delivery will not be enough for Google and your potential customers. Let’s say your business delivers wine, your web page should have as many location pages as the number of your delivery locations. Someone who lives in West Hollywood wouldn’t type in the words Los Angeles alcohol delivery in Google’s search bar. So make sure to specify each location where you service on your website by its own location page.

Create a Google My Business (GMB) Listing

If Google can verify that your business is legitimate, the search engine may provide you with a coveted sidebar position in Google’s local search. This isn’t merely for the sake of SEO. You may make it easier for potential customers to locate you by having reviews and keeping your contact information and operation hours up to date. Due to the upheaval in consumer buying behavior and business operations expected in 2020, consumers need to find updated information now more than ever.

Create Local Content under Other Pages of Your Website

Google is not getting dumber. This means that content authors can now write for people rather than search engines. While writing about general themes will appeal to a broad audience, it’s often more vital to narrow your emphasis and write about local or industry news to appeal to a specific audience. Promote local industry meetings, news, employees, and other instructional content on your blog to establish yourself as the local authority for your sector. Consider top-of-funnel content that extends beyond what your company sells.

If you’re a local delivery business and you’re seeking to attract new customers, build a helpful resource to assist them to get acquainted with your community. A map of local service providers or a city-wide events calendar could both be useful to your persona and offer highly relevant on-page local signals.

Optimize Your Site with Local Keywords

One of the basics of local SEO is targeting local keywords. Local keywords are pretty self-explanatory, but you should still research longer tail local keywords for your business.

For instance, if yours is an alcohol reseller in Los Angeles, you’ll want to compare search volumes for different variations of search terms like “Beer delivery in LA”, “Buy alcohol in LA” and such. You may also want to drill down into hyper-local keywords, such as “alcohol delivery services, West Hollywood.”

Get Regular Reviews from Happy Customers

You’ll want “votes of validation” as your business grows that you’re who you say you are, doing what you say you do, and being where you say you’re located. It’s also a plus if people are raving about your products and services.

Reviews, on the other hand, are an excellent way to accomplish this. When search engines are trying to figure out what the best results are for a given search query, they’ll evaluate a lot of elements in their algorithm, and the number of reviews you have on Google, Yelp, and Facebook will all be taken into account. Also having an App for your business will also accumulate some reviews on your website as well as other platforms. So if you are delivering alcohol to your customers, don’t satisfy with a website and have your alcohol delivery app ready to be reached for your potential and regular customers.

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Is Social Media 2.0 More than Just an Industry Buzzword?

posted on October 18, 2021


You might remember when people like Darcy DiNucci and Tim O’Reilly started to use the term Web 2.0 to describe the trend of user-generated content taking over the clearnet. While it was certainly a popular word, it didn’t really refer to any one single thing. It never really denoted a formal change to the web’s structure and simply called to mind that the way people created content was changing.

Even if you don’t remember those distant days, there’s a good chance they’ll come back to you the first time you hear somebody elucidate on the issue of so-called Social Media 2.0 services. These are supposed to be focused almost exclusively on users as opposed to businesses, which would be quite a disruptive force considering how much companies have come to rely on social networks to promote a message. Nevertheless, it’s every bit as likely that these promises are essentially vaporware that refer more to nebulous concepts as opposed to any real change.

Strong opinions on either side of the issue seem to be shaping the debate.

Defining What Social Media 2.0 Really Is

As you might expect, it isn’t easy to get a single answer about what this term really means at the end of the day. Some people are talking about a rehumanization of social networking, which would essentially be a return to communication as opposed to aggregating the greatest number of likes and votes on a particular post. This is, of course, an admirable goal even if it happens to be one that will probably frustrate certain individuals in the Internet marketing niche.

Rage posting tends to dominate social networking because posts are ranked largely based on how popular they are. When people say controversial or upsetting things, they suddenly get an audience. Assuming that a sufficient number of people are bothered, they might even be deplatformed, which in turn could cause posts related to the initial issue to soar in popularity as people debate the ethics of removing somebody.

Assuming that administrators don’t go overboard with the use of their ban hammer powers, this will continue to frame debates for some time even after the initial problem has gone away. Refocusing social media post rankings on something other than popularity, or using an alliterative system based on topic and friend circle, could help to alleviate this issue to a large degree. In this way, text-only social sites would seem more like written versions of video conferencing apps.

Surprisingly, this could be better for some small business owners looking to get their message out.

Getting Out a Message in a Quieter Environment

Companies have to resort to the digital equivalent of yelling in order to get noticed as a result of all of the virtual noise on every major social site. Rehumanizing social networks would give them the freedom to connect solely with those who would potentially be interested in a message. In this way, they might even find a receptive audience without looking for it.

Naturally, they’d have to refocus their own efforts to present a more human environment themselves. Companies that do events planning or work in the hospitality industry would have to create a client booking form for each individual program they hosted while also providing self-service calendars and many other widgets designed to help consumers feel more independent. Once they did, however, they might find that people are far more receptive to them than they ever had been in the past.

On the other hand, however, there’s an equal chance that many of these promises will never come to fruition at all.

Social Media 2.0’s Downfall

New legislation, like that being discussed in Canada, is designed with the rehumanization of social networking in mind. This could help to spur on organizational changes when it comes to the way that people use social sites. However, it’s equally likely that many of these lofty goals are actually being promoted as echoes of earlier promises regarding blogging spun up more by site operators than by individuals truly taking an interest in changing the world.

Whether or not Social Media 2.0 is a real trend that’s going to help people communicate just as freely as they once did remains to be seen. However, what is true is that small business owners can take the opportunity now to focus on human-driven messages that can help them connect with clients who might otherwise have never really warmed up to what they usually see getting posted on their social media apps.

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Covid 19, Video Conferences and Cosmetic Injections

posted on October 9, 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a way of life in which many individuals now work and socialize primarily from home. A survey conducted at the start of the quarantine found that about 62 percent of those asked supported the quarantine – the vast majority of Americans who were working worked from home. Even if the situation improves, the majority of survey respondents desire to continue working from home. Generally speaking, the remote workforce was already growing at a rapid pace, increasing by 140 percent between 2000 and 2010. The pace of growth has accelerated from 2005 to 2019. Video conferencing has become the most popular method for social gatherings. Zoom may be used for anything from weddings to happy hours to funerals. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and other comparable programs have made a virtual living, cooperation, and productivity possible. However, these technologies (together referred to as “Zoom”) may have an influence on how people view themselves. People are becoming more mindful of how they show themselves to others as they are forced to confront their looks on camera for hours every day. They may be disturbed by what they see. Even more disturbing is that the image is slightly distorted because of the technology’s intrinsic characteristics.

Prior to Zoom, a plethora of photo-editing apps allowed people to smoothen their complexion, narrow their nose, and widen their eyes to create a filtered image of themselves as desired. Peope sent doctored-up selfies to their aestheticians, seeking changes to their appearance that were frequently beyond the capabilities of even the most sophisticated cosmetic surgery. Because of its proclivity to precipitate or exacerbate body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), this condition, known as Snapchat dysmorphic disorder, has sparked considerable concern. In contrast to Snapchat, where people purposefully alter their image, Zoom dysmorphia BDD may be triggered by prolonged staring and self-reflection on a subconsciously distorted image (i.e., elements of the technological interface and front-facing cameras in video-conferencing can misrepresent face structure, causing issues with one’s own appearance).

According to the dermatologists polled, neuromodulators (such as Botox and Dysport), dermal filler injections, and laser treatments are the most commonly requested aesthetic treatments in their clinics. In an era when surgical treatments are limited because of the risk of viral transmission, a greater desire in non-surgical techniques is anticipated. Patients seem to be more focused on areas above the neck, including the forehead/glabella, eyes, neck, and hair. Upper-face wrinkles, circles/bags beneath the eyes, dark patches, and neck drooping are all issues to be concerned about. Concerns below the neck were mentioned considerably less often, with body contouring and cellulite treatments acknowledged to be on the increase by 10% of the dermatologists polled. An examination of Google search patterns during the COVID-19 epidemic revealed an increase in search keywords such as “acne” and “hair loss”. The surge is explained by the link between acne and hair loss and anxiety and despair, two psychological disorders that plague many isolated people. Numerous additional variables, such as mask occlusion producing acne and the connection of telogen effluvium with COVID-19 infection, may also play a role. It is suggested that the increase may also be attributable to individuals being more conscious of their looks, analyzing their features from the neck up as they see their video reflection on a regular basis.

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How to Get the Best Possible Deal on a Secured Loan

posted on October 9, 2021


The events of the past 18 months have had a major impact on the UK’s reliance on secured loans. With unsecured loan availability having dried up for most of the country throughout the pandemic, customers with assets at their disposal had no choice but to turn to secured loans.

Consequently, the latest figures from the Secured Loans Index suggest that in March this year, total secured loan volumes were up 31% compared to the same month in 2020. Providing access to significant sums of money at competitive rates of interest, a secured loan can be used to fund almost any purchase, project or potential investment opportunity.

When it comes to getting the best deal on a secured loan, the process is not quite the same as applying for an unsecured loan.

How to Find a Good Secured Loan

What becomes clear after starting the search for a secured loan is that comparatively few brokers are available on the High Street. Unless you plan on taking out a conventional mortgage, you may find almost no specialist secured loans available from the usual big name banks.

This is where the UK’s extensive network of specialist lenders comes into play; which in many instances are accessible exclusively via broker introductions. Whatever you are looking for in a secured loan, it is essential to enlist independent broker support at the earliest possible stage.

This will enable you to quickly compare hundreds of deals from dozens of specialist lenders, while allowing your broker to negotiate an unbeatable deal on your behalf. As the services of independent brokers are provided at no cost to the client, they come highly recommended in all instances.

What Factors Affect the Affordability of a Secured Loan?

Enlisting the support of a skilled broker such as UK Property Finance is the number-one rule for getting a good deal, as they will do most of the legwork on your behalf.

Other than this, there are several important factors that can influence the affordability of a secured loan.

The influential of which are as follows:

  • The size of the loan you are applying for and the length of the repayment period. The more you borrow and the later you repay your debt in full, the more you will pay by way of interest and associated borrowing costs.
  • Your credit score and general financial position at the time, which in both instances are likely to be scrutinized by your chosen lender.
  • The value of the property (or other assets) you provide as security for the loan. If the value of the asset(s) significantly exceeds that of the loan, interest rates can be brought down considerably.

Borrowing costs can also be influenced significantly by the type of secured loan taken out. A fast-access bridging loan repaid over the course of just a few months could carry a lower overall cost than a longer-term secured commercial loan, for example.

All of which will be explained by your broker, in order to help you find the best secured loan to suit your requirements and your budget.

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How Is AI Transforming E-Commerce? Top 6 Use Cases of AI Technology

posted on October 6, 2021


Coming up with intelligent automation, artificial intelligence is quickly transforming the e-commerce industry. Voice assistants, AI-based chatbots, cybersecurity software, AI-enabled robots are examples of AI software solutions that are being widely adopted globally.

There are many advantages of AI technology for e-commerce. With AI software systems, it is possible to address various challenges, for instance, relieve employees from performing manual and routine tasks, ensure efficient inventory management and warehousing, as well as safeguard sensitive data. IBM reports that retail and consumer products companies expect that intelligent automation could contribute to annual revenue growth by up to 10%.

In this article, we will consider the main AI use cases in e-commerce to demonstrate how you can benefit from using this kind of software.

Top 6 AI Uses Cases in E-Commerce

1. Personalization

Personalization is among the most popular AI applications in e-commerce. By providing personalized services, it is possible to boost user engagement and increase the conversation rate. Instead of messages designed for public consumption, an organization delivers recommendations tailored to the needs and preferences of each customer.

For this purpose, a company can build machine learning algorithms analyzing user behavior, including search, watch, and purchasing histories. Based on this research, an AI-based solution can automatically make product and content suggestions.

How Personalization Helps Market Players Generate Revenues:

  • Analysts at Epsilon surveyed 1,000 shoppers and found that 80% of participants are more likely to interact with a brand if it provides a personalized experience while 90% say that personalization is great.
  • According to Segment, 49% of consumers have made a purchase that they didn’t intend after receiving personalized advice from an organization.
  • Forrester revealed that 77% of respondents chose, recommended, or spent more for a company that delivers personalized services.

Since personalized experience adds value to customers, their level of satisfaction increases. As a result, they buy from your online store more often.

2. Customer Service

AI-enabled chatbots are one of the most popular AI software solutions for the e-commerce industry. They can assist consumers in various tasks, from data and product search to answering frequently asked questions. According to IBM, chatbots can answer 80% of routine questions.

Since AI bots are programmed to perform certain scenarios, they can replace employees in a range of manual operations allowing them to devote time for more creative activities.

Unlike people, AI technology can simultaneously process numerous requests, reducing response waiting time and delivering client support 24/7. Analysts at IBM found that the use of bots can improve response time by 99%. Therefore, by creating an AI-based chatbot, businesses can enhance customer service, boost productivity, and reduce costs.

3. Voice Assistance

Artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving, producing new use cases for the e-commerce sector. Smart speakers such as Siri and Amazon Alexa are AI software solutions that are being widely introduced worldwide. Nearly 28% of US households had at least one voice assistant in 2018. Statista predicts that this share will reach about 75% by 2025.

As more homes and offices adopt such assistants, more customers start actively using voice search for online shopping and food ordering. Experts at OC&C Strategy Consultants forecast that 55% of US consumers will make purchases using their voices in 2022. The voice shopping market is anticipated to grow to $40 billion in the USA by 2022.

4. Inventory Management

By establishing efficient inventory management, e-commerce businesses maintain the level of inventory required to satisfy market demand preventing idle stock and product shortage.

However, it may be challenging to control inventory, especially for large companies that aim to supply commodities to different cities or countries. With the view of fulfilling consumer needs and generating profit, organizations have to plan procurement and delivery of goods.

E-Commerce Businesses Can Employ AI-Enabled Software To:

  • analyze market trends for different periods
  • make projections regarding changes in product demand and sales volume
  • identify and assess potential issues that may negatively affect the level of stock

With valuable market insights and forecasts, AI technology can allow you to efficiently manage inventory within an organization. By integrating AI software, it is possible to increase efficiency, minimize risks, and reduce costs.

IBM predicts that 85% of retail and 79% of consumer products companies planned to integrate intelligent automation software for supply chain planning through 2021.

5. Warehouse Automation

In today’s competitive business environment, companies have to provide same-day or next-day delivery to meet consumer expectations, increase customer loyalty, and earn a profit. In these circumstances, warehouse automation is crucial. To satisfy market demand, organizations should migrate away from traditional warehousing practices of utilizing forklifts, clipboard-bearing, as well as stock management.

By integrating AI-powered robots, it is possible to accelerate operations while preventing inventory losses. When a user makes an order, the data is sent to the necessary warehouse software system that communicates with robots. Robots, in their turn, quickly find the required goods, pack and prepare them for shipping. The main advantage of AI technology is that it isn’t tired and doesn’t need lunch hours.

Through Warehouse Automation, E-Commerce Businesses Can:

  • optimize labor costs
  • provide faster shipment of goods
  • prevent loss of goods, inventory, etc.
  • minimize risks of human injuries and stock damage
  • increase employee productivity and boost the overall efficiency

Unlike human employees, AI-enabled robots can pack and retrieve stocks and commodities around the clock. Employing AI software solutions, you can provide services such as same-day or next-day delivery much easier.

6. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most essential AI use cases in e-commerce. Operating with sensitive customer, payment, and enterprise data, businesses need to safeguard information and protect against hacker attacks, malware, viruses, and other threats. AI can perfectly serve these purposes.

Companies employ machine learning solutions to monitor IT infrastructure to automatically identify, assess, and prioritize risks. By analyzing app and user behavior, it is possible to instantly detect anomalies such as suspicious activities, and notify users. With AI-based software, an organization can prevent data breaches and enable enterprise-grade security.

The State of E-Commerce. What’s Next?

Driven by digital transformation, the e-commerce industry is rapidly growing. Grand View Research projects that the worldwide e-commerce market size will reach $27.15 trillion by 2027, rising from 10.36 trillion in 2020.

At the moment, we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in AI software solutions, mobile shopping applications, and augmented reality software. Personalized recommendations, voice assistants, and chatbots have already become a new normal.

Datareportal informs that 51% of customers used smartphones to purchase products online in 2020. In 2021, mobile commerce is anticipated to value at $3.5 trillion, making up nearly 73% of internet shopping.

Read our article to explore the key e-commerce trends for 2021. Also, find out how our e-commerce software development company created a mobile app for food pre-ordering and an online marketplace that was included in the list of “TOP 5 startups in Russia”.

Final Words

AI software solutions can address various challenges of e-commerce businesses. By investing in AI software development, organizations can deliver personalized services, automate mundane tasks, make sales projections, ensure data security, optimize inventory and warehouse management.

As a result, it is possible to improve customer engagement, increase sales, boost employee productivity, and cut down expenses. Providing market players with so many opportunities, artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the e-commerce sector. To fight off competition and become a market leader, companies need to adopt cutting-edge technologies such as AI.

If you have an AI product idea or want to find the best way to resolve industry-specific issues, drop us a message. Our AI experts will contact you within 24 hours and help you accomplish business objectives using innovative software. Project consultation is for free.

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The Five Biggest Advantages of Bridging Finance

posted on October 6, 2021


Bridging finance saw a steady rise to popularity throughout the second half of last year, when lack of availability on the High Street saw millions seek alternative lenders for essential support.

A convenient and cost-effective alternative to a traditional loan or mortgage, a bridging loan can also be just the thing for time-critical purchases and investments.

Specifically, there are five major advantages to bridging loans that have made them an increasingly popular choice for consumers and businesses across the UK:

1. Bridging Loans Are Fast to Arrange

While a typical mortgage can take several weeks or months to arrange, bridging finance is much faster. In fact, the funds needed by the applicant can often be accessed within a few working days. Bridging loans can therefore provide a real lifeline for covering urgent costs, like purchasing a property at auction.  

2. There Are No Limitations on Allocation of Funds

The flexibility of bridging finance is also a major point of appeal. When taking out a conventional mortgage or commercial loan, lenders tend to be very strict with how the funds can and should be allocated.  With a bridging loan, the funds provided by the lender can be used for any legal purpose whatsoever. Popular uses of bridging loans include buying land, purchasing buy-to-let properties, covering the costs of renovations, raising business capital and for chain-break purposes when moving home.

3. Bridging Loan Lending Criteria Is Flexible

Irrespective of the size of the loan, bridging finance can be a surprisingly flexible and accessible facility. Even if the applicant has poor credit, lacks proof of income or has a history of insolvency, they could still qualify for a competitive loan. Bridging finance is issued almost exclusively on the basis of security, i.e. the value of the assets the loan is secured against. If you have assets of sufficient value the lender is willing to accept as security, none of the usual obstacles to accessing affordable finance apply.

4. Bridging Loans Can Be Used to Purchase All Types of Properties

Taking out a mortgage or property loan to purchase an uninhabitable, dilapidated or non-standard property can be all-but impossible. The vast majority of banks are simply not willing to lend money against these kinds of properties, which can be appealing prospects for investors and developers. With bridging finance, most lenders are willing to issue loans against almost any type of property. The funds can be used to purchase rundown homes or business premises in a poor state of repair, in order to be renovated, improved and sold on at a significant profit.

5. Bridging Finance Can Be Extremely Affordable

Last but not least, a competitive bridging loan may attach an interest rate of less than 0.5% per months. Where a bridging loan is repaid as quickly as possible – often within the first six months – overall borrowing costs can be kept to absolute minimums. For most short-term borrowing purposes, a good bridging loan has the potential to be the most affordable facility available.

Learn more at Bridgingloans.co.uk.

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Imports Logistics – From Docks to Docs

posted on October 5, 2021


There is tons of information available about importing goods from abroad into the U.S. for trade purposes. Companies, individuals, and governments can receive merchandise for processing products to be resold to the end customer. Articles discuss the required documents for customs clearance, particularly those required by the U.S. Customs Border Protection (CBP). However, getting your products or services from supplier to consumer involves intricate logistics.

What Are U.S. Import Logistics?

Import logistics is a complex system of operations that applies to transportation, information, material handling, warehousing, inventory, security packing, and disposal. Logistics ensure the efficient flow and storage of goods from the point of origin to the end target.

Logistics involves merchandise acquisitions from wholesalers or suppliers down to manufacturing, storage, and delivery to consumers. Importers must understand their logistics system to ensure smooth delivery to the customers and keep them returning to maximize profits. A consistent high-standard logistics process may be your competitive advantage by showing customers that you are trustworthy and reliable.

General Import Logistic Procedures

Besides the specifics of correct and timeous filing of import documents and paying the CBP dues, notably the ISF 10+2 and Entry Summary, the following are general logistic procedures and requirements for customs clearance procedures.

Importing Goods Requires Three General Customs Clearance Procedures:

  •  As a one-time importer, you must undergo a registration process, receive a specific license to import goods and certification from applicable government agencies related to each import.
  • After imported cargo arrives at a U.S. seaport or airport, the Carrier unloads it at the customs bonded area. The importer must complete a customs import process at the final port to take the goods out of the customs area. 
  • The CBP, Carrier, and cargo custodian handling the merchandise must approve cargo clearance from the bonded area.

How to Gain Permission to Take Your Goods

As the importer or your customs broker, you can file the required CBP documents for customs clearance procedures. The Carrier files the IGM (Import General Manifest) with port customs authorities. Before your goods arrive, have all relevant documents in place for the logistics side of clearance. These include the Airway Bill or Bill of Lading, commercial invoice, packing list, Cargo Arrival Notice, Freight certificate, purchase order or L.C. (Letter of Credit), and other documents.

As the importer, ensure required CBP documents are filed for customs clearance procedures. As far as customs, you must file the 7501 to accrue the release of your goods. Other requirements for release are contingent on:

  1. The importer pays the freight forwarder all freight-related fees towards achieving freight release.
  2. The importer pays all fees, including storage, to prove to the CFS (Container Freight Station or PORT custodian) that the shipment is released from customs. It is important to provide the trucker with the Delivery Order (D.O.) who will, in turn, show it to the CFS when collecting the shipment.

Of note:

  1. For shipments stored in a CFS (container freight station/warehouse), the Delivery Order must be presented by the trucker when picking up the shipment on behalf of the importer.
  2. For shipments stored in a CFS (container freight station/warehouse), the D.O must be presented by the trucker when picking up the shipment on behalf of the importer.
  3. Upon the arrival of cargo at the port, all Carriers must file an Import General Manifest (IGM) with customs. Typically, each aircraft or vessel has one IGM number, and each consignment carries a ‘line number.’
  4. Goods may also be subjected to inspection by customs officials. Once cleared, goods may be removed from the bonded area.
  5. The cargo custodian is responsible for safeguarding and the correct handling of imported cargo. The custodian will release goods to the importer after customs clearance proof, collection of the D.O. from the Carrier, and payment of any dues.

What If I Don’t Meet the Requirements?

The import logistics requirements are lengthier than the above synopsis and should be researched and understood in full. By not filing your goods at the port of entry within 15 calendar days after arrival, customs might place them in a general-order warehouse at your own risk and expense. If you still haven’t entered them within six months, they can be sold at public auction or destroyed. Goods that depreciate, contain explosive substances, or are perishable, may be sold sooner. There are also fines and penalties involved.

eezyimport enables importers to save time and money by using a fluid online platform. DIY importing primarily ensures that you file forms correctly on time, thereby effortlessly clearing imports through customs. The mobile-first platform enables importers to register with the CBP, file the ISF (10+2) form and Entry Summary, request a CBP filer code, and purchase a Customs Bond. All while providing importers with a complete clearance process anytime, anywhere, and empowering them to save valuable time and money on every shipment.

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Types of Web Development Teams and How to Choose the Right One for Your Project

posted on October 4, 2021


Scrolling through Internet websites seems to be such an easy process. But have you ever thought about how the users’ journey is created? How can the idea be transformed into a digital working platform? Even though no one is surprised upon hearing the words “web development” nowadays, it is not simply pressing the buttons. Building a website requires not only extensive technical skills but also creative thinking, expertise in marketing, and impeccable knowledge of programming languages.

In theory, one person can create a website if he or she possesses at least some of the skills listed above. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that such a site can ever be monetized. Such a resource will not reflect the company’s values and won’t be able to become a quality business card.

Therefore, it is better to divide a process into different tasks and entrust real professionals with them. But here comes the next puzzling question: how to compose an appropriate web development team to make sure the future website is perfect from top to bottom? Let’s delve into the issue of web development and study it step by step.

Types of Web Development Teams

Of course, before gathering staff members it is crucial to define the type of the team and its main points to focus on. Web development teams can be categorized as follows:

  • Local development teams: This type can significantly simplify the process of communication between the team members and their clients. Moreover, it will be easier to solve legal problems in case there are any. Still, the cost of services can be relatively high.
  • Onshore outsourcing: This corresponds to a team working from the same country as their clients. The main benefits include the same time zone and similar mental peculiarities. Team members and clients are quick in catching on with one another, so it is a good option.
  • Development teams from neighboring countries: This variant can turn out to be slightly cheaper than the previous types of teams.
  • Offshore teams: When choosing a team located far away from your spot, be ready to face some challenges in communication and mutual understanding. Nevertheless, this option will be available for those relying on a shoestring budget.

Choosing Experts for Your Web Development Team

When building a team, do not forget that it should be not only a collection of professionals but also a “close-knit family” of people who move towards their common objective. The following checklist is elaborated to show you what specialists must a web development team include:

Market Analyst

Analytical work is an important stage of the development process. It is a way to understand the needs of the target audience, learn from the best examples, recognize existing mistakes, and eliminate them. The main responsibility is to study the needs of customers, devise a strategy for the website creation and further promotion, and introduce the scheme of its implementation. Selecting the right vector of project development without a marketer can turn out to be more difficult than expected.

UX / UI Designer

A UX designer’s function is to create a prototype of the final web resource. Their work is indispensable for understanding the placement of elements, determining the functionality, and selecting the tools for implementation. The UI designer creates a cover for the sample, developed by the UX designer. It is in their function to make the site user-friendly and stylish.

Front-End Developer

A front-end developer is a specialist who codes the website pages, divides the text into separate pages, and assembles it with appropriate illustrations. They know how to create HTML templates for websites and write HTML code, know how to graphically design a page, and place elements on it correctly. A front-end developer implements the idea of ​​the page conceived by the designer in the form of code.

Back-End Developer

One of the main tasks in the web development process rests with the functions of a programmer. A backend developer creates components that are available to the user of an application or site through an interface. To put it simply, programmers are those people who develop everything that the user does not see and cannot touch.

Therefore, the work of the backend specialists can be extremely difficult to evaluate, in contrast to the front-end, whose results can be estimated by ordinary people.

Project Manager

Even the most experienced team can face the problem of inconsistency and lack of mutual understanding. Therefore, a leader is always needed when there is a project to deal with. A manager solves administrative and organizational tasks and monitors the progress of a team, its ability to comply with deadlines. Project managers have the primary responsibility for achieving a successful result. With the effective work of a team leader, a client is relieved of the need to control and manage the entire development process.

SEO Specialist

Do not rush to worry but completing a web development project is just a start point. Then you will need to attract clients to it, which means that SEO experts should be engaged from the very beginning.

Internal website optimization allows it to move organically in search engines. This is performed by an SEO specialist. They create the semantic core, work out the content plan, and develop the structure of the texts to be relevant for further promotion.

Additional Professionals You May Need

Web development teams are often supplemented with experts in other fields, especially when the projects are large-scale and comprehensive:

  • Web server administrators
  • Writers and content managers (creating content is one of the most important parts of filling the web resource)
  • Testers (making sure there are no malfunctions before launching the product)
  • Technical designers with a growth perspective


The process of selecting an appropriate web development team for the project is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight. But remember that creating a digital resource requires the extensive knowledge and experience of several professionals.

Therefore, be ready to arm yourself with some patience and look up to those teams consisting of an array of specialists. Pay attention to the distribution of functions as well as the overall spirit inside the team. A combination of professional expertise and sharing ideas and experience is a key to quality web development teamwork.

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What Do You Need to Know About Network Slicing?

posted on September 27, 2021


Network slicing can take a massive toll on the idea of networking. This is done by isolating, orchestrating, abstracting, and separating the logical network components from the underlying physical network resources. Such examples are best at highlighting the advantages of network slices. Also, do not forget to make the most of IoT solutions in need. 

1. Remote Surgery 

The first-ever 5G-powered tele-mentored operations happened to occur in 2019. Dr. Antonio de Lacy in Spain performed this. When the operation was ongoing, the 5G connection offered a lag time of precisely 0.01 seconds. 

2. Vehicle To Everything 

This one is a type of technology where information from sensors may travel using low-latency, high-reliability links, high-bandwidth, and so much more. Vehicle to everything majorly focuses on improving road safety and attaining zero deaths because of any road accidents. That is why many trials are ongoing over the 5G network slice. 

3. Network Slice

Manufacturing is something that needs a lot of attention. There can be several aspects where it needs support. At this point, the network slice can solve all major issues. The network slice can offer umpteen support on AR/VR use cases like remote assistance, field support services, and more.

4. Autonomous Drones

Percepto was the one who came up with the Drone in a box solution over the 5G trial network. Such a thing occurs with minimal human intervention for applications like real-time surveillance. It can also help meet other demands in need like disaster recovery, consignment delivery, and more.

5. IoT Slices

Medical wearables, utility, and banking sectors are also scouting for a devoted network slice to manage their mission-critical applications over a secure medium. 

5G has the power to change the business and carve out ample opportunities. We all know that the trials of 5G are continuously going on, and new features are constantly launching in the market. By that time, different businesses are looking for a method to grab a devoted device network connectivity. Primarily, LTE networks will help. 

A private LTE network is a local LTE network that makes the most of devoted radio equipment to provide premise services using IoT apps. If you wish to know about the features of IoT solutions, here they are- 

6. Coverage 

Private LTE is always assisting outdoor coverage indoors and is created concerning end-device location. Gas and oil can extract maximum benefits from such a helpful range. 

7. Capacity 

Private LTE is not only available to provide paramount flexibility but also makes exclusive usage of capacity. It helps with the configuration of downlink and uplink, engineering the RAN, and setting usage policy to provide capacity requirements. 

8. Control 

Private LTE focuses on comprehensive use-case management by offering visibility of traffic prioritization and resource application. Also, if needed, parameters in the LTE radio can be personalized to optimize latency and reliability.

9. QoS (Quality Of Service)

LTE QoS Model is great at permitting several layers of prioritization and Guaranteed Bit Rate. Remember that GBR is an essential need for video analytics solutions. 

The Bottom Line 

Some of the famous private networks are CBRS and Multefire. Private LTE is feature-rich and best for both enterprise and industrial use cases. 

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