Four Types of Remarketing

posted on June 11, 2021



Marketers know the majority of site visitors leave without taking any action. These people can be encouraged to return to the site with the help of traditional or dynamic remarketing.

Nowadays, however, the Internet is full of advertising, so it’s vital for each campaign to stand out from the crowd by using the most relevant and useful content. To achieve this, you can use the incredible potential of special types of remarketing.

The aim of this article is to expand your knowledge of remarketing possibilities and explain new ways to use remarketing to reach your goals.

Multi-level remarketing
Thanks to this function, you can show users different adverts promoting new offers, and even change the frequency of ad impressions, depending on the number of days since their last visit to your site. Such tactics are suitable for products or services that have a long sales cycle or trial period.

For example, we have a list of people who have bought a printer in our store. Our goal is to show them a banner with an offer to buy ink after three months. To do this, we’ll create one remarketing list with a 90-day duration, and an identical list with a 120-day duration. In the next step, we’ll combine these two audiences: choose the ‘Custom combination’ option from the drop-down menu.


Then we add the audience with the longer period of time by using the ‘Any of these audiences’ condition. The ‘None of these audiences’ condition will help us exclude the audience with the shorter period of time.


In the last step, you should create a new campaign or ad group for this new audience. As a result, our ads will start being displayed 90 days after the visitor bought a printer at our online store, and these ads will follow the customer for another 30 days.

Similar audience
Similar audience is a special kind of remarketing audience that includes people who are not visitors to your site, but their behavior and interests are very similar to those of your customers.
Using similar audiences is a simple and effective way to increase your traffic.

AdWords will record views of sites in Display Network over the last 30 days, and this information will be used for the automatic selection of a new group of potential customers within the network who have similar interests and behavior.

Google makes remarketing lists for creating similar audiences by itself, so lists with similar audiences will automatically appear next to your remarketing lists in Shared libraries. Please note that you won’t be able to see such lists if your remarketing audience contains cookies for fewer than 500 visitors:


We recommend creating a separate Google Display Network campaign for similar audiences, because quality indicators for these ads could be lower than for the traditional remarketing campaign.

Remarketing lists for search ads
With the help of traditional remarketing lists, you can display ads with special content or adjust your bids depending on the category of your site visitors.

To make your search ads visible to users from your remarketing list, the list should contain cookies for at least 1,000 visitors. You can check this from the Audiences tab in Shared libraries.


There are several strategies for using remarketing audiences for search ads:

  • Add an audience to the existing campaign and increase bids for recent visitors to your site;
  • Create a new campaign with a specific audience and adapt the text to your needs (offer a promotional coupon, promote special deals and so on);
  • Exclude past visitors to your site who are still interested in products similar to yours. It will help to attract new visitors only;
  • Target your ads at previous buyers who are interested in related products, or at high volume keywords that haven’t been used in a main advertising campaign.

Remarketing for YouTube viewers

If your brand has its own channel on YouTube, you can use remarketing for video viewers.

With the help of AdWords for Video, you can create remarketing lists of users who have completed one of the following actions:

  • Interacted with or viewed your YouTube videos;
  • Subscribed to or unsubscribed from your channel;
  • Viewed your TrueView in-stream ads;
  • Visited your channel.

To create a video remarketing list, your YouTube and AdWords accounts have to be linked. If you haven’t made advertising campaigns for video, please follow the guidelines at: To create a remarketing list for YouTube viewers, go to the navigation panel and choose the ‘Video Remarketing’ option in Shared Library, click ‘+Remarketing list’, then choose a new remarketing list type and fill in the other fields.


You will be able to manage your lists from the ‘Targets’ tab of the video campaign.

As we promised at the beginning, we will now explain two ways to optimize your remarketing campaign.

One of the options is to exclude placements with low CTR. On some sites, advertising banners aren’t placed in the best position, which is why users rarely spot the ads. To exclude such low-performing placements, go to the Display Network report, find the Placements tab and analyze the CTR, bounce rate and conversions.


Highlight placements like those shown in red, click ‘Edit’ and select ‘Exclude.’



Before you exclude large platforms such as YouTube, remember that you can only exclude individual URLs on the site. To identify such URLs, select the site and go to the See details menu, then choose the ‘Selected’ option.


You can also add to the list of excluded placements those sites where visitors have a high bounce rate (this information can be obtained from Google Analytics).

The second method of optimizing your remarketing campaigns is to exclude certain categories of sites, so you avoid displaying your ads next to any content that you would not like to be associated with your brand. By this we mean different kinds of sensitive content, mobile apps, games or social networks. By default, only gambling is excluded.

You can find this option by going to the ‘Display Network’ tab, then scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the green ‘+ Options’ button.


You can also turn off showing your banners below-the-fold here.


As you can see, remarketing is an evolving discipline, which provides plenty of opportunities for smart advertisers. To take advantage of the benefits of remarketing, you simply need to determine which types of retargeting are most suitable for your business, then add them to your traditional remarketing campaign.

Why is Japan’s handling of this pandemic so bad compared to their neighbors?

posted on June 11, 2021


I think the wealthy nations that fared the worst have something in common: Italy, Spain, Japan, Canada, the US, Brazil, Sweden in the early days, all treated the economy and health as being opposing priorities, and tried to get away with half-assing both.

The ones that did the best are the ones that had strong, swift lockdowns and made an effort to offer even-handed, if not always adequate, ongoing financial aid in the meantime.

Countries like Canada and the US and Japan, which applied ridiculously convoluted means testing and conditions on financial aid, saw undue politicization and partisanship, extreme processing delays, uneven distribution, extinctions of entire industries, and, most pertinent to your question, increased unwillingness among the public to cooperate with health measures.

If you give people a choice between potentially getting sick or definitely losing their jobs, they’ll typically choose the former. And then they’ll retcon whatever narrative it takes, even if it’s a crazy conspiracy theory, to manage the guilt.

To give you a sense of what I mean by a surge, here are Canada (where I live) and Japan on as of today (May 11):

There are no excuses for this. I think I should clarify, for those interested (it’s a long read), why, despite the low death toll and apparently low infection rate, I agree with the premise of the question, that Japan is performing poorly. As I’ve mentioned in several of my comments:

The people of Japan have sustained relatively well, all things considered. The lack of testing can hide case counts — and it’s definitely doing that — but a high death toll is harder to cover up, especially for a disease that’s so deadly that in many places it has become the number-one killer. That might be because of the ubiquity of masks, physiology, lack of handshaking and hugging, prior exposure to similar viruses, the vowelly nature of the language, or some other accidental or semi-accidental reason. In any case, it wasn’t the success of a national response to the pandemic.

The nation of Japan has utterly, catastrophically failed its people, and the evidence of that is in the overwhelmed medical system and the economic turmoil. The complete, deliberate refusal to develop an exit plan (a strategy which they call “with Corona”) is not only putting Japan at future risk, it is also causing current, palpable desperation, reckless defeatism, panic, fear and distrust of important institutions and of other people. That’s all very real damage.

Keep in mind that covid started with one patient. Covid’s growth, being that it infects more than one person per person, is exponential. Treatment for potentially fatal covid cases requires hospital resources, of which there’s only ever a more or less fixed amount — the discharge count can only grow linearly; the remainder die. An exponential minus a linear is exponential, which is to say that, even if things seem safe now, it can easily go horribly wrong overnight. The only way to fight a phenomenon of exponential growth is to nip it in the bud or to be ready to mobilize en masse in case it does explode — that is, to have the one thing that can outrun exponential growth: national policy. Japan has done neither.

Hospitals in many parts of Japan are, or are at risk of being overwhelmed. This is the beginning of a vicious cycle observed throughout the world, in which nurses and doctors become exhausted or themselves ill and quitting in droves, which in turn leads to poorer treatment both for covid as well as for other treatable illnesses, which in turn leads to worse health outcomes, which leads to more suffering, more sick people, and even more expensive treatment in the form of emergency room visits, palliative care and the need for more precious facilities such as respirators.

It’s only while the number of people being admitted to hospital is lower than the full capacity of the medical system that an illusion of success against the pandemic can been maintained. Most of the world learned that lesson in 2020, either through the news or through experience.

The economic suffering is profound. 1 in 5 female students are having trouble affording feminine hygiene products; even as of July of last year, the unemployment rate has been the highest it’s been since the end of the war (and lower-than-minimum-wage gig workers are counted as having jobs); 60,000 homeowners are having trouble paying their loans. It’s clear that even if you don’t see poverty on the streets every day where you live, it is quite severe now as a result of covid. There are too many such symptoms to list them all here, and the on-again, off-again, vague, symbolic, ineffectual states of emergency are only prolonging the suffering.

Until recently, every time the case count grew, it was in areas opened to Abe’s idiotic Go To Travel campaign, which had people supporting the tourism and service sectors by traveling for fun in the middle of a pandemic, in the winter. Japan, Germany and Italy have borrowed by far the most per GDP on covid, and yet people were forced to resort to this kind of insanity. Personally, I don’t lose sleep over the risks of overspending (Japan’s national debt has always been terrifyingly high, and yet it’s never seen very high inflation), but this should be a clear indication that something is wrong with the spending that is taking place.

Finally, the Olympics: the government and the IOC are dead-set on going through with it at any financial cost, public opinion cost or human cost, entirely out of sunk cost fallacy and in service of avoiding relatively small cancellation fees. A solid 80% of the nation opposes the Games, 70%+ of businesses report they will likely see little or no detriment in its cancellation, and it is already causing more outbreaks. Hokkaido saw the nation’s worst daily case number just recently, two weeks after Olympics rehearsals were held there. Nurses are being pulled out of hospitals to service the Olympics, and 70% of volunteer nurses in Ibaraki prefecture have already resigned

Granted, pressure from the IOC is largely to blame for this situation, but it’s quite clear that Japan is very much in a position to kick them to the curb. But the Japanese government wouldn’t know that, given they brazenly admit to never even having read the fine print on the matter.

By the way, I’m not letting Canada, the other nation with which I identify, off the hook, either. Canada hogged 9 times as many vaccine doses as there are people, presumably in an effort to hold for ransom the health of people in less affluent nations as well as global efforts to address the pandemic. Believe what you will about the importance or safety of vaccines, but I don’t know how to describe this behavior other than homicidal.

And yet numerous cities are still in disarray as of now (May 23), and vaccinations are only now ramping up, though quite sharply, as demonstrated by the 45% first dose vaccination rate vs. the measly 4.2% second dose.

Where can I buy traffic to an affiliate link from ClickBank?

posted on June 7, 2021


I would feel remiss if I didn’t answer this question because it shows a HUGE flaw in this question of eleven words.

You DO NOT under any circumstance send paid traffic directly to a Clickbank affiliate link, YOU WILL lose your money. There are no if, and, or buts about it.

If you’re talking about building some sort of funnel and then sending traffic to that, then go right ahead- it’s a good ideal. But sending paid traffic to a Clickbank affiliate link is a huge mistake.

Here, let me walk you through a scenario:

You’re promoting a Clickbank offer that will earn you a 100% commission of $50. You go and buy $300 worth of clicks from a solo ad dealer. Let’s even put each click at $0.40, the lowest I’ve seen. That’s 120 clicks.

Out of those clicks, you get a 50% opt-ins, that’s 60 people entering their name and email. Out of that 60, you get two sales. Congratulations, you just made $100.

So, you decide to try again, with a different vendor (or the same). You pay the same amount, but this time no one opt-in. Well, now you just lost $100…

So, you buy more ads, but this time you filter for prime traffic, that’s a minimum of $0.10 per click and that’s being generous, most charge up to $0.30 extra. That’s $112 in solo ads.

This time, you get 100 people to enter their name and email address and you make, once again being generous, 5 sales. That’s $250. Basically, you’ve made back the $100 you spent before and the $112 you just spent to have $38 in profits.

Guess what, you still lost a combined at least of $800. Where did I get that number from?

Simple, by using a funnel and an email address, you can retarget the, what 160 people who opted in and make additional sales over time. And I’m low-balling this giving you 16 sales total when it’s possible you could make much more through automated email sequences or chatbots.

Can you make good money as an Amazon affiliate?

posted on June 6, 2021


Best Ways Make Money As an Amazon Affiliate, The Guru Is Going To Hate Me For This

Ask anybody to advise an online store, and probabilities are they may say Amazon. Amazon is one of the maxima relied on manufacturers on the Internet for on-line purchasing. Amazon is also one of the first to offer an affiliate advertising and marketing software. They noticed the price of creating possibilities for humans to work at home selling Amazon products. You can construct a business that agrees with and make cash as an Amazon affiliate.

What You Need

Before you join up as an Amazon associate, you need some sort of platform to sell merchandise. The most common manner to promote any associate products is through websites and blogs. Although there are numerous free weblog web sites inclusive of Weebly and Google's Blogger, a paid weblog or internet site appears more expert and could earn extra trust. You additionally want to set up a PayPal account so that your commissions can be sent to you.

Getting Started

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is an issue of going to their website online and signing up. Amazon calls its associate software "Amazon Associates", and the signup hyperlink is on the bottom of their page. Once you undergo the sign-up technique you are given an associate's identity. Be positive to study via all of their web pages to completely apprehend the way to region your particular identity for your links so that you get credit for sales and get paid.


When choosing products to promote as an Amazon affiliate, look for products that hobby you. One of the great techniques of promoting a product is by way of writing opinions or articles about the product. Remember that as an affiliate marketer, you are selling a product to a client without them seeing the product first hand. You need to create a purpose for them to buy the product. Amazon has many tools in the affiliate center to help you promote merchandise. The equipment they have got consists of product hyperlinks, banners, or even an opportunity to build an internet keep to vicinity on your website.

Earning Potential

As an Amazon affiliate, your income capability is unlimited. Unlike promoting an unmarried product or ebook, you have got a possibility to earn a fee on any object a client purchases at Amazon through your precise hyperlink. For example, let's consider which you have a web web site or weblog about cooking. You vicinity a few links to recipe books on your site. A reader at your site clicks on one of these links and they get taken to Amazon via your particular hyperlink. The patron buys the book, however, they also might also purchase a cooking device or a few other objects inside Amazon. Instead of just getting a fee on the e-book sale, you get a commission on the complete sale.

Amazon is the various exceptional in affiliate marketing applications and is a possible alternative for growing amazing profits. You can see just how fast you can come to be an Amazon associate and make cash at domestic promoting Amazon merchandise. Go to Amazon and take a look at the affiliate application for yourself.

How do you get more leads on affiliate links from ClickBank?

posted on June 1, 2021


There are several ways to get leads for any offer you want to promote and I will give you two of the best ways I know.

This tactic is called lead generating an is something I’m fairly good at.

One way to get leads that I have yet to talk about on Quora is to do a little survey. This works because it is similar to giving away something for free in order to get leads.

Imagine this: You come across a website that says it can match you with your best chance for working at home, which is something you’ve been looking to do for months now.

In the middle of the site, there’s a button that says, “TAKE SURVEY NOW” so you click the button to begin the survey.

There are a few questions that ask stuff like, “Are you coachable,” “Are you willing to invest in your future and your family future,” and “How serious are you about working from home.”

Each of those questions is causing you to commit to your answer so when you get to the survey’s answer to your best match, you are more likely to opt-in and use that offer.

The second way of getting leads is to do a contest. This works best if you offer some sort of digital offer as the prize.

Let’s look at one of the methods I used to promote the Clickbank offer, CB Passive Income.

I offer a free 30-min coaching call where I gave away my “secret” traffic method. If I remember correctly, I got about 30 leads in the first day and 90 leads the second day.

This was back when I was blogging, so I basically had people to sign up to my mailing chimp landing page before sending them straight to CB Passive Income.

Mailing Chimp no longer allows you to promote affiliate offers, but you can use Builderall, The Online Business and Digital Marketing Platform | Builderall USA to build your funnels and landing pages.

If you do sign up using that link, you’ll also get unlimited support from me because you’ll sign-up under me and it’s basically a win-win for both of use.

If I remember correctly, out of those 120 leads I got 30 sales, which is $1,500, over a period of two weeks.

How often should I post, and what are the best ways to get traffic?

posted on May 31, 2021


Starting a new blog is exciting, figuring out how to make it successful, is not. Knowing these few tips can help you take the intimidation and headache out of it.


Think quality over quantity.

Posting is great, Google loves it and your audience loves fresh content too. You'll want to post regularly and update old content from time to time.

Give your readers value! Don't content-dump on your site. Poorly-written, spammy or cheap content can do more harm than good. Three or four quality pieces a week will make a better impact than a new 'average' post a day. Quality content will boost your search engine ranking and encourage readers to keep coming back.


Organic or Paid advertising are the two main ways you're going to attract traffic. You can use one or the other, or even a combination of both, depending on your personal budget.

Organic Traffic- people find you through a search engine or even a social media site.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)- grow traffic by increasing the visibility of a website on a search engine. A few quick things you can do to rank higher are:

-improve your page loading speed

-optimize your images

-use header tags to break up content

-optimize for mobile devices

  • Social Media Marketing- direct your audience to your site using social media channels. Utilize social media to:

-build a recognizable photo/brand logo

-keyword-rich descriptions (that still sound natural)

-provide a trackable link back to your website

-target specific members of your audience (hashtags, community forums)

  • Email Marketing- an email list can result in a significant boost in quality traffic. Create some type of "opt-in" to have readers coming back. Be careful not to bombard people with spammy emails.

Apart from being budget-friendly, working towards organic traffic gives you better quality traffic. Organic traffic methods will move you toward a user-friendly site. You'll have readers who not only find you but spend time on your blog and frequent it too.

Paid Traffic- people are referred to you through some type of paid advertisement.

  • Paid Advertising- you’re paying to show up in the top spot for relevant searches. Most search engines and social media platforms will allow you to pay to advertise your blog.

-Google Ads, Facebook Ads ...(you get the idea!)

  • Affiliate marketing:-pay a blogger or influencer to promote your site.

Paid advertising will get you exposure and direct traffic to your site. If your site lacks good content and user-friendliness, don't expect people to stay for long. Start with some of these basics, and you’ll be sure to build traffic in no time.

What are some of the best affiliate programs for new bloggers?

posted on May 30, 2021


Start by listing out what has topical relevance to your blog. That matters more than what programs are best.

Then seek out products in your niche and consider the main 3 routes you can take.

  1. Amazon Associates - To reach a wide range of products on the plus side but low commissions and cookie periods.
  2. Affiliate networks - These networks allow you to connect with lots of products, vendors etc under one account. This helps you hit the payment threshold more easily and often offers much higher commissions and longer cookie periods than Amazon.
  3. Direct affiliate programs - Seeking out the websites of brands you want to partner with and Ctrl or Command + F to find the word “affiliates” or “referral” in their footer. Then sign up direct or find the affiliate network they use.
  4. Use Google, Product name + Affiliate programs to find list articles and sites that contain the terms you are searching for to bypass the hard work.

Realistically if you are a blogger you could be writing about any subject under the sun.

How to Scale Your Affiliate Marketing During COVID-19?

posted on May 30, 2021


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We are living in a changed world. The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has had an enormous impact on every aspect of the way we live and work, and the full extent of its consequences are not yet known. Many brick and mortar stores, along with other non-essential businesses, have been closed for an extended period.

Few industries have been spared from the impact of COVID-19, including affiliate marketing, which has seen both positive and negative effects. Many consumers are watching their spending, and longer delivery times and supply chain disruptions have a knock-on effect. Many affiliate networks, notably Amazon, have slashed commission rates.

However, other areas of the affiliate marketing industry have enjoyed a positive impact. Demand for certain products has increased dramatically, and more people are shopping online than ever before. This increased demand and the potential for affiliate marketers to reach new customers has resulted in some experiencing an unexpected boom in their income.

How to scale your affiliate marketing in the era of COVID-19

If you’re worried about the impact of the pandemic on your business and your income, you’re not alone. Depending on your industry and niche, you may indeed see a dip in revenue over the next few months. 

First: don’t panic! 

In this section, I’ll share some of the best ways to keep the money rolling in and position yourself to continue to thrive when the pandemic is over. Read on to learn how you can maintain and grow your affiliate marketing income. 

Find Alternatives to Amazon

Many affiliate marketers rely on Amazon for their income. This makes sense due to the ubiquity of Amazon, as well as its range of products and competitive prices. However, as I mentioned previously, Amazon has cut affiliate commissions – and many of them were at the lower end to begin with. For example, the affiliate commission rate for home improvement products and furniture was slashed from 8% to 3% in April. 

If your affiliate income comes mainly or entirely from Amazon, it’s time to consider other options. You don’t have to ditch Amazon completely – it will still be many people’s go-to for their purchases. But take the time to explore alternatives and other affiliate networks. 

Some of the best affiliate networks outside of Amazon include ShareASale, Clickbank, and Rakuten. Which ones will be best for you depends on your niche. Take your time to research the various options, and don’t be afraid to switch if you try one and it doesn’t work for you. 

Research the most profitable niches

As our lives have changed, so have our shopping habits. Here are just a few of the e-commerce categories which have seen an increase in sales as a direct result of COVID-19:

Essentially, what we’re seeing is an increase in spending for activities that you can do in the home. This covers things ranging from exercise equipment through to arts and entertainment, adult products, furniture, and things for the garden.

If you’re already active in one of these niches, then you’re probably already profiting from increased spending. That’s obviously great for you.

There could be the opportunity for you to promote products in these niches. Of course, the products you’re selling must be relevant to your content. There is probably no point in plugging web development tools if you run a travel blog, for example! But if you think creatively, you might be able to expand the products or services you promote in a way that will still resonate with your audience. 

Scale Your PPC

You might also wish to explore different niches entirely. If you take this route, you’ll need to look at paid advertising options such as pay-per-click (PPC.) This is because it can take weeks or months to get new content ranking highly in search results with SEO alone. 

Pivoting into a different niche might be the best option for you, depending on your circumstances. But be aware that there will be some advertising costs involved. 

Even if you’re staying within the same niche, this is a great time to start or scale up your PPC. Falling advertising spending due to the pandemic means you’ll get more bang for your buck if you can afford it. If you’re new to PPC, don’t be afraid to give it a go. 

Here’s the process you’ll need to follow to get started:

  • Choose a PPC network. There are many to choose from, with different benefits and drawbacks, but I recommend starting with Google Ads or Facebook PPC.
  • Choose the right keywords. You’ll want to focus on a mix of short tail (generic) and long tail (longer and more specific) keywords. The best keywords are high-volume, low-competition, which means that a lot of people are searching for them but few businesses are trying to rank for them. You can use the Keywords Everywhere plugin to help you find the best keywords to use. 
  • Create your content. You’ll need fantastic copy and visual assets for your ad, as well as a stellar landing page to encourage conversions. 
  • Decide how much you want to spend and set your budget. Start out with a small amount and scale from there. 
  • Monitor the progress of your ad campaign and your results. 

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right straight away! If something isn’t working, you can always tweak your ad and try again. The low costs at the moment mean it’s less of a risk to try it out and see what happens. 

As well as using PPC to make affiliate sales, you can also use it to grow your email list. Once visitors click your ad, you should give them a quick and easy way to sign up for your mailing list on your landing page. You can even offer a lead magnet, such as a free ebook, whitepaper, or a discount code, to encourage them to give their email address. By building your email list, you’re laying the groundwork for growth later. 

Improve Your Content & Optimize User Flow

People are at home more than ever, and as a result, many of us are spending significantly more time online. That means it’s the perfect time to focus on improving your content, getting it to rank more highly, and optimizing your user flow to get more clicks on your affiliate links.

When creating content, you need to make sure you’re providing value to your audience and giving them what they’re looking for. Look closely at your analytics and use Google Search Console to see what search terms people are using to find you. If a significant number of people have found you through the same or similar keywords, that strongly indicates a topic you should be focusing on. 

Aim to inform, advise, inspire, or entertain with every piece of content you produce. Reviews, product or service comparisons, round-ups, and how-to articles are all valuable forms of affiliate marketing content. 

Don’t forget to continually optimize your content for search engines and take into account the customer journey. You will only see growth as a result of your content strategy if you can get your content to rank. 

The user flow is the process through which visitors navigate your website. This process should be as easy and painless as possible. If you make it overly difficult or complicated, most users will just leave and not come back. 

Here’s an example of a user flow diagram. I recommend mapping yours out in a similar way:

Once you’ve mapped out your customer’s journey through your website, here are some of the ways you can optimize your user flow: 

  • Place an intuitive and easy-to-use menu in an obvious place. The user should be able to quickly find where they want to go. 
  • Identify chokepoints. At what point do a lot of people leave your site? Chokepoints are indicative of a problem with that page or step of the journey, so investigate and see what barriers you can remove.
  • Optimize for improved page speed. Pages that load too slowly are one of the main causes of high bounce rate. 
  • Hold their attention! Too many options or internal links will confuse your visitors and most likely send them away from where you want them to be. Condense and simplify. 
  • Use an exit intent opt-in form. An exit intent form pops up when a visitor clicks to leave your site. If you offer a compelling freebie or special offer, you can get them to give you their email address before they go. 

Fantastic, useful content and an intuitive user flow are two of the most critical factors in getting your visitors to stick around and click on those affiliate links. 

Utilize social media

According to a study by Numerator, 64% of adults said that their use of social media had “increased some” or “increased significantly” since the COVID-19 outbreak began:

Therefore, you can’t afford to ignore social media in your affiliate marketing strategy. Ensure you share your content across the main channels, paying attention to where you get the most engagement and scaling activity on those platforms. 

Include images, infographics, video, and audio in your social media posts. According to Venngage, content with images enjoys 180% more engagement. Demand for video content is also increasing:

Use a mix of organic and paid reach, if possible. You have to spend money to make money, as the saying goes! The most important things are to know your audience so that you can target the right people, create killer content, and include a clear and prominent call to action. 

Look for guest posting opportunities

Guest posting refers to providing a piece of content for someone else’s site or blog. In return, you get a link back to your site. This has two main benefits. First, you build a profile of quality backlinks, which affects your ability to rank highly in search engine results. And second, you introduce your content to new readers via the host site’s audience. 

To find sites to approach for guest posts, use Ahrefs’ backlink checker. Search for a high-ranking site in your niche and see which websites are linking to it. Here are the results when I search for my site, Diggity Marketing:

Pay attention to the Domain Authority or Domain Rating (DR) and aim for those with a score of 50 or higher. Send a friendly introductory email to the site owner and ask if they’d be open to accepting a guest post. Guest posting takes time and effort but will be hugely beneficial to your SEO and, ultimately, to your affiliate marketing efforts.  

A word of warning: promote ethically 

People are, understandably, very sensitive to how business owners and marketers behave during this crisis. The last thing you want is to be seen as callously capitalizing on the disaster. 

Avoid language which plays on people’s fear or is likely to induce panic. You should also avoid cashing in on promoting hard-to-get essential items such as hand sanitizer, face masks, or medical supplies. 

Thriving in the new normal

Savvy marketers can continue thriving in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’ve seen a dip in your income and are ready to get back on track or you want to use the recent e-commerce boom to scale your efforts, I hope the tips in this article will help you get closer to your goals. 

Remember my top tips: 

  • Explore the most profitable niches and consider how you could authentically promote them. 
  • Focus on providing high-quality, valuable content that will entice people back to your site again and again. 
  • Use social media to its full potential, including a mix of organic and paid content. 
  • Boost your SEO by seeking out guest post opportunities which will drive new traffic to your website and grow your backlink profile. 

Whatever strategies you employ, make sure you’re behaving ethically – the goal is to weather this storm, not exploit it for short-term gain. If you focus on content and provide the value your audience is looking for, you’ll not only scale your affiliate marketing business in the time of COVID-19 but lay the groundwork for ongoing success.

Why Is It So Difficult To Recruit Good Affiliates?

posted on May 29, 2021


A lot of the businesses that are using or are planning on using affiliate marketing have not kept up with how the industry as a whole has changed within the last decade or so. Brands still like to think that they can utilize the strategies they had in 2007 in order to accomplish their affiliate goals. The fact of the matter is that the affiliate marketing game has drastically changed and it is now much more difficult to recruit the better affiliates in the industry.

There are a lot of reasons why this is so. First of all, the number of affiliates who are operating in the industry has grown quite a lot. This has led to a rapid rise in the number of subpar affiliates. The ones that are the better options all get loads of daily requests for their affiliate services. Therefore, the situation has become such that you can get affiliates but the ones that will actually reap you some benefits are much, much harder to bring on board these days than compared to the early days of affiliate marketing. In the early days, in order to get an affiliate, all that you really needed to do was to post something on your social media platforms and you would have gotten something more often than not. 

However, these days, good affiliate marketers all have their own contact information that you need to collect and then get in touch with them. That’s how much the game has changed. Gone are the days when you could just hit a potential affiliate partner up and get their services. Their services have never been more in demand and therefore, the process of getting a good affiliate partner has become that much more difficult. 

In the following few passages, we will outline some of the key reasons as to why recruiting good affiliate partners has gotten so difficult.

1. Good affiliates are short in supply

While there has never been any period of time in history where there were so many affiliates operating, the fact remains that good affiliates are very limited in supply. What we are trying to say here is that attracting the right kind of affiliate that will suit your particular needs has become a lot more difficult than it used to be. 

One of the main reasons why people fail to see beneficial results when they engage in affiliate marketing is because they themselves are not sure what qualifies as a successful affiliate partnership. A lot of these people are completely oblivious to the fact that there are now tons of different types of affiliates available to them in the market. 

A few examples of some of the different types of affiliate marketers operating in the industry today include real-life influencers, influencers on social media, and bloggers. Then there are also places like forums, youtube channels, and coupon sites where you can get affiliate services. 

One other thing that must be mentioned here is that there are also a lot of variants available among these types of affiliates. Therefore, you need to understand your strategy well and be sure of what you want to get out of the affiliate partnerships. This will not only ensure that you keep realistic expectations but will also help you in finding the right kind of affiliate to get the job done. 

2. A lot of good affiliates are already tied up with competitor companies

In the event that you happen to find an affiliate who fits all of the requirements that you have, you may still find that they are already tied up with the companies of your competitors. This is because the better avenues of affiliate marketing are all highly congested. 

These affiliate marketers are much more difficult to get a hold of. If these affiliates are already signed up with your competitors, then it is very likely that they will have a clause in their contract that prevents them from working with companies that provide the same services or manufacture the same products. This is quite normal and given the option, you would do the same. Once you partner up with an affiliate, you would not want them to showcase your competitor’s services or products. 

3. The better types of affiliates all like to stay under the hood and under the radar

As we have already mentioned above quite a few times, you may find a lot of affiliates but in order to find one that is good and serves the purposes you have, you really do have to put in the work. This is mainly because the better affiliates all like to stay under the radar. One explanation for this could be that they are already getting more than enough affiliate opportunities and thus do not want to unnecessarily get spammed with more affiliate partnership opportunities.

This is a significant barrier to entry for a lot of businesses who want to start affiliate marketing. They can find affiliates but the ones that have the relevant traffic and follower base are under the radar. Therefore, while there never has been a better time to be pursuing affiliate marketing, in order to get the most out of it, you really need to do a lot of ground work before recruiting any affiliates. 

4. Affiliate Recruitment Platforms

One of the other key reasons why recruiting a good affiliate has become so difficult is because of the affiliate recruitment platforms that are in operation. These platforms are all flooded with subpar affiliates because most are open platforms. 

Finally, as we have mentioned before, owing to the fact that these platforms are filled with subpar affiliates, in order to find the right affiliate for your needs, a lot of time has to be spent pursuing that end.

What are the different arbitrage strategies that are used?

posted on May 27, 2021


Well, first of all, triangular arb isn't what you call a "statistical arb". Triangular arb is "pure arbitrage", meaning that free money exists in a given time frame, assuming you can fill all three trades at once.

Statistical arbitrage, as the name indicates, is based on some kind of statistics. The word "arbitrage" get's thrown around a lot and it doesn't necessarily mean anything out of context.

Simplest thing is to assume that you have a co-integration between two instruments, say A and B. You believe A is relatively overvalued and/or B is relatively undervalued. Therefore you short A and/or go long in B, expecting them to converge over time. Depending on your strategy, parameters or instruments, that may take seconds, hours, days or weeks to happen.

A/B can be literally anything, so just from the top of my head:

  • Silver futures vs silver miners. One can expect that the price of silver and silver miners earnings (and therefore stock price) are correlated.
  • Old crop / new crop futures spread in wheat. You can look at the historical price difference between last futures before the crop and first month after the crop has arrived.
  • LIFFE vs MATIF wheat futures have different specifications. You can look at the historical relation and if the price difference diverges to some significance, you'll take a position expecting it to revert.
  • "Upstream/Downstream" and Crack spreads. Oil refineries don't care about price of oil and distillates as much as they care about their profits. So you'd expect them to hedge their "crack spread" and you can take positions, expecting it to revert to some certain level when it's too out of whack. Read more here - Crack spread

  • .
  • Pepsi (PEP) vs Coca-Cola (KO) stocks. Similar companies, similar business etc. One would expect that the companies should be valued somewhat similarly, unusual circumstances set aside.
  • This can go into a form of index arbitrage as well. One set/basket of stocks against an index or a sector. Financial sector vs SPX, consumer discretionary vs cons staples, Wells Fargo Bank vs Financial sector.
  • Equities (S&P500 index) vs Volatility (reversed). One might think that out of the earnings season, rising equity markets mean lower volatility and vice versa. You can throw government yields, credit or whatever in the list, as long as it's something macro.
  • Volatility arbitrage is basically a statistical arbitrage as well. You'll have a delta neutral option portfolio against the underlying.
  • Credit arbitrage, basis arbitrage etc.

There are literally millions of possibilities, these were just the few that popped into my mind. Some of them aren't available for retail investors, some of them are too insignificant for "big boys" to chase.

Then there are ways to exploit a correlation or a co-integration when you can trade only one instrument. From the top of my head - how do sun activity and corn crop correlate? Can you predict anything which is statistically significant?

I'll give a more realistic example: I've traded DAX30 index (via options or futures) based on a model of other risk assets (it's old enough now to share). Basically there is a model consisting of macroeconomic factors that should indicate the "fair value" of DAX30 index intraday. On this graph: during the mid-day the index was levitating higher than the model indicated on a low volume, so there existed an opportunity to short. There you have it - "statistical arbitrage" based on some statistics and needs some time to pass in order to work. What goes into the model, how is it calculated, how do you test it before you put anything on the line etc is up to you to figure out. I'm just giving a sample.


Then there are some forms of "pure arb" which exist for longer time periods than few nanoseconds until HFT guys clear that. PTM and PGM are both basically platinum ETFs. Sometimes they are out of whack for no apparent reason:


What are the best forms of arbitrage?

posted on May 27, 2021


Arbitrage is a term used to describe the purchase of a product which is then immediately sold to make a profit. Arbitrage is popular in the stock market or as a means to make profit from goods being sold at differing prices in varying markets. A person who uses arbitrage is called an arbitrageur.

A very simple example would be :

Target is selling ABC DVD for $10. However, on the last 20 copies of ABC DVD have sold for between $30 and $45. A consumer could go to Target and purchase the copies of the movie, then sell them on Amazon for a profit of $20 to $35 per DVD.

While this is a simple version of arbitrage, it should be noted that in small volume deals such as this, it is unlikely that the consumer would be able to make a long term profit for the following reasons:

  1. Target could run out of inventory on ABC DVD.
  2. Target could raise the price on the remaining copies because of the increased demand.
  3. The supply of ABC DVDs could increase on Amazon resulting in a price drop.

A bit complex arbitrage

  • The exchange rate in London is £5 = $1000 while the exchange rate in the U.S. is $1000 = £6. Converting the cash in one country, and then in another country in order to maximize on the exchange rate would be arbitrage.
  • Arbitrage exists in sports betting. When bookmakers offer various odds it opens the opportunity for betters to spread their cash out among different bookmakers in order take the best odds on each and cover any possible win or lose circumstance. This tactic often results in a small profit, but can be much more at times.
  • Global labor arbitrage is the term that describes what is well known as “offshoring.” This is when manufacturing jobs are moved to countries with lower wages thereby saving the corporation a large amount of money in payroll costs.
  • Exchange Traded Funds : traded in the stock market, are also a means for an arbitrageur to make a profit. Participants in exchange traded funds exchange shares in underlying securities as well as in the fund. This is different than the sale of other mutual funds since it does not promote shares being bought or sold with the fund sponsor. Prices are set by demand; and, when a drastic premium of the assets occurs, the underlying securities can be bought, converted and then sold in the open market. Similarly when a drastic discount exists, the security will be sold .

Which is better for affiliate beginners, Amazon Affiliate or ClickBank?

posted on May 27, 2021


I would say both are best for beginners. Even, you can use these both programs on your website also.


Today, Amazon Affiliate is the most recommended program for beginners of online or digital marketing. As Amazon is great sources of selling various categories of products, the program is reliable and profitable. Their payout system is also acceptable. The volume-based commission starting sale is 4% and it can be raised up to 8.5%. This rate is same for all the products that are you can get 4% from $10 pen or from a $5000 bed.

Why is Amazon Associates good for beginners?

Amazon sells anything so anyone can make money with them. You can earn money by promoting and selling any products from any categories like electronics, lifestyle, bedding, and so on. The two major reasons why Amazon is best for beginners are,

1. There are millions of products you have to promote

2. Amazon is reliable

The scope is also high on Amazon. Most of the Americans are using Amazon to order their product. Also, the sale term of Amazon is pretty good. You will get paid for every purchase that made through your website.


ClickBank is moreover a distributor. You can use ClickBank as an affiliate or suppliers. That is you can sell your own products and promote or else you can promote other's products. The suppliers entered the commission that the will pay for promoting their products. Affiliates have to carefully choose the trustworthy manufacturer and promote their products. Each supplier offers their own reasonable commission rate so affiliates are responsible to choose the best supplier for them.

Why is ClickBank good for beginners?

ClickBank is filled with beginner-friendly features. Because of their different types of product, the sale potential of ClickBank is high. Everybody wants more information online; that’s the nature of the Internet. Therefore, it’s easy to monetize off the program. Additionally, to get started working with ClickBank, you don’t need to have a website. ClickBank provides a lot of information on how to get started and set up. It’s a big perk of working with them. ClickBank basically walks you through the whole process. Learning about affiliate marketing is easy when your program is holding your hand.

ClickBank offers great options for their beginners. The sales rate high with their multiple types and categories of products. The best thing about ClickBank is that you won't need a website to use this program. ClickBank will provide the complete guide to create and set up the account. You can use ClickBank with and without a website. Here are complete details about using ClickBank products without a website.

Article marketing

Search useful keywords using any one keyword planning tools like Google Adwords'.

This tool will help you to find the highly searched term or phrases by the internet users on the web. So, you have work on to relate these phrases to your product features.

List out the set of keywords and write maximum 10 articles related to that keywords. The articles should be simple and short with no more than 600 words.

Don't overthink about the design and tone of articles. The purpose is too popular the product by promoting with their features and benefits. But, it must not just a sale article. Spend time to carefully add the keywords to the article. Make it sure that at least 2 to 5 times the keyword appears in the article.

To guarantee readership, you should submit your carefully crafted articles to the most popular article directories (I can think of GoArticles and EzineArticles). With every submission, always include the author’s resource or biography box.

If you are not confident in writing yourself you can hire a Upniche like online services to write articles for you. Send them your query with your targeted keywords and ask number of articles to post.

Submit crafted articles to the popular article directories like GoArticles, EzineArticles, and so on. Include your bio in every submission. It need not be over impressive, just describes you as an author in few lines. And then embed the ClickBank affiliate link.

Use eBay

The next option is to address the existing buyers who made a purchase on this auction site from you.

Those previous buyers are the great source to accelerate your new ClickBank promotions. If you had served best for them, they have strong trust in you that helps to sell you new products also.

If anyone made a purchase send them an e-mail with shipping and order details. Use the same e-mail to market your new products and direct them to your other promotional channels like e-book where you have included the affiliate link.


It just an effective option. For every ClickBank product create a one.

It can be done by adding articles and product reviews. All the adding content should have relevant products with an affiliate link and keywords.


You can create a blog or use your existing blog to completely focus on one ClickBank product or dedicate that blog to promote all kind of products reviews from ClickBank.

The blog has no restrictions on the content your adding can be testimonials, product reviews, and even guiding articles. But, all these should match with your keyword and has an affiliate link.


Find the forum communities that are related to your niche and keyword and ClickBank products.

Use your affiliate link as a signature when you sign up in forum boards.

Post content regularly that shows your credibility to your fellow forum members. This makes them consider your product and made a purchase.


What is Affiliate Arbitrage?

posted on May 22, 2021


Arbitrage is based on a simple idea; buy low, sell high. Affiliates buy traffic at a lower price (hopefully) and convert it to some form of performance,often per click or per sale.

PPC is the most familiar example of affiliate arbitrage.

Affiliate arbitrage means buying traffic - PPC, display ad traffic, or other traffic you can pay for - and send it to a page that monetizes by per click or ad revenue - in this case you buy the traffic and monetize it on your sites not by selling directly, but by activity like clicks, or rarely displaying ads (hard to monetize if you are driven by ad revenue).

Domainers and lead generation are a few who do this kind of arbitrage.

Affiliate arbitrage also involves buying traffic and converting it to a purchase or other form of CPA offer, so the float between what you pay for the ad and what the result is generates more than what you paid.

In practice, much of affiliate marketing involved in buying traffic is a game of arbitrage, how much it costs you to drive traffic must be less than how much you generate.

Simple explanation:

1. Affiliate X pays Facebook $1.00 per click.
2. Affiliate X buys 5 clicks from Facebook for $5.00
3. Affiliate X sends those 5 clicks to an affiliate offer that pays $5.00 per lead.
4. If 1 out of 5 people convert (fill in lead form), affiliate X is breaking even.

For a profitable arbitrage campaign, affiliate X must do one of the following:
1. Negotiate a higher payout.
2. Reduce the cost of the clicks.
3. Increase the conversion rate.

The difference between traffic cost and the payout = profit.

What are the top 5 best affiliate programs for Pinterest?

posted on May 21, 2021


Pinterest is one among the simplest platforms for affiliate marketers because you're allowed to post affiliate links on Pinterest. Everyone else hates on affiliate links and does everything they will to shut them down. But Pinterest openly allows them. Have a look at best affiliate programs for pinterest.

That means that affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog is extremely possible (even though I suggest having one). So, let's check out a number of the highest niches also as a number of the simplest affiliate programs for Pinterest marketing.

1. Joybird

Joybird offers made-to-order furniture and decor, including sofas, chairs, furniture , tables, storage, and ornamental items.

Customers can choose between plenty of different fabrics and colours then the item is formed supported their choices.

All items also are spill-resistant, making them family and pet-friendly, and that they even offer an unprecedented 365-day home test period , free returns within 14 days, and lifelong warranties.

Commission: 15% (very high during this niche)

Cookie Duration: 60 days

What Makes it one among the Best:

Joybird is a simple sale thanks to the very fact that their items are customizable which they provide such great warranties and return policies.

You'll not only be ready to convert rather well with Joybird, but you'll even be ready to enjoy one among the simplest commission rates and cookie durations during this niche.

2. Wayfair

Wayfair is extremely different from Joybird.

They offer great prices, budget-friendly options, and an enormous catalog of furniture, outdoor furniture, kitchen, bed and bath items, rugs, decorative items, storage items, lighting, baby and youngsters items, appliances, and pet products.

Commission: 7%

Cookie Duration: 7 days

What Makes it one among the Best:

With numerous options to settle on from, almost every affiliate marketer can find products to market to their audience, and their affordable prices make it easy to convert.

3. Designer Living

Designer Living offers furniture and residential decor from many of the highest home decor brands within the categories of bed, bath, window, rugs, youth, outdoor, and pets.

You'll find products from Bombay, INK + IVY, Madison Part, Natori, and far more.

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

What Makes it one among the Best:

If your audience enjoys a designer lifestyle, this is often one among the simplest affiliate programs for Pinterest since you'll offer them a spread of home decor items in many various styles and budgets.

Another nice thing about Designer Living that puts them in my best list is that they provide price matching, which is useful for conversions.

4. Belle & June

Belle & June may be a home decor boutique that gives access to 7000+ products from top designers within the home decor industry, like Mode Living, Costa Nova, Pacifica Connections, Arte Italica, and Zentique.

Products are offered within the following categories: furniture, decor, bath accents, tabletop, baby & child, and gifts.

Commission: 12%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

What Makes it one among the Best:

Belle & June is great for Pinterest affiliate marketing because they provide decent commissions for the house decor industry and have a pleasant size average order of $250-$500, which suggests you'll make about $30-$60 per sale.

New products are added monthly , and lots of of the products they provide online aren't available future , supplying you with some exclusivity.

5. Rug Source

Rug Source is that the largest online selection of Oriental, Persian, modern, antique, and floor rugs with over 11,000 products. Their prices range from under $100 to many thousand dollars.

Commission: 20%

Cookie Duration: 180 days

What Makes it one among the Best:

This one is certainly one among the simplest affiliate programs for Pinterest because you'll make some decent money selling their rugs.

With a mean EPC of $400 and a commission rate of 20%, you are doing the maths . Plus, their cookie is extremely generous.

Anyway, you will need a quality web hosting service provider for your website or blog so that your affiliate business works!

What is the best traffic for Clickbank?

posted on May 19, 2021


You’ve joined Clickbank, one of the largest and best paying affiliate platform on the planet. What next? If you’ve found yourself asking that question then you need to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and products don’t sell themselves. Someone needs to put in some effort. you can’t just build a website and expect people to start visiting and buying stuff through your website.

You need to have a good traffic source and a good web host to handle it in order to start seeing conversions. There are dozens of traffic methods that you can get online. In this guide, we will cover some of the best-paid traffic for Clickbank product promotions. If done well, these strategies can get you sales almost instantly after launching your campaigns.

However, before that, here are 4 good reasons why buying website traffic could be your best move;

1) Buying traffic saves you the hassles of going through lots of manual work. There is little experience needed to get started. Anyone can learn to set their campaigns in minutes.

2) Paid traffic gives you the ultimate freedom to target deep and get the precise traffic that you need to make sales.

3) You can maximize on the potential income. Since you have full control, there are no limits to your earnings. You can easily scale up and fill gaps and maximize on your revenue.

4) Instant results. Instead of waiting for months for your strategy to mature, buying traffic gives you an almost instant solution.

Here are top sources to buy high quality traffic for Clickbank product promotion.

Pay Per Click

PPC isn’t anything new and if you have been in the online marketing game, you know that it’s a trove of gems. PPC is a model where one pays for clicks made. To get the best out of PPC it is recommended to have budget aside for testing and finding out which campaigns work best for them. On that score, it is simply great for people who have more to spare doing research. You may also have to hire an expert to help you do it if you have little experience. As much as PPC sounds like a hard nut to crack, the results always pays off.

Here are some top PPC networks to get you started;

-Google Adwords
-Yahoo Advertising
-7 Search Advertising
-Chitika Advertising Network

The networks above are just but a few of those that have always given great results.